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I'm just now getting more into makeup. I personally love blue the
most and sometimes golden brown. IT depends on what outfit I'm wearing.
The lipsticks range from a scale of different types.

They have tempting, sinful, RussetBrown, Pebble Stone, Orange
Flair, Orange Fizz, Oh so Red, Merlot (which sounds like wine), Nob
Hill Red, Deep Raspberry, Daring, Crimson, Copper Penny, Copper
Glitz, Chocolate Mousee, Bronze Foil, etc.

Oh, and the lipsticks- Gold, orange, purple rain, and wine
are so stunning. I'm amazed at these names for each type of
makeup, purple rain and wine. WoW!

THe benefits of these lipsticks is that they
are a sheer lip color to add sheen and moisture to
your lips. It can basically be worn with and even
without lipstick.

Rose, berry, red, wine, and brown are
the types of long lasting lip liners that shape,
outline, etc.
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