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1) Well ... I thought the video itself is kinda cheesy.   But powerful at the same time.


2) Somebody should have put a sniper's bullet into Joseph Kony's head a looonnngggg time ago.



"If a Senator or congressman notices 25 phone calls on any issue on any given day it is noted."


"When citizens, by the hundreds of thousands  start demanding that our government do something, suddenly it becomes in the national interest of the United States governmen to respond to this problem."


3) If only Black people could be convinced that those two statements are true.

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Propaganda at its finest. Last night, after all the viral videos denouncing this group Invisible Children, the press had to admit that Kony hasn't even been in Uganda for over 5 years. I've even heard that the man is in fact dead, though I can't prove it. It is also common knowledge that Uganda has oils and minerals. I recall that the country put out an informational video about how it was progressing and how stable it was. So is this a put on by AFRICOM?? The jury is still out.

Uganda profile

Map of Uganda


Since the late 1980s Uganda has rebounded from the abyss of civil war and economic catastrophe to become relatively peaceful, stable and prosperous.

But the lives of hundreds of thousands of people in the north remain blighted by one of Africa's most brutal rebellions.


In the 1970s and 1980s Uganda was notorious for its human rights abuses, first during the military dictatorship of Idi Amin from 1971-79 and then after the return to power of Milton Obote, who had been ousted by Amin.


During this time up to half a million people were killed in state-sponsored violence.


Since becoming president in 1986 Yoweri Museveni has introduced democratic reforms and has been credited with substantially improving human rights, notably by reducing abuses by the army and the police.


At a glance

  • Politics: Multi-party politics restored in 2005
  • Security: Terror of Lord's Resistance Army (LRA) over two decades has spread to neighbouring countries. Allied Democratic Forces, a rebel group trying to set up an Islamic state in Uganda, is active in DR Congo
  • Economy: Uganda is vulnerable to changes in the world price of coffee, its main export earner. Oil discoveries have boosted prospects
  • International: Uganda has been actively involved in the DR Congo conflict. LRA leaders are wanted by the International Criminal Court for war crimes

Country profiles compiled by BBC Monitoring


In addition, Western-backed economic reforms produced solid growth and falls in inflation in the 1990s. However, Mr Museveni has bemoaned his country's failure to industrialise.


The discovery of oil and gas in the west of the country have boosted confidence in the economy.


The president came under fire for Uganda's military involvement, along with five other countries, in neighbouring DR Congo's 1998-2003 civil war. DR Congo accuses Uganda of maintaining its influence in the mineral-rich east of the country. Uganda says DR Congo has failed to disarm Ugandan rebels on its soil.


The cult-like Lord's Resistance Army (LRA) has rampaged across northern Uganda for the past two decades and has in recent years spread to neighbouring countries, abducting and killng tens of thousands as well as displacing more than 1.5 million. It has been described as one of the most effective guerrilla armies in Africa.

Its leader Joseph Kony says he wants to run the country along the lines of the biblical Ten Commandments, and is wanted by the International Criminal Court for crimes against humanity.


Some critics have wondered why the conflict has gone on for so long, and others have questioned Mr Museveni's commitment to ending the insurgency.


Uganda has won praise for its vigorous campaign against HIV/Aids. This has helped to reduce the prevalence of the virus - which reached 30% in the 1990s - to single-digit figures.

African Americans, the African Diaspora in the West always run the risk of being taken in by a media propaganda campaign when it comes to 'news'/'propaganda' coming out of Africa.  There is always the possibility of entities in the West wanting to control who is in power in that country because of the "discovery of oil and gas in the west of the country", therefore, have launched a media campaign against the person or groups that want Uganda, and not Western powers, to be in control of the untold wealth that oil and gas discoveries could bring the country.  


Anyone old enough to remember  the military dictatorship of Idi Amin, should also remember that many years after Amin was taken out, information came out that most of the vile and disgusting things that were said about him ( he was a cannibal, he was murdering nuns, he was wild savage, etc.,) turned out to not be true, but to be the invention of an aggressive Western media campaign.  


So, I'm not saying that all of the reports on Kony are not true, but, how are we to really know what IS true and what is Western media campaigning to create de facto Western control of Uganda's natural resources and/or oil and gas reserves?  Could these reports on Kony and the Lord's Resistance Army (LRA) be another Idi Amin type propaganda campaign where it was resulted to putting out the most vile lies about him in order to influence people that he needed to be taken down, or are all of these vile reports on Kony and the LRA accurate?


I just don't understand how someone could look at the pain and emotion of the children like that young boy who had to watch his brother's neck being chopped off by a machete ... and see his tears as he talked about hope that he and his brother would be together again in Heaven one day ... and call him "propaganda." 


I mean .... I'm just as skeptical as the next guy when it comes to the motivations of "governments" - pretty much any and all of them - and their 'intentions' when it comes to their agendas - both domestic or international.  There probably isn't an uncorrupted one in the bunch, if you ask me.


But the way I see it .... the problems and the suffering of the PEOPLE that they so-call "govern" are very real ... and documentarily indisputable.  Joseph Kabila has committed unspeakable atrosities (and so did Idi Amin, for that matter!!)   ... and everybody knows it.  He doesn't get absolved of his heinous crimes against humanity, simply because, on another note, the United States wants a reason to pimp Uganda for its oil.  That's apples and oranges to me.


