Quote by sunnubian: "I think his shoe sales are going start to go down now".


Naw, sales will probably go up.


She's Cuban-American (followed in Scottie Pippen's footsteps) so that will increase that ethnic b-ball shoe/appreal/market demographic. A whole lot of happy Cubans (Fidel Castro is happy too) since she caught a big fish!...and I'll give it 2-5 years (with child if she's not already pregant) and she will promply cash out.


MJ ain't so saint and she probably knows that (Mike will do whatever he wants to do (helped get Tiger Woods in trouble) and still gambles heavy) but will stay married (deal with all the cheating) to MJ the mandatory required amount of matrimony time, go to divorce court and get properly paid.


Maybe now MJ can get his cuban cigars for free or at a very steep discount.


The residents of South Miami just adopted a son.


MJ...Too much money, too much time, not enough common sense.



You are probably right Cholly.  I'm not one of the people who are against interracial dating, but, I always held a little pride about Michael rolling in so much dough and staying married to his Black wife.  But, usually, all people with money that are always in the spotlight have trouble staying married.  I guess it is no different for Black people/African Americans/Black men.  I just hope their marriage did not end because his Black wife walked away from all that money.  I'll tell you, I believe in fidelity and all that, but I'm not stupid; there is no way I would have walked away from all that money or left my children's inheritance wide open for all the gold digging vultures.  Hell, with all that mone at stake, he could have move her ass in the guess house, and I still would not be going nowhere.  

Sista Sunnubian wrote:  Hell, with all that mone at stake, he could have move her ass in the guess house, and I still would not be going nowhere. 


  Well my sista we don't know the FULL story....and all money is not good money.  His wife left him before and was convinced to come back and they had a couple of more kids....but!  There's something DARK about Mike.  And it's been showin up since the death of his father.  From what  I heard, Mike is an azzwipe and probably need somebody distracted by his money to deal with him.  And she fits the bill....[even though that's not fair cuz I don't know her per se....but! seen  many of 'em like her].  Besides, this is typical hoodrat behavior....Mike is one never to have any form of committed to his black people[just like OJ]...cuz for him, it's always BEEN about the money, status and image.  So you get what you pay for.  What will be interesting....how long this little "money" no real love partnership will last.  But!  I'm just sayin

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