David Peaston - Can I? Lyrics

Artist: David Peaston

Album: Introducing... David Peaston


can i
have a talk with you
can I
make a dream come true
ooooh can i
be in love with you
(speak: here's why I need to know)
cause I... would, if I could
(speak: let your mind relax and lay your head on my heart)
can i
set your soul on fire(ooh baby)
can I can I can I can i
be your one and only desire
ooooooh can I, can I, can I
be in love with you (speak: you see)
iiiiiiii... would, if I could
maybe you are lonely
and just haven't realized
that I'm lonely too
and all I want to do is bring happiness to me and you
oooooooooh... can I, can I, can I, can I, can I, can I, can I, can I, can I love you?
hear me, see me, touch me, and Love me
kiss me and hug me, doll me and move me
feel me and hold me, love me and soothe me
take me and rock me
Love, wrap your arms around me
I want to feel your love
oooooh can I, caaaaaaan i
can I... (scat)


Original Post

We watched him win on "Showtime at the Apo0llo" week after week until the finality. He had the voice of an Angel and the face too. I have a CD by him here; RIP David Peaston. Now I'm going to YouTube and put this in my favorites.

 Thank you RadioRaheem!!

  Thank  you my brotha!!  That used to be the jam!  Miss Eddie so much.  No one yet has a smooth voice quite like him.  But!

Back in the days when I was just a young puppy. Heading back to YouTube. I don't remember the song, but I remember the SINGERS!!!!! Big Time!!!!

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