Now ... IMO, this gung-ho, unified, pro-active, wave of hundreds of thousands of (mostly white) activists (and their followers) could have picked a different/better/more significant battle to wage than this one .... but ... there's nothing wrong with this one.  It's a just and worthy cause.  Justice for the countless children made to kill and torture their own parents, rape young girls and old women, and endure a life of terror and horror. 


Unless ... when you look into their faces or see their physical injuries you don't believe that they're telling the truth about what they have experienced or who is responsible .... then I don't see these types of videos as propaganda.  A little misguided, perhaps.  But then again ... if they achieve victory and Kabila is captured and brought to justice for his crimes, it's hard to argue with solid, determined, resourceful, well-crafted and -executed success.

I'm not saying that it is not true or that they are not telling the truth, I'm just saying that there is always a possibility that Western "causes" for Africa is Western propaganda that is really aimed at getting rid of any African leader that they cannot/would not be able to make into a Western puppet in order to control, manipulate and/or stifle economic development, hence African world power.


So, the way I see it is, for now I believe what is coming out of Uganda about Kony and the LRA, but, in the back of my mind is a reminder of fact that the West really does not want African in complete and total control of Africa's wealth.

EbonyRose, some time ago I posted on this page what propaganda is. And there are different degrees and types of propaganda. Just because there is some truth in this video, doesn't mean its not propaganda. As a matter of fact some of the best propaganda has true elements or statements. Just wanted to point this out.

Originally Posted by Yemaya:

Excuse me, but I don't listen to this particular cracker... oh HELL NO. Too many black people follow this person while at the same time arguing or putting down our black thinkers. Sickening. This guy has used the black community to prop up his bullshit for several years now. Anyway. . .

Probably the ones who follow him feel the same way about our thinkers, but I understand.  There are folks whom I had to dissmiss, even though they have

put forth some sound information.

Okay ... well ... I do understand the meaning of "propaganda".  But  ... I think the most interesting thing I find about the critics of the Kony2012 campaign and the Invisible Children organization is that .... everyone who's criticizing them for promoting propaganda has their OWN agenda ... one that happens to be in opposition to the one IC is accused of having!!!


It's like the HYPOCRISY is so thick you could cut it with a knife!! 


Most of the complaints I've read against the Invisible Children organization and their campaign to capture Kony are pretty much the same (although they come from different places/groups/people!!) .. which is the opposition to American military intervention or occupation of Uganda (or Africa .... or anywhere for that matter!!).  Which, IMO, is fine!!  Everybody has their boat to float!!


But .... these same criticizing organizations - just like EVERYBODY and EVERY organization with their OWN agenda - are prone to lying, exaggeration, fact-twisting, name-calling, finger-pointing and discrediting just like the people their accusing of doing the same!!


Organizations - the ones we like and support AND the ones we don't like and disparage - are ALL guilty of "propaganda" in one form or another (at least as the definition is presented by Wikipedia in the link that NSpirit has provided ... with the exception that not ALL propaganda is bad!!)  And the fact is ... some people/organizations' causes are righteous and good ... while others are purely scam and deceit!!


I have yet to read even ONE criticism of this campaign that disputes the fact that Kony is a despicable, inhumane, murderer!!  As "propaganda" goes, that certainly isn't an example of it, as everyone is in TOTAL agreement about that!!  But where the propaganda/agendas DO start is at the point of, "Well, yeah, Kony is a monster, but ...." and the problem for me is that, there IS NO "buts ....."  He either needs to die/be captured, convicted for what he's done ... or he doesn't!!  'Cause I'm not into the whole propaganda/agenda thing - on either side - when it comes to something like this!


He needs to be taken out of commission.  Period.  And however that is accomplished, I'm pretty much wit it!!  U.S. intervention ... Whatever.


The 'bottom line' here ... if we're dealing in facts and reality ... is that 1) Joseph Kony is guilty of the massacre and torture of thousands of Africans over several decades using African children to do his dirty work; 2) he needs to die; and 3) a group of young, energetic, activists have been able to organize a HIGHLY SUCCESSFUL political and humanitarian campaign to get their issue recognized at the highest possible level (action by the POTUS) .. which is very commendable, because (as the OWS protest has shown) that's a nearly impossible feat in this day and age.


If those who opposed to the KONY2012 campaign and the Invisible Children organization want to do something to bring the Ugandan government/military under control and stop the atrocities that THEY commit against their people ... I say more power to 'em!!  Good luck with that!!  It's a laudable goal ... and they should go for it!


But, IMO, bringing Joseph Kony to justice is a whole separate issue!!  One that something is actually BEING DONE about!!  And to try to stop that from happening is ludicrous to me ... which I'm sure those Africans missing arms, legs, been raped, tortured, killed, watched family members die and lost their children to become murderers of their own people would agree with!!

All I'm saying is if he is really doing all that they say he is, then, of course, he needs to be stopped, captured, taken-out, whatever, but (and there is a "but,") there is the possibility that this could be another Idi Amin propaganda campaign, who knows?  I do remember all of the awful things that were said about Idi Amin, then, many years later it came out that most of it was manufactured Western propaganda intent on making sure that Uganda would not be ruled by anyone the West/Europe did not want in power.  


