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Frédéric Auguste Bartholdi, the artist commissioned in 1865 by the French abolitionist and historian Edouard Rene Lefebvre de Laboulaye to construct a monument to America at the end of the Civil War, was allegedly first inspired to craft the image of an African woman as the face of emancipation. However, as the original concept was presented to President Grant and others of influence, several who eventually formed the American Committee of the Statue of Liberty in New York, the theme, profile and certain other original elements of the statue were said to had been rejected, as the end of slavery was still a contested issue among the United States citizens, despite the defeat of the Confederacy and the presumed liberty of African-Americans at the time.


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EbonyRose, I posted some references a long time ago that had documentaton, and sites where they deposited. I can't find it.

This issue was "ducked" by the Dept of the Interior about two years ago. They promised a public statement after investigation. It never happened,of course.

My recollection was not that the statue was a black woman, but that the model for the statue was a black woman, a partner of Bertholdi, from one of the Caribbean nations. The information also talked of the statue being a monument to the black soldiers in influencing the victory of The Union in the Civll War thus assuring their own freedom.

It was this recognition of African American for the victory that was rejected.

Recognition of African America, and African Americans for the integral relation in America is a problem for THE SYSTEM even unto this day.

I'll try to find the documentation.


Jim Chester

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The gub'ment wasn't having that!---Fine

And they still aren't.

The last time I heard anything about this the U.S. Department of the Interior was promising to 'look into this' information (which had been documented to that department in detail).

The promise was that a response would be provided with in two years.

That was more than two years ago.

They, DOI and us, just let the challenge 'dry up and blow away'.

We don't have a way to sustain our challenges to the system.

Not the NAACP, or Urban League, and man-'ol-man not CORE.

There was a thread once asking what shuuld be included in the proposed/planned African American museum.

A scale model of this monument to African America should be prominently displayed.

The tribute was to us.

Bertholdi THOUGHT that was also a tribute to THE UNION.

Boy, was he wrong.


Jim Chester
Originally posted by kresge:
urban legend regarding statue of liberty

Thanks for the link.

I have read some of the info.

I have two immediate reactions to 'Urban Legends'.

First, It was this site that worked very, very hard to spread the lie that the termination of the 'special provisions' of the Voting Rights Act was about the loss of voting rights.

I will never forgive, or forget, that treachery.

i looked first at the 'Urban Legend' rebuttal to see if the report of the Department of Interior was referenced.

I haven't seen it so far, and the piece has already initiated a rebuttal to claims, which is okay.

I also am suspicious of the citing of what 'others' say about the issue.

That's what Limbaugh does; find others who agree with you.

The challenger)s) said they would be receptive to the report of the DOI.

I will finish the Urban Legend article.

Maybe I'll wear shades or some such.

P.s. I read it.

I remain doubtful.

The big question is if all this is true, why has there been no DOI report trupeting this verification of proving the 'black' folks wrong.

Why would the DOI psss on such an opportunity?

It is an argument.

It is not convincing.


Jim Chester
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Originally posted by James Wesley Chester:
The big question is if all this is true, why has there been no DOI report trupeting this verification of proving the 'black' folks wrong.

Why would the DOI psss on such an opportunity?

It is an argument.

It is not convincing.[/i]


Jim Chester

Do you have a citation for the DOI investigation.
Do you have a citation for the DOI investigation. Thanks.---kresge

No. There is an old thread here on the board that offers the same info you did.

One of the responses, and it may have been a subsequent thread, related the confrontation of a 'group' with the Department of the Interior in the vicinty of the statue.

A spokesperson promised to 'investigate and report back to the group'.

Two years sticks in my mind.

I don't know why such a timeframe would have been used.

It's been more than 2 years.

I don't know how to search the board.

There's probably some button that says 'search'.

Those the 'small' things I can't seem to 'get a handle on'.


Jim Chester
Originally posted by Fine:
And they still aren't.

France knows the importance of the black woman better than AmeriKKKa. How ironic!


When I was 'out and about' yesterday, I thought of this thread, France in particular.

The way the challenge goes, France agreed to the objection of the Americans having the statue honor the former slaves who were instrumental in 'saving' The Union.

France is too smart to now 'out' America for making that demand.

Not with the state of foreign relations today.


Jim Chester

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