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I think what most bothers me is that I have OFTEN heard many Black leaders over the years include hispanics, or latinos in their rhetoric as they beseech the powers that be for change, inclusion.

Now if she has never heard them speak that is unfortunate.

Perhaps the same as I, for I have never ever seen Hispanics voice support a issue dear to AA's.

Mexicans in particular.

My following example is taken from a while ago but for me it sums up what seems to be the current status quo;

Harold Washington ran from mayor in Chicago. The press called the results of the electorate a "Stare off". Votes were equally divided along color lines for Harold and his opponent; Epton. Blacks voted for Harold, whites for Epton.

One writer stated the deciding factor in choosing the winner was because the Puerto Rican community blinkedand voted for Harold Washington,thus electing him mayor of Chicago

Mexicans in this overwhelming Democratic city voted for the Republican.

I think her last statement says it all 6
nam myoho renge kyo
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