It is often hard to tell who to believe with many stories coming out of Africa, at least about any African countries that have oil, gold, diamonds, uranium . . . and the constant fight to  control Africa's natural resources.

Okay ... but the thing is, Sunnubian .... personally, what I usually find is that it's usually ALL the truth!!    It's not an "either/or" ... but rather an "and ... too."  It's almost always "all of the above" ... and, while there may be a certain level of exaggeration on both sides (the use of lies/propaganda/agenda) to further their individuals causes ... a whole LOT of TRUTH is very much in there as well!!


For example .... It's TRUE (and very well documented) that Idi Amin WAS indeed a murderous dictator who slaughtered his own people.  AND it is also true that the U.S. didn't like him and wanted to overthrow him .... and I don't doubt for a second that they started a smear campaign that made him seem worse than he was!!  (I never heard he was a cannibal  .. but it doesn't surprise me that that was put out there!)


But ... whether he ate his victims or not ... the fact that he did create hundreds of thousands of them (by ordering murders, rapes and tortures) isn't in dispute by anybody!!   And, by now, NOTHING that is determined to be underhanded, covert, dirty, illegal or wrong done by the United States should surprised or be questioned as to its truth!!  Under NO administration has the U.S. EVER been upstanding, non-corrupt or played by the rules!!!  If nothing else ... the things we KNOW about (such as torture, murder, assassinations, unlawful occupations, wiretapping (you remember not too long ago under Bush it was discovered that the CIA was secretly taping U.N. members' phones and offices! ) ... should give us reason to believe that there's even WORSE that we DON'T know about!!  'Cause we haven't been busted for it. 


It's A-L-L true.  Nine times out of 10. 


As I said before ... Joseph Kony is a vicious murderer.  Not even his "supporters" (or critics of the IC organization) dispute that.  All the humanitarian agencies agree.  There is documentation (and a long list of alive and well victims) to corroborate that.  And while his organization has moved out of Uganda, it is still active (i.e. terrorizing people) within neighboring countries like South Sudan and the Congo.  And that is neither in dispute nor without current documenting, either.  There's no question whether or not to believe that.


But .... there's also no question that the U.S. (and everybody else on the planet!!!) wants Uganda's newly discovered oil reserves!!  And that they will lie, cheat, steal or even kill to get it.  Alladat's been done before ... in the name of "oil"!!  And there's no denying that the possibility is there for it to happen again!!


There's also little doubt that what these "critics" are saying about the Ugandan government and military are TRUE, either.  Uganda, like many other African countries, have jacked up leadership/military units that commit atrocities like we brush our teeth.    I'm sure with a little digging (not from Western media sources but from REPUTABLE groups/media outlets!!) .. you'll find that that's TRUE just like all the rest of it.


So, it's not really a matter of what NOT to believe.  Because most of it is TRUTH.  But for me ... the argument of whether or not Uganda's military is corrupt does not diminish Kony's crimes ... ONE BIT!!!  Kony doesn't need to NOT be caught, just because he's not the ONLY one committing crimes!!  I understand these 'critic organizations' concerns about not wanting U.S. military intervention in other countries.  But I don't see this as being that.


The President sent 100 "experts" in to show the government/military how to kill this fool!!  And ... I hope they succeed!!  Now ... if a different "we're sending in troops to occupy Uganda so we can steal their oil" situation goes down somewhere down the line ... that's a whole other opinion .. and a bridge to cross only if/when we get to it.


And that's all I'm trying to say. 

Yvette Carnell: The Producers of Kony 2012 Viral Video are Right Wingers, and Can’t be Trusted


by Yvette Carnell

I’m all for a good bit of slacktivism, also known as “raising awareness”, ever now and again. It’s easy, and a good idea, to introduce folks to atrocities halfway across the globe that they wouldn’t have been aware of had it not been for your video or blog.

But, regarding the Kony 2012 video, there was already a fair amount of attention dedicated to the Ugandan guerrilla rebel group Lord’s Resistance, due partly to President Obama’s decision to send troops there a few months back. And we already have actual Ugandan bloggers who are ready and willing to tell their story.

Yourblackworld also reported CNN’s interview with an actual Kony victim, so the question becomes; what is this Kony 2012 charity up to? Why does this charity feel the need to co-opt the voices of Ugandans and filter them through the Kony 2012 medium?

Well, once you investigate the history of the folks behind the Kony 2012 viral video, it becomes apparent that they’re right wing Christian missionaries, and are functioning in that long and tortured tradition of many missionaries to Africa, best profiled in Achebe’s renowned novel, Things Fall Apart.

Here is the head of the Kony 2012 movement, Jason Russell, in his own words, from a speech at the late Jerry Falwell’s Liberty University:

“A lot of people fear Christians, they fear Liberty University, they fear Invisible Children – because they feel like we have an agenda. They see us and they go, “You want me to sign up for something, you want my money. You want, you want me to believe in your God.” And it freaks them out.”

Uh-huh. If I hadn’t attributed the quote beforehand, you could have just as well ascribed it to Rick Santorum or Newt Gingrich, and that makes a lot of since considering that the evangelical right wing in this country has ties to the unrest in Uganda.

<script type="text/javascript"></script> <script type="text/javascript"></script>

Remember, it was American right wingers who pushed Ugandans to invoke a law making homosexuality punishable by death. Of course, Uganda lawmakers are getting the bulk of the blame for that wrongheaded legislation, but it was pushed and funded by American right wingers like the Kony 2012 charity heads.

