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Micah Johnson Did Not Have ‘Large Stockpile’ of Bomb Materials Despite Initial Reports by Dallas Police Chief

July 18, 2016 | Posted by
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Micah Johnson. Facebook via AP.

Micah Johnson. Facebook via AP.

The man authorities said shot and killed five Dallas officers in a sniper-style ambush earlier this monthhad no ‘large stockpile’ of bomb-making substances at his residence, officials have confirmed.

A search of Micah Johnson’s Mesquite, Texas, home turned up small traces of Tannerite, an explosive, and acetone, a common household solvent sometimes used as an accelerant in arson fires, two unnamed sources close to the investigation told the Associated Press Friday.

Dallas Police Chief David Brown previously said officers found enough material at the house to have “devastating effects on our city.”

“There was a large stockpile,” Brown said in a news conference on July 11. “One of the bomb techs called me at home to describe his concern of how large a stockpile of bomb-making materials he had. And according to that bomb tech, he knew what he was doing, and this wasn’t some novice.”

As the AP notes, both Tannerite and acetone are legal and readily available, with Tannerite often used by gun enthusiasts to create a more dramatic explosion while hitting targets. Tannerite is a brand name mixture of ammonium nitrate and aluminum powder.

Brown has said the 25-year-old Army veteran told negotiators he was angry about recent police shootings of African-Americans and wanted to kill white officers during the two-hour standoff on July 8.

“We’re convinced that this suspect had other plans and thought that what he was doing was righteous and believed that he was going to target law enforcement,” the chief said in an interview with CNN’s Jake Tapper last Sunday, “make us pay for what he sees as law enforcement’s efforts to punish people of color.”

The development came as Johnson’s fellow soldiers spoke out about the circumstances surrounding the sexual harassment allegations that led to his discharge in April 2015.

He had been accused of stealing a female comrade’s underwear while deployed in Afghanistan, a charge that left the once “goofy” extrovert, isolated and withdrawn, friends said.

Pending investigations, Johnson was separated from his unit, disarmed and accompanied by an escort 24 hours a day, according to the Chicago Tribune.


The Dallas Morning News reports friends and colleagues give conflicting accounts about the nature of Johnson’s relationship with the young woman, with some saying the two were in an intimate relationship and others saying they were just friends.

Johnson’s former squad leader told the publication rejection from his mostly white and Hispanic circle of friends led him to seek new acquaintances.

“All of his friends started unfollowing him on Facebook. They wouldn’t deal with him, they wouldn’t talk to him,” said ex-Army sergeant Gilbert Fischbach. “He started hanging out with people he usually didn’t hang out with — the Black people, honestly.”

Father James Johnson has said that Micah took up a new interest in his African-American roots when he returned home from the military. The elder Johnson told conservative news provider that the young man began studying Black history at that time.

Both parents maintained Johnson had not shown any visible signs of hatred toward whites prior to the shooting rampage during a protest march in downtown Dallas.

The night of peaceful demonstrations was inspired by the shooting deaths of two African-American men: Alton Sterling, 37, in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and Philando Castile, 32, in Falcon Heights, Minnesota, at the hands of police officers.










"I'm just trying to make a way out of no way, for my people" -Modejeska Monteith Simpkins









Original Post

We're all individuals, I've said that already. Mr. Johnson went to Afghanistan to war. He's probably killed a few with the United States blessings. He came home, probably more than a little shell shocked from what he'd seen. Dead bodies, explosions, people shredded into spaghetti, women, men, babies, buildings blown up. Heaps of "America's" "Vets" end up HOMELESS after going through that mess, when they come "home".

He sees that two black men were shot for absolutely no reason. His mind's already fucked up from being in White Folks' wars. They hate everybody; some of us sign up to hate everybody too, for them. You know, the ole Massa, Is we sick??? shit. Off they march slaughtering folks all darker than biscuits for YT.

Mr. Johnson's Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome probably kicked in, and for those moments the cops became the Afghanistan enemy and he was protecting his soldier brothers and the fuckin' shit busted loose and 5 cops were slaughtered and folks were injured. Happens every day in EVERYONE'S WARS, AGAINST SOME ASSHOLES OR ANOTHER, world-wide.

America slaughters people she doesn't like at the drop of a hat with all the mothers' sons in the country doing the dirty work for her. Leaders make the decisions, our kids perform the deed and end most times up in coffins, parts of their heads and limbs missing, rolling around in wheelchairs, one woman was carrying her husband up the stairs on her back, like a backpack, because he'd lost ALL his limbs at war. I NEVER forgot seeing that!!!

The "Leaders" lead the country's occupants to their deaths fighting wars; the "Leaders" are vacationing, living in the lap of luxury, welcoming grandchildren, fucking something they're not supposed to be fucking. Some tot somewhere probably; some son, some 13 year old girl; sailing the seas on their luxury yachts or flying on their private planes.

