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Look How Racism in Brazil Rears Its Ugly Head for Black Woman Deemed Too Dark to Be Carnival Queen

February 11, 2016 | Posted by A Moore
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February 11, 2016 | Posted by
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Too black for Brazil | Guardian Docs











"I'm just trying to make a way out of no way, for my people" -Modejeska Monteith Simpkins









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  It's still very much a SLAVE culture.  The whole idea of the carnival is showing female slaves on moving  auction block nude dancing for massa and his boys.  And  racial social amalgamation is a part of it. It is the MAIN of it.  And done deliberately.  Cuz the lighter females were sex slaves who lived in the big house and were bred for the liking of the buyer-method adopted from the Arab slaver.  The darker female slaves-producers of pickaninnies and field hands lived in huts south of the plantation house.   So just like India, Brazil too have a form of caste system used against  the descendants of slaves ported here by the Portugese, French and the Dutch.  It's a shame that these African offsprings don't realize that in Brazil and other places where dark-skinned people were taken....are the SAME folks.  And the only folks who can produced an array of  beautiful skin tones with the same parents.  So why do we discriminate against ourselves....why?  And then turn around and say how awful  massa is-when we are most awful to ourselves when we CONTINUE doing stupid ass shyte like this color stroke phenomena.  Whose gon hear the cry for black power when it is drowned in self-hate?  We must rise above this.  Now is the time to show solidarity-not colonialism separatism.    But! 


"Carnival" has its origins or roots in West African Cultural Rituals, Music and Dance, though it appears that the modern-day festivals may also have taken on Western and/or modern corruptions of such festivals:  



"Carnaval in Brazil as far as many Afro-Brazilians are concerned is connected to the ancient Yoruba and Egyptian festivals. In fact, there are some who connect Brazilian carnaval to the ancient Egyptian Feast of Oisirus, which was spread to West Africa most likely by the descendants of the Yoruba. Some sources point out that the Yorubas migrated from Egypt during the time of the Exodus. Others point out that the Yoruba origins is in Sudan at a later period. Still, there are very strong connections between the Yorubas and the ancient Egyptians ond Kushites (Nubians) of ancient Sudan.";id=96 


DennisKalita posted:

and they give no reason at all for firing her.

Brazil is trying to "Whiten" itself for America and the rest of Western Whites.  This is happening everywhere Black people are in the Diaspora. In America, we face "Gentrification"

This is happening everywhere Black people are in the Diaspora and certain parts of Africa. 

In America, we face "Gentrification", Police brutality and Police Executions, Bank Redlining, Discrimination in Housing, Education and Employment.  

In countries like Brazil, it's Police Executions, Color-Caste Psychology, and the same racism and discrimination African Americans fight against every day in this country.  

In Haiti, Jamaica, the Dominican Republic, i.e., the Caribbean, it's Color-Cast Psychology, Self-Hatred, and White worship.  

In Papua New Guinea, straight out American and Indonesian financed genocide, the same as it was for Black people other Micronesian Islands and in the Philippines and Hawaii.

In Australia, it's continued racism and discrimination after failed attempts at genocide against the indigenous Black population. in the Sudan it is the centuries of enslavement that Black people murder, mutilate and enslave other Black people to appease the non-Black Arabs they have been socially conditioned and brainwashed to worship.

In the Sudan, it is the centuries of social conditioning and brainwashing through enslavement that Black people have been programmed to murder, mutilate and enslave other Black people to appease the non-Black Arabs they have been socially conditioned and brainwashed to worship.



  True  the idea of "carnival"/mardi gras  parts of it were interjected from the slave original culture brought  from Africa who tribes celebrated the harvest and seasonal changes in their calendar.  However, this tradition of adorning nude slave women on moving auctions....especially if ships came in during the festive period....this painting of and decorating the nude body became a custom...and the real reason for it got lost along the way..but it was to attract the slave buyers.   Additionally, in different places, different things occurred  like mardi gras for example which is the same celebration.  But has a whole different storyline in New Orleans where Native Americans used this event to hide behind masks and settle their disputes among each other while slaves escaped into swamps fleeing the plantations.  Massa never knew that those battles among Native Americans were really a ploy/a distraction to help free slaves.   So it depends where you are.  But!  