I’ve said this before, but it bears repeating: On issues relating to African affairs, it benefits African Americans to listen to actual Ugandans, Nigerians, Liberians and other black people who actually live on the continent before offering ourselves up ourselves as pawns to imperialist players.

A cursory Google search could’ve provided us with all the information we needed to form an opinion on Kony and his henchmen. Kony 2012 wasn’t necessary then or now.




KONY2012: Ten Questions For Invisible Children
by Black Star News Editorial

(1). Why did you launch the misleading KONY2012 video when today's challenges in Uganda are the following?:

Nationally, Ugandans are fighting to eject a U.S.-backed dictator, Gen. Yoweri K. Museveni, who has been in office for more than 26 years now and imposed his regime by brutal repression.

As you know, Gen. Museveni has stolen the last three elections, including last February's presidential election. 

This website reported the pre-determined results on the day of the election when a source close to the regime made it available.

Ugandans responded with a "Walk To Work" campaign that the regime has violently suppressed. Many Ugandans were shot to death and the opposition leader Dr. Kizza Besigye , whom many Ugandans believe won the race, was brutally beaten, sprayed with chemical agents causing temporary blindness, and arrested. Ugandans are appalled that Western organizations and media supported the demands for democratization in Egypt and other north African countries, while endorsing the status quo and dictatorship in Uganda.

If you're a supporter for democratization and the rule of law, wouldn't you have made this struggle the focus of any campaign to help Ugandans or at least even mentioned it during your media appearances to promote KONY2012? Instead you're working in league with Museveni's brutal military. 

2. Why did you misleadingly and deceptively propagate the falsehood that the Lord's Resistance Army (LRA) is still currently operating inside Uganda with 30,000 child soldiers, in Acholi region, when in fact you know the LRA is in the Central African Republican? While all LRA atrocities must be halted, your hysterical promo seems designed to gain public support for massive U.S. troops deployment in the region. 

Skeptics believe the U.S., having been rebuffed when it tried to base AFRICOM in an African country, would now come in through a side door. The deployment sets U.S. boots on the ground in the oil rich region-- northern part of Uganda, South Sudan, parts of Congo, and Central Africa-- and checks resource-hungry China's advances. 

3. By diverting the global news focus and concentrating solely on the LRA's crimes, aren't you unwittingly, or wittingly, exonerating the Uganda government's military of its horrendous human rights abuses in Uganda and Congo and thereby actually helping Gen. Museveni? 

The Ugandan Army was found guilty of genocide in Congo by the World Court and Uganda ordered to pay $10 billion reparations. What was your response when confronted with this? IC in a statement claimed it does not "defend any of the human rights abuses perpetrated by the Ugandan government or the Ugandan army" and that IC works with the Ugandan military because it is "more organized and better equipped than that of any of the other affected countries (DRC, South Sudan, CAR) to track down Joseph Kony." 

What a preposterous statement. By that logic, does this mean that you could also declare that you don't support the human rights abuses by the LRA and work with elements of the LRA to track down Ugandan soldiers that have committed war crimes?

4. In Acholi region, the current immediate crises are: genocide survivors who have returned home to their ancestral lands are being violently evicted by Gen. Museveni's security forces in favor of "investors" such as the Madhvani family, and Ugandan politicians and military generals who are salivating over these lands. If you really cared about the plight of children in Acholi, would you not be focusing on this violent campaign against them and their parents? You haven't even mentioned these violent evictions in any of your media appearances to promote the flawed KONY2012 video. 

5. In Acholi region right now several thousands of children have been afflicted by a mysterious ailment whose cause is unknown, called the "nodding disease" The symptoms include: weakening of the muscles, brain degeneration, uncontrolled drooling, involuntary dozing off. Many of these victims are dying and the Ugandan government, which as you know, under Gen. Museveni, has always been hostile to the Acholis, has ignored this calamity and not even declared a national emergency. How can you really claim to care for the plight of the Children in Acholi region and not even mention this epidemic in any of your media appearance to promote KONY2012? 

6. As you know, civilians in Acholi region, elected members of Parliament from Acholi, former Presidential candidates Norbert Mao and Olara Otunnu, and religious leaders such as Archbishop John Baptist Odama of Gulu and retired Bishop MacLeord Baker Ochola II all oppose any further militarization in the region. They all support the resumption of the peace negotiations that were aborted in 2008 when Gen. Museveni's army attacked the camp where the LRA had been encamped in Garamba in Congo, as peace talks continued. How can you be advocating a military solution when the people who have paid the price for more than 26 years oppose warfare and want negotiations? Are you a better advocate than leaders in Acholi who have actually lost their children and families? What gives you the right?

7. As you know the LRA leader Joseph Kony was indicted for crimes against humanity by the International Criminal Court (ICC) and your organization Invisible Children has campaigned for his capture. As you know, Gen. Museveni's army was found guilty by the International Court of Justice (ICJ) for what amounts to war crimes during Uganda's occupation of eastern Congo from 1997 to 2003. The Wall Street Journal reported on June 8, 2006 that Gen. Museveni personally contacted then United Nations Secretary General Kofi Annan and asked him to block an investigation of the same alleged crimes by the International Criminal Court (ICC). Clearly this suggests that Gen. Museveni knows the evidence also warrants his own indictment. Why are you promoting only the prosecution of Kony and not Gen. Museveni when the two are opposite sides of the same coin? Why not but pressure on both?