Off Topic for a Second:  Mick Jagger's old wrinkled, crinkled, drug addled, ugly, hippity hoppity, no dancing, possibly diseased ass at age 73, has impregnated a 29 year old model.  He's proud of that? He looks like a fucking half dead, slightly decomposed, pedophile. He should praise the PENIS GOD the funky bastard can still rise. Another country, another asshole, another subject. Sorry!!

Parents are crying at their children's gravestones; the "Leaders" will remember them by laying a wreath at the soldier no one gave enough shit about to know his name; so he's UNKNOWN. Nothing's in his grave but bugs; even his bones are finally decomposed.

When someone's mind gets totally fucked up, from here, killing folks with country's blessings, and he comes BACK here, country blessings be damned, White folks lose their minds because WHITE FOLKS got SLAUGHTERED, by HIM.

Then you want BLACK folks to mourn along with YOU. That's FUCKIN' HARD TO DO. Your white behinds are killing the black woman's sons every second and one half and you ex-Europeans aren't feeling SHIT.

You claim to be experts about everything including taking a shit. Two things you're really expert at is killing folks and hating folks. No one beats you, no decapitators, rapists, Chefs, no one. Cannibals use pots, Cops use a house. One sect eats, the other spreads the Donerized ashes.

I know our boys are killing each other too. They're crazier than bed bugs by living among everybody in the fuckin' country, living in the Projects and especially living with YOU.

If they fart three times they get 3 lifetime sentences in prison,with another 50 years added for good measure, while living in Harambe cages. Harambe had MORE freedom taking that little dude for a swim swinging him by his arm, than human prisoners see the entire time they're in prison,

Placing men in cages, no windows, just a toilet, cot and some fuckin' books. Another dude sharing the cell for occasional penile butt pluggin.'

Men walking around with guns everywhere, all the prisoner can do is clasp his hands through BARS on his prison door. If he really fucks up, he gets 50 years of SOLITARY CONFINEMENT in a dungeon, with spiders, darkness, rats and dirt, alone. Prisoners you're living in a gigantic building for the rest of your lives. A BUILDING surrounded by the threat of DEATH every second of your remaining lives. NO ONE'S WORTH THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!! ESPECIALLY YOU!!!!!! Somewhere along the line, you Zigged when you should have definitely zagged.

No WOMAN gives birth to her baby expecting the shit LOTS of these people go through. The Black man gets punished for murdering someone, the fuckin' white man called a "cop" because of what he's wearing and the killing training he received, goes free, gets to go home, fuck his wife, have babies and the entire white race sends money his way so that he can take care of himself better than UGLY Hitler Cousin Trump, never to be seen or heard from again; all footloose and fancy free, wealthier than a mofo.

Mr. Johnson got blown to bits by a robot after killing 5 cops and wounding others. Iraqis are suffering, Afghanistan's people are suffering, Parisians are suffering, ISIS is suffering, People of all colors are suffering. Blacks have been suffering here forever and a fuckin' day. You send a few pennies here and there to try and keep them appeased. Make sure they have all kinds of cigarettes and booze to drink and smoke in the neighborhoods to help them along to their graves a little quicker; all the while hoping that Mentholated cigarette REALLY ACCOMPLISHES THE DEED.

Make sure the 'hood has more than enough black pussy lurking to keep the occasional cop quickly orgasm'd on the sly. If she's good, she gets to stay around for the NEXT ONE. (Some mother's daughter or these days, son.) Hopefully, one of 'em or someone doesn't kill them. Hope they're trying to not get HIV or some other fatal STD. Try not to suck anything. Penises are NOT lollipops. Folks don't look with cancer of the Jaw or your esophagus is rotted away and you're ending up talking through a hole in your neck . Gone are the days STD's could be CURED. They're more than likely a DEATH SENTENCE.

Make sure there's enough guns and drugs to send our sons to the Harambe Cages to keep the prison officials rich, ugly as all sin, forever looking for their lips, and happy; while the "prisoners" are making all the flash and dash shit you need and the world needs. Weapons, license plates, furniture; make some chain gangs available to clean up somone's cow shit all over the pastures, sweep some highway or another.

Mr. Johnson lost his mind and killed a few. White man, you've lost your fucking mind and have killed MILLIONS. That's not even TIT for TAT. No one on the planet compares to what you have done, are doing or will do. Your HATRED's off any chart ever made.

May GOD Bless AMERICA after SATAN gets through fucking everything UP including your MINDS completely, totally!!!!!!!!!

May there be a few humans alive here and everywhere else after the shit's through hitting the FAN on the planet called Earth. May Earth not end up looking identical to MARS.

NO ONE on this planet is as important as he/she THINKS they are. N.O.  O.N.E.

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