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"Lessons I learned" by Eja

Esin -- Eh-siin (the 'siin' pronounced as 'sing' with the 'g' silent) - To worship.

"Those who worship (in this life) the dead will (in the Life to come) be joined with the Dead while those who worship the living, will be joined to the Living."

When students of istory look back into the times we are in right now, they will recognise and hold up the Al Pacino film called 'Scarface' as the true gospel of this time. The revealation in that film, repeated by The Firm, was that the key to (and the purpose of) life is 'Money, Power and Respect'. Get it, use it, get it, use it and get it.

Money is a figment of the imagination, a thing manufactured from dead wood (paper). How can the dead lead us into life? And, is'nt the power known to this mind-set, at it's utmost, the power to end the life of the body? The power to maim and the 'power' to devastate an environment. Is'nt that all it is? This power is not based on creativity, it's basis is the control of tools of coercion. Obvious tools like 'state-of-the-art' bombs and the subtle tools that produce 'educated fools'.

Catechism : "when you have money, you can buy power, when you have power, then, you'll have respect."
Meaning : " gather enough dead wood, then, you can stand in the camp of those who control the mechanisms that are responsible for the mass degradation of life."

To gain the 'respect' that allegedly comes as a consequence of controlling the other two members of this holey trinity is no achievement.

Nothing new was said above. In fact, if one were to be able to question every living person on this planet, it would most probably turn out that 85% of them already know this. So, why has the world remained as it is when most probably, the vast majority of people have a very good idea of what proper living ought to be about?

We know what is right, and we know what is wrong. What we do not overstand are the things that are being used to keep us headed in the direction of un-civilization. We do not overstand hunger and we do not overstand fear. Which is why we are convinced that we have to "make hay while the sun shines". "It's all about economics..." we are told.

We have heard, but we do not overstand that the hunger we feel is from a wish to be rejoined to that from which we came. We do not trust the truth. We hunger, so we consume and because we are afraid of tommorow's hunger, we hoard materials. Yet, even as we look over what we have gathered, we still feel hunger and we are still afraid. It seems this is a hunger that will never be satisfied so, we are driven mad because we believe that what we seek has been lost forever. But it is'nt, it has only been obscured. We are surrounded by bridges, and from here, across what seems to be a fearsome void, is a bridge to what we need. But, we will not use it because it does not look like the other bridges in the brochures.

Exin (Eh-shin) - Horse

As in
"No point
flogging that dead horse

Better for you
to learn
The language
of your feet.

Your feet
know the language
of the earth
You are standing on

Talk to your feet

don't fail me now."
Egungun, Egungun ni t'aiye ati jo! Ancestos, Ancestors come to earth and dance! "I'm sick of the war and the civilization that created it. Let's look to our dreams, and the magical; to the creations of the so-called primitive peoples for new inspirations." - Jaques Vache and Andre Breton "Capitalism is the astounding belief that the most wickedest of men will do the most wickedest of things for the greatest good of everyone." -John Maynard "You know that in our country there were even matriarchal societies where women were the most important element. On the Bijagos islands they had queens. They were not queens because they were the daughters of kings. They had queens succeeding queens. The religious leaders were women too..." -- Amilcar Cabral, Return to the Source, 1973
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