8. As you know, Invisible Children claims its mission is to rescue Child soldiers forcefully recruited by the Lord's Resistance Army, which is of course a commendable campaign. If you really care about the plight of Ugandan children, why have you not also denounced the use of child soldiers by Gen. Museveni, who was the first Ugandan to recruit children as fighters, during his own guerrilla insurgency? Not even Idi Amin recruited child soldiers during his tyranny. 

9. As you know, Gen. Museveni's army confined nearly two million Acholis that critics contended were concentration camps, for nearly 20 years. Conditions were horrendous --lack of food, lack of sanitation, lack of medical facilities, lack of hydration, mass rapes by Ugandan soldiers. The United Nation's World Health Organization (WHO) reported that as many as 1,000 excess deaths per week--over normal mortality-- occurred in those camps. This means that more than 1 million Acholis may have been exterminated under this genocidal policy of planned neglect. If you were serious, in your heart, should this not have been the focus of your documentary? 

10. During the period when Acholis were confined in the death camps, their possession -- livestock and foods stored in granaries-- was stolen by the Army. If you cared about the children in Acholi, would you not advocate for compensation of their families so that they can restart their lives over? Instead, they are once again being displaced from their lands, in favor of investors. 

Jason Russell, what is your true agenda in promoting militarism in traumatized Uganda?

KONY2012: Ten Questions For Invisible Children

I would SUPPORT RUSH LIMBAUGH if he were leading the charge to get rid of all of the AFRICANS who direct OTHER Africans to rape, maim, terrorize, murder, cut the limbs off, burn alive, make kids rape and murder their parents, abduct children to become sex slaves and killers, torture, disfigure, violently control ... and worse .... their OWN African people!!! 

Social Media Scam Alert: Top Ten Ways to Tell Kony is Phony


by BAR managing editor Bruce A. Dixon

Thanks to relentless promotion by corporate media, government, celebrities and politicians of both corporate parties, along with right wing church groups and foundations, the Kony 2012 video has “gone viral.”  Viewed on YouTube more than a hundred million times by now, it paints a vivid and simple picture, clear enough, its narrator says, for a five year old. But is it real, or is it propaganda, and for what purpose?

Social Media Scam Alert: Top Ten Ways to Tell Kony is Phony
by BAR managing editor Bruce A. Dixon

Joseph Kony, the Invisible Children YouTube video tells us, is a bad guy in Uganda. He's a lawless warlord leading something called the Lord's Resistance Army, which kidnaps, enslaves and murders innocent children by the tens of thousands. We're never told exactly why, as corporate media simply paint Africa as a hellish and inexplicable place where things like that just happen. The Ugandan government, the video tells us, would gladly shut Joseph Kony down and bring him to justice if only the US would provide the advanced weapons, sophisticated tracking gear, military training and the boots on the ground to help get it done. To make this happen, all that Kony 2012's promoters ask of us is to help spread “awareness” of Uganda's “invisible” child soldiers by facebooking, tweeting and repeating the Kony 2012 video, and by emailing influential politicians and the one-name celebrities like Oprah, Bono, Rhianna, Cosby and Lady Gaga (OK, Lady Gaga is two names) to whom they listen. The Kony 2012 video aims to bring this criminal child-enslaving Ugandan warlord to justice by enlisting tens of millions of us little people in making Kony's name an odious household word around the planet, after which Washington DC will stretch forth its military arm to bring Joseph Kony, alive if possible, before the International Criminal Court for trial and punishment.

Almost everything is wrong with this simple picture, from the missing histories and the hidden motives of storytellers and players to false statements of processes and problems real and unreal on both sides of the Atlantic. In fact, Kony 2012 is not a search for justice. Kony 2012 is a corporate-style PR and psy-ops campaign, a cynical hoax engineered to justify US and Western military intervention to control the incredibly lucrative oil, mineral, water and strategic resources of the heart of Africa.  The kind of social media activism the video promotes is calculated to make Americans feel good about themselves for "spreading awareness" of child soldiering when they're really spreading racist ignorance and disinformation, building a disinformed public consent for ongoing, open and direct, as opposed to covert and indirect US military intervention in Africa. "Don't study history" the video's makers tell us --- "make history!" But the history that a lied to and disinformed public makes is bound to not be pretty.

Black Agenda Report is far from the first or the only news source to point that Kony 2012 is a warmongering hoax, and we certainly won't be the last.  As our contribution, we here offer our top ten reasons why Kony is phony.

Reason #10: Invisible Children is funded by a core of notorious right wing donors including the Discovery Institute, which Bruce Wilson fingered in a March 11 Talk 2 Action piece as the leading funder of efforts to promote the replacement of biological sciences in schools with “intelligent design,”along with the Caster Foundation and the National Christian Foundation, all prominent backers of anti-gay referenda, politicians and initiatives in the United States and around the world. The Ugandan regime of Yoweri Museveni is a favorite of theirs for having passed legislation making it a criminal offense to be gay, punishable by a life sentence.  Credible African journalists like Keith Harmon Snow have also alleged that Invisible Children’s white and male  leaders have direct personal connections to US intelligence agencies.

