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I think its not taken seriously these days, I myself would love to get married to a woman that has the same mindset as mine as far as whats really important in life.

What it means to me is when two people come together for the betterment of eachother.

maybe im young and naive but I dont think a marriage should be work I think each person should make the others life as easy as possible.
Very important--I don't know where I would be in this world, if it were not for Mrs. Thayfen. I never thought I'd get married, ...then, I didn't expect to live past twenty-five.

Marriage has added purpose to my's not the money, the's what you do with your time on this planet, and whom you do your time with...
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How IMPORTANT is marriage to you? And what does it mean to you?

Marriage can be very important, or very insignificant. depends on the people, and the purpose.

Some of us marry solely to find a companion, others marry because they are in love, others marry beause they are ready to settle forth and so on.

When a marriage is erected upon shaky reasoning, more than likely it will come crumbling down.

the important thing is to marry someone who shares a similiar world view. This way the marriage will have meaning, and purpose. Every marriage needs direction. With direction, love, and respect...marriage can be wonderful....and very important for the community at large. On the other hand, these fly by the seat of your pants arrangements, are not really that important..and can actually be damaging.


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