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  I wouldn't say  BETTER. I would say different.  Cuz women from other races are likely from patriarchal cultures where the males are dominate/in control and the females [submissive] caters to them hand and foot.   This is going on all the while Black mothers who derived from African cultures that were originally a matriarchal system before the nasty European invasion i.e. Greece/Rome now have to deal with these women hunting their sons like one does hunting "rabbits."  Cuz women outside black culture for the most part have always chased black money or Black  potential (black athlete/entertainers).  Plus many women of other races especially Europeans have maintained their [female submissive/male aggressive] tradition even though they are now openly "chasing" the black phallus with or without money-cuz that's all it really is about.  And because Black men have been sexualized/desexualized  since African slavery, it becomes a boost to their egos that they are being sought after by women other than Black women.  Cuz they know with these  women they are not expected to do anything other than  please them in the bed and pass on a few dollars or not-it is this fake image of success that black males are drawn to.  Cuz for black males being with "white" or "exotic" women mean success or that they have made it-they are finally accepted in the white world and they are not seen as slaves but seen as  just  "men" (so they think).    So it is easy to see why they would prefer being with women  outside their culture rather than to work hard and be with Black women in their culture.    

But what this truly is?  Is an emasculation of the Black male i.e. the making of the West African eunuch-the feminization of the African Man[bossale].  This is of course is my opinion which is based on historical facts I've learned through the years.  Plus  Black women expect Black men to carry their weight as equal partners of  Black culture-but that request is too much "work" for some black men cuz many of em don't give a damn about their culture unless of course it's about the "image of success" and the "those mighty green dollars."

Additionally, being with  women outside their race benefits the black male.  They don't have to feel like failures , leaders, providers or deal with being social outcasts-cuz why?  They are always pretentiously praised by these women and are with them WILLINGLY....sometimes tho some  black males may come to realize they've been bamboozled for a piece of flesh rod [and a few dollars or not ] but then it will be far far too late to anything to make it right.   So again I wouldn't say them being with women outside their culture is better just different...and can turn destructive. 

In the Isis Papers (including her discussion tapes), Dr. Wesling talks about how many women outside Black race [particularly white women] grow up  OVERSEXUALIZED by their society/tribe.  And because black males since the Trans-Atlantic Slave trade have been sexualized by European slavers [ which is opposite to being desexualized by the Arab Slave Trade i.e. castrations of black male slaves ] it is easy to see the now luring attraction between specifically European and Asian females to black men.

 For me it's more than just a black male being with women outside his race.  It's about loyalty to your culture and gratitude to the African  women and men who fell on the blade against the evil of the world to ensure your existence in the future.  Cuz in the past many cultures of [European and Asian] slaves died and today there is no evidence or mention of them-they just vanished.    So creating a different lifestyle by laying in the bed with the descendants [your ancestors' enemy] who enslaved your culture and [tried] to destroy/dehumanize your race and are still working hard to kill us through male emasculation, the prison system, black on black homicides and police brutality?  Is not only a slap in the face to African/Black culture but shows clearly that black males who participate in this mango-in- the-rice relationship with women outside their race do so willingly with eyes wide OPEN  committing self-genocide-which is a Black mother's nightmare.      But!

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This is just another instance of a handful of Black people making a claim that they want or expect to be justaposed onto ALL Black people.

How many Black women/mothers said that?

They do know that there are close to 50 million Black people in America, don't they?

So, one, or ten, or 100 or a thousand or even 10 thousand Black people/mothers don't and cannot speak for ALL Black people/mothers, or ALL Black mothers whose sons date women of other races.

Statements like that are often made by Black people that don't really know many White women, cause news flash, White women and all other non-Black women are no different than Black women.   There are plenty of non-Black women who their sons will or may "receive better treatment from", and there are White women who will raise hell, be aggressive, and use and play the hell out of their sons.  

Black people seem to do just as much in the stereotyping of Black people as the most racist White people, and/or the most racially ignorant White people in America/the world.

My brothers have dated White, Asian and Latino women over the years and all of them have been different, from the mildest, most meek type woman, to the biggest hell-raising 'itches you ever seen.   So, so much for stereotyping non-Black women as ALL somehow, being meek, timid, submissive little fairy-dust women.

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