Reason #9: Invisible Children and Kony 2012 don't tell us that the Ugandan president Yoweri Museveni, one of the “good guys” in the Kony 2012 universe, shot his own way to power using an army that included enslaved child soldiers, of his own according to the same International Criminal Court they want to haul Kony before. Bruce Wilson’s excellent March 8 Talk 2 Action article "Invisible Children" Co-founder (KONY 2012) Hints It's About Jesus, and Evangelizing links to numerous sources for this and much else. You'd never know it from Kony 2012, Fox News or the New York Times, but Museveni is a brutal, murderous dictator, kletopcrat and genocidaire whom the International Criminal Court accuses of using thousands of child soldiers during its genocidal plunder of neighboring Congo, where Uganda and six other African nations invaded and killed an estimated 5 to 6 million Congolese in the late 1990s and early 2000s, a larger death toll than anyplace on planet Earth since the second world war.  

Like his colleagues in enighboring Burundi and Rwanda, Ugandan dictator Yoweri Museveni maintains a ridiculously large army for a country so small, which it rents out as “peaceckeepers” for whatever dirty work Washington needs done. Right now ten or twenty thousand Ugandan soldiers are occupying parts of Somalia to keep that country from assembling a central government of its own unfriendly to Western interests.

Reason #8: Invisible Children and the Kony 2012 video also don't tell us that Uganda's Museveni replaced a president and rival general from the Acholi region of northern Uganda, the same ethnic group as Kony's LRA. The Ugandan government has evicted hundreds of thousands of Acholi from their lands and confined them to desperate and squalid refugee camps since 1996. Kony and his LRA did commit monstrous crimes in previous decades, but by now are said to number only a few hundred combatants. Kony may not even have set foot in Uganda in years, but he and the LRA are useful as convenient bogeymen to justify the continued dispossession of Uganda's Acholi, whose chief misfortunes besides the LRA itself, are having produced rivals to Museveni and living at the edge of a resource-rich region that stretches across Uganda's borders for hundreds of miles into Congo and Sudan.

Reason #7: Invisible Children and Kony 2012 are lying when they attribute the disappearance of 30,000 missing northern Ugandan children to the LRA. The truth is that some of the child soldiers the Ugandan government used dto commit genocide in neighboring Congo were abducted in northern Uganda, nobody knows how many, and a large but unknown portion of that region's civilian dead, many of them Acholi, perished at the hands of Uganda's government, which always had far more firepower and resources than the LRA, and just as little regard for the property and lives of innocent civilians and their children.

Reason #6: Threats of massive foreign intervention into civil conflictsnever bring adversaries to the table. The threat of foreign intervention prolongs civil conflicts by making it unnecessary for those on whose side the foreigners are expected intervene to negotiate at all, while they leave nothing for the other side to negotiate over. Uganda needs an end to violence, and resources devoted to building its civil society, not more military aid.

Reason #5: The United States, the other “good guy” in Kony 2012's imaginary world invented the modern African child soldier in the late1970s and early 80s, so their commitment to “ending child soldiers” is a bit suspect. Apartheid South Africa was bordered Portuguese ruled Angola and Mozambique, with their own vicious versions of apartheid until 1974. In that year, despite massive US and NATO aid, the Portuguese army rebelled, refused to continue fighting against African independence and overthrew its own government at home. White South Africa was deeply threatened by having independent black regimes now at its borders. So, with US funding it helped create and arm “contra” guerilla forces, UNITA in Angolan and RENAMO in Mozambique to burn schools and clinics, to mine orchards and roads, commit mass rapes, mutilations and murders, terrorizing citizens in their own country. Lacking foreign troops or popular support , but with US aid and plenty of firepower, UNITA and RENAMO hit upon the innovation of kidnapping and enslaving child soldiers to carry out their despicable mission. Both were effusively praised and lavishly funded by Barack Obama's favorite president Ronald Reagan, and their leaders welcomed at the White House.

In his chilling 2003 essay, Barefoot,Sick, Hungry and Afraid – The Real US Policy in Africa, my colleague Glen Ford described how the chaos and social demoralization spread by Western financed armies of nihilistic child soldiers made them an ideal tool for use in whenever the West needs to delay or prevent the emergence of African civil societies and central governments which might succumb to popular demands to develop a country's resources for its people rather than to benefit foreign interests. This strategy was employed in Liberia, Sierra Leone, Congo, Rwanda, Uganda and elsewhere. “Failed states” infested by murderous child soldiers in the 80s and 90s proved to be incredibly good business environments for (mostly) Western extraction of hundreds of billions worth of timber, gold, diamonds, coltan and other vital African resources, and ultimately excuses to come in and install Rwandan and Ugandan-style dictatorships.

Reason #4: Depending on movie stars and celebrities to move public policy is the precise opposite of building the backbone and habits of a vibrant and self-aware civic movement. This kind of so-called activism is looked upon so favorably in corporate media because reinforces a slavish worship of celebrity culture, in which we carry out the will of corporate marketers who tell us what to eat, wear, covet, consume or shun and convince us it was our idea, not theirs. The real deal is that FaceBook, Twitter and much of crowd-sourced consumer culture are fundamentally the master's tools, clicktivism, not activism. It's never easy, and may not even be possible for slaves to free themselves with the master's tools. AFter all, that ain't what they were designed for. Most of those forwarding and FaceBooking the Kony 2012 video, including some of the celebrities, as Keith Harmon Snow points out, probably can't find Uganda on a map.

