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Originally posted by FireFly:
A meal out in a nice cafe with a good friend and a glass of wine.

Or, if going solo, then a trip to an art gallery and a coffee stop after. Smile Or... putting on the music LOUD and dancing around at home like a lunatic. Cool

All of the above sounds great lady... and believe me I danced around like it was nobody's business my first week back!
Welcome back lady!

My favorite way to unwind is to spa it up, dress up very nicely and go out to listen to some really good jazz! Have something great to eat...and then have a great movie!

Sometimes, I have a really great bath, put on some REALLY nice smelling oils and lotions, wash my hair really good, light some candles, turn on the music and just sit back to chill. Or I will light those candles and curl up with a great book.
Originally posted by MissTical:
I have been on military deployment for a little over 6 months... I'm home now and I am trying to de-stress, decompose... RELAX! So I am curious to know what you ladies do to unwind?

You've been on deployment? Welcome back beloved....


I reacquaint myself with the natural beauty of the earth.... sounds sappy.. but its true... especially in spring time.. I love taking nature walks and absorbing the sights, smells and sounds of the earth.... letting my hands touch the trickle of water in a creek, touching tree bark, hearing birds and doing nothing but listening to them.... watch the sun rise or set, or neither just gaze at the sky....

I love nature...

when its cold... I surround myself around natural heat.... (people) my closest friends/family...

and when I do not feel like this...

honestly, I slide in bed and grab a book or call someone to chat with..... someone who comforts me....
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Thank you ladies, I am so glad to be back and I have been doing it up! I've had pampering sessions,drinks with friends,long baths... long baths with drinks followed by Big Grin well I'll just say stuff that I was missing cabbage. I have honestly been having a great time... but the best part has been waking up in peace and loving my new appreciation for life!

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