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Couldn't read through 7 pages of #%^&...
So forgive me if this has already been said...

In the defense of Men who will not marry promiscuous women, or women with past promiscuous activity.

Everything you do in elementary, junior high, highschool, affects the decision of the most prestigous school who would select you. It lets them know what type of student you will be, and if your qualifications are high enough to keep you at pace.

So if you were a lazy bum k-12, then don't be suprised if Yale or Princeton don't select you.
This applies to the 'wifey' selection process...
Originally posted by virtue:
... and I tick off AudioGuy regularly (smile Razz)..... but I have never taken any of it personally or felt like I was attacked for simply THINKING differently...
You don't tick me off... You merely drive me INSANE!!! Wink lol

Kai: Just because someone attacks you, does not mean that you have to respond in kind... or respond by using personal observations gleened from other threads...

HB: Same as above...

Just a reminder... this is an internet discussion board, full of some facts and a whole lotta opinions... try not to take it so seriously... just back away, take a breath and let it go!!!

Repeat after me: RELAX, RELATE & RELEASE...

"Can't we all just get along??

-Rodney King
(after gettin' his ass beat - if he can do it so can we...)

Kai: Just because someone attacks you, does not mean that you have to respond in kind... or respond by using personal observations gleened from other threads...

I will not disagree with this. AudioGuy, I just need to know that if I do not defend myself on this forum when attacked, someone will speak out, and respond with corrective action.

I welcome those who wish to attack my views... Personal attacks are out of bounds. When someone aims to destroy my reputation (even if it is an online persona) I am naturally inclined to defend myself. I will resist this urge if I know that the situation will be handled by those selected to deal with such things.

I like this place...I think that it is rather hip...I am great at defending myself online, and even better in real time (thanks to Poison hand Kenpo)...I really don't have a big problem with handling these attacks without help, but in the process I don't want to disrupt a place that seems to be positive.

There is always room for improvement, and I see that poster input is welcomed, and so I am confident that this board will continue to improve. In the meantime, I would suggest the enforcement of rules which will make outsiders feel a little more welcomed, and safe from personal attacks.

Well that is my 17 cents...I won't be cheap and give just a couple of pennies...

The Antideluvian Mir Erector,

I'm really sick of this guy's innocent act. IMO, this thread got off track with the following slander (speaking of who was the first to get personal):

Originally posted by Kai:

She hasn't earned any special treatment from me... I'll treat her as I would anyone else... especially if she's going to be as pigheaded as you are.... In fact, she got off sorta light

Special treatment? I wasn't expecting that...I was expecting you to treat her like she was a woman that you respect.

I think that the civilized man would understand that there is a proper way to handle a woman. Your anger will be no excuse for assaulting a woman that you have praised everyday before now.

We boast and brag about how educated we are and yet we behave like savages when it comes to our women.

i understand why the sisters here would be insulted to see the men on this board lusting after whores while singing the praises of thinking women.

HonestBrother, your monday morning apologies will ring hollow when those who know you begin to realize that your abuses are habits...


Yes I have cooled off. And Yes I still believe he's an arrogant liar. And no amount of good will and reconciling is going to change the fact that I sincerely dislike this man.

Read the beginning of the thread, folks. Everyone was leery as to whether Kai was again asking a question with an agenda - on the very first page of the thread - and it turns out to be the case that he was.

If this newcomer wants to feel "welcome": then he should

1) Avoid starting threads with a question for which he is only prepared to receive one right answer. If he's not ready for a true discussion why pretend to start one?

2) When people say things that don't fall into line with his agenda, He needs to HONESTLY deal with what they actually say instead of forcing them into line with his agenda by either ignoring what they say or INTENTIONALLY distorting what they say to fit (and it's this tendency which I've labeled 'bullying'). I can point to several instances in my exchanges with him where he does this. If you want a line by line analysis and justification for my claims, I'm ready for it.

Being the newcomer, I really don't understand how he can behave as he does and honestly expect to be welcome. How do you behave like an asshole and expect to be welcomed?