Reason #3: When both corporate parties, the entire corporate media universe, a constellation of celebrities and movie stars, all the right wing and much of the establishment liberal church along with the whole bag of bipartisan foreign policy experts agree on the need for decisive US military action, you can bet the course of wisdom and truth is just about always in the opposite direction. Republicans and Democrats voted to send troops to Vietnam, and only a single congresswoman voted against war in Afghanistan.

Reason #2: Kony 2012 and the campaign to keep US boots on the ground in Central Africa are all about the oil. And the diamonds. And the gold. And the coltan, and the water. Uganda's northern region contains vast oil reserves, and neighboring Congo is the source of most of the planet's coltan, a highly conductive compound used in every cell phone, computer, aircraft, automobile, missile, GPS or other electronic device on earth.

Reason #1: It's all about white people, the white West and their First Black President doing their imperial and colonial thing, running the planet for their benefit at everybody else's expense and feeling good about it, saving hapless & hopeless black Africans from themselves. Such a deal. If they wanted to take Kony down, they could have done it last week, last year, five or ten years ago. If they do take him down it'll be cause their Kony tool has outlived its usefulness, and maybe they need to plant a big wet sloppy kiss on Museveni and his gang, a bigger and more important bag of fools and tools.

The good news about Kony 2012 is that unlike the similar “Save Darfur” scam,many voices have been quick to express skepticism, disbelief and flat out ridicule of the Kony 2012 hoax.

The bad news is that US corporate media, Republicans, Democrats, the Obama White House and State Department as well as rabid Tea Party senators and congress creatures are all permanent cheerleaders for war and empire. So few of Kony 2012's many critics will get on the TV stations that caused Invisible Children's video to “go viral.” Corporate media don't cover Africa or the actions of the US in Africa. Thus the Pentagon's social media propaganda shops are free to spin and promote whatever fables they require to obtain our disinformed consent for the next oil and resource war --- in Africa.

Mark Twain said a hundred years ago --- talking about genocidal Western exploitation of the Congo, in fact, that a lie can flash across the world in the time the truth takes to put its boots on. But the boots are on. The truth is out here, and you are responsible for helping it overtake the lie.

So forward the link to this article to your friends. Put it on your FaceBook page. Tweet it and repeat it and send it to as many of your family, friends, colleagues, associates, bosses, employees and acquaintances as you can. Tomorrow, when we record a YouTube video of it, do the same with that. The cure for fake “awareness” campaigns that justify US military intervention in Africa is the truth. Don't be used. Do study history, Africa's and your own. And do make history.

Kony 2012/Invisible Children Leader Arrested for Public Masturbation, Vandalizing Cars

"Acting very strange."

- Common Dreams staff

The mastermind behind the viral phenomenom "Kony 2012" video was arrested last night in San Diego, California for being drunk in public, vandalizing cars and public masturbation.

Kony 2012's Jason Russell Jason Russell was "acting very strange" when he was arrested by the San Diego police.

Russell is the filmmaker and lead narrator of "Kony 2012" which also features his young son.

Russell is the co-founder of Invisible Children, the group which produced the video which has set records on the Internet -- with more than 80 million views over the past 10 days.

Jason Russell is an evangelical Christian and has been affiliated with Jerry Falwell's Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia.

* * *

UPDATE: In a statement, Invisible Children CEO Ben Keesey said:

“Jason Russell was unfortunately hospitalized yesterday suffering from exhaustion, dehydration, and malnutrition. He is now receiving medical care and is focused on getting better. The past two weeks have taken a severe emotional toll on all of us, Jason especially, and that toll manifested itself in an unfortunate incident yesterday. Jason’s passion and his work have done so much to help so many, and we are devastated to see him dealing with this personal health issue. We will always love and support Jason, and we ask that you give his entire family privacy during this difficult time.”

* * *

NBC San Diego reports:

Invisible Children Co-Founder Detained: SDPD

SDPD said he was found masturbating in public, vandalizing cars and possible under the influence of something

A co-founder for Invisible Children was detained in Pacific Beach Thursday night for being drunk in public and masturbating, according to San Diego Police Department.

Jason Russell, 33, was allegedly found masturbating in public, vandalizing cars and possibly under the influence of something, according to Lt. Andra Brown. He was detained at the intersection of Ingraham Street and Riviera Road.

Brown said Russell was acting very strange.

Russell is one of the the founders responsible for the "Kony 2012" video that went viral last week. He is described on the organization's website as a co-founder and "our grand storyteller and dreamer." Russell is also described as a Christian and father to two children who wants to have nine more children with his wife he calls his "best friend for over 23 years."

* * *

Liberty University wrote of Jason Russell's appearance at their 2011 Convocation:

On November 7, 2011 at Convocation, North America's largest weekly gathering of Christian students, Jason Russell, co-founder of the Invisible Children movement and Alex Harris, author of "Do Hard Things" and "Start Here," participated in a panel, moderated by Vice-President of Liberty University and Campus Pastor, Johnnie Moore, about making a difference in the world. Students were able to text questions to the speakers about what motivated them to start their organizations, challenges to the millennial generation in impacting the world for Christ and how they can start making a difference in the world.

