OK - this thread is the place to ask follow-up questions on some of the crazy, interesting, fascinating, unbelievable shiznit that people say in the LHSF thread.

I'll start with the first question:

@Kweli4real - are you saying you were with two 350lb. women at the same time? Brah - please elaborate on that one!!! smile Even if only with one - how was it? wink

Onward and Upward!

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The sorority thing was definately not for me; but, my brother was a kappa and was very involved in his undergrad chapter's public works/ community programs { plus he married one of the kappa sweethearts and had my two beautiful nephews as a result-- definately there's value in that!!}. My mother is an AKA and is still close with her sorority sisters from her pledge days of 1950 something!!! So, yes, for the individual as well as the community, there is value in sorority and fraternity life.
I ask because when I pledged (Kappa Alpha Psi), many of the politically aware and active Blacks were "anti-Greek Letter Organizations" due to their "divisiveness" of the Black community.

I obviously disagreed and saw fraternities more as a platform for political activity.
I'd pledge if I liked an organization.

And da organization liked me.

I see it as a platform, too.


It's based on Firefly's q in one of the other forums, but I don't want to search for it. *a rainy day's dial-up*

Anyhoo, MBM, when are you getting interviewed for the Interesting People forum?

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