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Good afternoon all! MBM, I love those videos that you posted on the main page. Everytime I watch the movie 'Glory', I cry. Consequently, I don't watch it that often. Thanks for posting though. And thanks for honoring the sacrifice of African-Americans soliders who thought that their service would bring freedom to our people.
Have a great holiday weekend!
"Brothers and sisters, friends and enemies: I just can't believe that everyone in here is a friend and I don't want to leave anybody out." - Malcolm X
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Originally posted by MultmediaGirl726:
Wow, the movie "A Soldier's Story" is a awesome movie.
I had forgotten about this movie and how mean the Sgt was to the black men who was under his rank. What a great all-star cast.

Thanks for uploading the clips..

It was a doggone shame that Howard Rollins, Jr. or Adolph Caesar didn't win Oscars, despite their nominations.

Actually, I went to Wal-Mart this morning and saw a Denzel Washington DVD 3-pack for $15: Glory, A Soldier's Story, and Devil In A Blue Dress.

I was so tempted to get it. If the third film was Antwone Fisher instead Devil in a Blue Dress, I would've snatched it off the shelf.

Happy Memorial Day, everyone.

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