  I also wanna add something a little of topic but about Brazil's history during slavery.  The imported slaves also have a secret dance technique which was created in Brazil called capoeira.  This rhythm movement was disguised as an Afro Brazilian traditional dance to fool massa  but what it really was?  A military  hand to feet defense tactic [used in combat in Africa passed down generationally].   The Japanese stole the ownership of  this and incorporated it in their culture with a new name:  martial arts i.e. Kung fu, Karate etc,  They took the credit for it but its originality derived from Africa and method dispersed wherever slaves landed.    We have to remember too...that there has always been black presence in Japan and China since the 9th

One mo' thang about the Dethrone Queen.  The whole issue is shown all over the world.  They have it in, of course, India.  In Nigeria....remember that?  So but the entire pretty is light or white STEMS from the amag of the black slave.  In other words, the breeding of this type of "slave" look was deliberate and extremely popular[folks don't like to say this but it's true] why we still have problems with child trackking as we speak. So it isn't surprising to me that extremely beautiful people are enslaved socially and have no control over their was created that way.  I would recommend reading The Destruction Black Civilizations, by Chancellor a place in the book where it talks about how Arab slavers bred slave girls to have certain characteristics of beauty,  The more attractive features to the liking of the buyer...the more money made by Arab slaver.  An interesting concept that has spread across the in brothels throughout Asia and now some parts of Africa.  [Let's remember the words caravan and carnival has the same route word....and are connected to the same type of people.]  Slaves were on caravans transformed to slaves on carnival for the same purpose:  SELL.]

 Brazil has one of the most beautiful black women in the world-in all shades. That place?  Bahai?  Where women are the free-est to be themselves. The men from all over flock there in droves.   And there are also places in the middle east where there are women so beautiful they must remain covered up in black from head to be seen only in the eyes of the master/husband. [won't mention the harems which hold a specific type of harlot]  There are beautiful women in India. Striking beauties from dark skin to tan tones with eyes that range smokey gray to blue. Not to say women in Africa aren't beautiful.  Beauty isn't my point.  My point is the world still has massa slave mentality "eyes" when it comes to valuing women's worth.  Women still have to look a certain way to be considered's like a color chart.  Depending where you are on that chart is how you will be treated.  I call it the massa caste color chart.  To me?  This is another piece to place in our puzzle we need to fix.  In that we are all the same, no matter the color...there is a place for you.  Black mean ALL colors together.   Folks need to say it and folks need to hear it closing that sense of belonging gap permanently.  We gotta do that.  Cuz there are those in power who still behave like women are chattel to be defined by how she LOOKS like on the outside.  And that's so wrong.   And many cultures  are still prisoners to that twisted backward concept as why true equality among every human being is any means necessary.  

The truth is I never like how Brazil has treated its women.  The country  has a violent abusive history against Brazilian women since slavery,  As why in my opinion women there are  still enslaved.  And no wants to say it but I will.  In the eyes of the world the black woman ...especially the dark skin black women is still viewed as a slave nigress...despite her success in the  world...despite the positiveness of her image.  She is still viewed as merely a slave...and the ongoing mistreatment  Oprah in white areas proves that.  The world is so complex with old backward traditions and new technological  advancement that it's transforming into the crashing and destruction of the very essentials that sustains life.  I would think being a woman who bring life in the world,,,,your life.  is essential.  And should be for every living person..  And that's why we must always advocate for our women.  Cuz their story is our story.    But!

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The sad part is, it was many Brazilian Black people that thought she was too dark.

This Brazilian painting says it all.  Black mother gave birth to a mixed daughter, daughter have child with a white man. Its a real foul mind set many Black people suffer from. I don't really care who people fall in love with but if its out of self loathing, its foul. But I have heard many white people say they are too white and desire darker skin white people, especially white people that live in England, jungle fever is wild there. But there is a difference based on social acceptance when Black people suffer from self loathing colorism.


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What gets lost in all this is the fact that slavery was not initially racial, but was made racial, in America and the West once they figured out how dominate Black/African genes were.

Another thing that is rarely, if ever, mentioned is the fact that in order for White people, [who had begun to question the morality of slavery], to participate in such a Crime Against Humanity without question, they had to villify, and demonize Black people in the minds of Whites, which would include Black women.  

Jealousy created by White men's habit and/or obsession with sleeping with Black women during slavery only added to the hatred and demonization of Black women.

Not only were White men were freely having sex with Black women, it was occurring in a sexually repressed society/era saturated with sexist patriarchal religious dogma against women in general, and women's sexuality in particular. 

So of course, all the hatred and contempt for going against these social taboos was placed on the backs of Black women, instead of where it belonged, squarely on the shoulders of White men and the Church who were responsible for it happening in the first place.  

So, there was a quagmire of jealousy, sexist religious dogma, and blaming the victim factoring in early on in the condemnation of Black women, their looks, their reputation, and most importantly, their self-esteem.






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