Kai, you want my respect? Begin by stop hiding behind your 'newcomer' status and playing the innocent role like you simply have no idea. This act insults the intelligence of everyone on this board. It is beneath the dignity of a grown man who is responsible for his actions and contributes greatly to my perception that you are dishonest.

Yes.. I know I don't need to respond in kind.. For that I take full responsibility... Yes I should display more restraint... And I have not always acted maturely... These are my issues for which I take full responsibility and that I need to deal with...Knowing when to walk away...

And, folks I'm not trying to get the last word in here. But I will not pretend like all is well when it is not.

The best I can do is promise to avoid any thread he starts. Unless something drastic happens - like Kai and I suddenly becoming best pals - on this, you have my word.

PS: There are, in addition, personal issues between us which the board is not privy too. Kai needs to grow up and stop acting out of spite and jealousy... where he halfway spills the beans, revealing personal issues, then goes on to claim that it's all over everything I've written on the board. When he says that, either he's a liar or he's paranoid. For those who have been paying attention, he exhibits a similar pattern of aggression towards Black Viking who he also perceives as being "too close" to a certain female poster (that you all probably know who I'm talking about by now). Again he needs to be a man and drop the innocent act.

While we're telling the truth, Kai followed this female poster here from another board. He then perceived that some male posters were uncomfortably close to her. I suspect (I have no proof aside from a very strong pattern) that his intention from the start was to come here playing NOI alpha male, to provoke me in particular (which admittedly I fell for), and to make me look bad in the eyes of the object of his affection (and I helped him do it). His intent was slander from the start.

HOW ELSE DO YOU EXPLAIN THE INTENSE ATTENTION HE'S GIVEN TO MY POSTS - even ones that were made long before he came around???????

IMO - and it is my opinion - Kai doesn't care about this community. Kai cares about being closer to a certain someone than anybody else here is. And if he can't have her, no one else will either.

That's why Black Viking has received similar treatment from him - although BV has been admirably self-controlled.

Folks, I don't mean to be indiscrete but all of this is as transparent as Michael "the Chatterbot" Lofton once you understand the underlying principles involved.
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Damn- Tell us how you really feel HonestBrother! lol

I don't think you have to defend your case to anyone here. Just stop falling for the same trap if one is being set for you.

Personally, I'd love to see an old school rap battle (cage match style!) between the two of you in the ? forum - don't feel bad though, I'm on v's s--t list too, if that makes you feel any better.

Like I said before - It's time to light this baby on fire and let it float out to sea!

---- this thread

I'm so overjoyed that a grown man who is taking his avatar from a comic book character and who has


in his signature line is calling me a "dork"...

Pathetic liar...

I'm now going to be the adult and permanently swear off this thread - no matter what piece of juvenile horseshit comes out of his mouth next.
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I'm now going to be the adult and permanently swear off this thread - no matter what piece of juvenile horseshit comes out of his mouth next.

Hiya folks...lets see how Honest, honest brother really is...

Now I am gonna wager that despite the above statement, this lunatic will come back on this thread to comment...

Heres why...

This clown is actually delusional. He has insinuated that there is some hidden conflict behind the scenes that the rest of the board is not privy to. Oh this is rich, and pathetic, and really really sad. There is no conflict behind the scene folks...

Honestbrother, you are simply a nut.

I do not say these things to further an agenda, i say them because someone needs to inform this man about his mental state...he is publicly losing it.

There is nothing to speak of man ...Nothing...Nothing to be jealous of...Nothing to be concerned about as it relates to what you have alleged...You are completely insignificant...a toy...a broken...beaten...busted...Toy...

The people on this board may send you hugs, and kisses, and get well cards, and prozac, however, they know that you are one step away from being a raving lunatic.....I remember when you would have those temper tantrums, and your font would grow...that was a clear sign of a man near the edge....

You are awkwardly trying to accomplish the unthinkable...You are just plain abnormal..And creepy as all hell...

Go back into your cave professor...You are really good for nothing when you aren't training the children of our oppressors...

Now I am done with you....

I am just plain tired of laughing at isn't funny is starting to feel like I am kicking a sick man...


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