Invisible Children, uses the power of media to inspire young people to help end the longest running war in Africa. They make documentaries, tour them around the world, and lobby our nation's leaders to make ending this war a priority.

* * *

RELATED: London's "10 O'Clock Live's" Charlie Brooker explains everything you should know about the 'phenomenon' of Invisible Children's Video Kony 2012 and the people behind it.

# # #

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Originally Posted by EbonyRose:

I would SUPPORT RUSH LIMBAUGH if he were leading the charge to get rid of all of the AFRICANS who direct OTHER Africans to rape, maim, terrorize, murder, cut the limbs off, burn alive, make kids rape and murder their parents, abduct children to become sex slaves and killers, torture, disfigure, violently control ... and worse .... their OWN African people!!! 


In vast jungle, US troops aid in search for Kony


Elite Special Operations troops join in the hunt for the fugitive rebel leader

updated <abbr class="dtstamp updated" title="2012-04-30T04:31:21">1 hour 31 minutes ago</abbr>

It has got to be one of the oddest matchups in United States military history.


One hundred of America’s elite Special Operations troops, aided by night vision scopes and satellite imagery, are helping African forces find a wig-wearing, gibberish-speaking fugitive rebel commander named Joseph Kony who has been hiding out in the jungle for years with a band of child soldiers and a harem of dozens of child brides.


No one knows exactly where Mr. Kony is, but here in Obo, at a remote forward operating post in the Central African Republic, Green Berets pore over maps and interview villagers, hopeful for a clue.


US and Ugandan soldiers go after Joseph Kony


Their biggest challenge, they say, is Mr. Kony’s turf, a vast expanse the size of California in the middle of Africa that is so rugged it renders much of the American gadgetry useless. Picture towering trees that blot out the sun, endless miles of elephant grass, and swirling brown rivers that coil like intestines and are infested with crocodiles; one of them recently ate a Ugandan member of the force.


“This is not going to be an easy slog,” said Ken Wright, a Navy SEAL captain and the commander of the joint American detachment assisting in the Kony hunt.


Still, in the past several months since they arrived, the Americans say Mr. Kony’s army of around 300 fighters is showing cracks. No longer is Mr. Kony able to direct the massacres he directed just a few years ago when his fighters waylaid entire towns and hacked hundreds of people to death. His armed acolytes are breaking up into small, desperate groups, American officials say, and for the first time they are abandoning many of the women and children they had abducted who cannot keep up as they flee deeper into the bush.


The Americans emphasize that they have no interest in participating in actual combat — “This is strictly an advise and assist role,” Captain Wright said, meant to strengthen the capabilities of African troops. Their deployment is emblematic of the Pentagon’s new military strategy for Africa, unfurled earlier this year, in which Pentagon officials say they will develop “innovative, low-cost, and small-footprint approaches to achieve our security objectives on the African continent.”


Already, American-paid contractors and intelligence agents are working quietly in Somalia. And small groups of American advisers have been training African armies for years, though it is not always clear how well this turns out. Just a few weeks ago, Mali’s democratic government was ousted in a coup led by none other than an American-trained army captain.


Yet no other American military project in sub-Saharan Africa has generated the attention — and the high expectations — as the pursuit of Mr. Kony, partly thanks to a wildly popular video on Mr. Kony’s notorious elusiveness and brutality, “Kony 2012,” that set YouTube records with tens of millions of hits in a matter of days.

Gen. Carter F. Ham, the overall commander of American forces in Africa, has a “Kony 2012” poster tacked to his office door. As one American official put it: “Let’s be honest, there was some constituent pressure here. Did ‘Kony 2012’ have something to do with this? Absolutely.”


Mr. Kony started out in a northern Uganda village more than 25 years ago as a Catholic altar boy who spoke in tongues. People said he was a prophet. He went on to form a rebel force, the Lord’s Resistance Army, bent on overthrowing Uganda’s government and ruling the country with the Ten Commandments. Soon enough, though, Mr. Kony was breaking every one.


Image: Adye Sunday claims to have been one of Joseph Kony's child brides
Ben Curtis  /  AP

Adye Sunday, 25, right, who was abducted when she was 13 by Lord's Resistance Army (LRA) leader Joseph Kony and forced to be one of his dozens of "wives" and says he's also the father of her two children, one of whom Betty, 3, stands at left, prepares food to sell at a center set up to help those who have left or fled the LRA, in Gulu, Uganda, April 27.

His fighters mowed down impoverished villagers, sawed off lips, and kidnapped thousands of children, brainwashing them for use as tiny killing machines. Mr. Kony often donned wigs and costumes, saying he was possessed by spirits including one named, “Who Are You?” In 2006, Ugandan troops pushed Mr. Kony out of Uganda into the lawless borderlands where the Democratic Republic of Congo, the Central African Republic and what is now South Sudan meet.


By this point, Uganda had become one of America’s closest African allies, and when the United States was deeply worried about Somalia’s becoming a terrorist sanctuary, Uganda was the first country to step forward with peacekeepers, scoring major Pentagon points.


In December 2008, the new American military command for Africa, known by the acronym Africom, helped plan an attack on Mr. Kony’s camp in Congo, dispatching a team of military advisers to Uganda. But Mr. Kony escaped before the Ugandan helicopter gunships even took off — apparently he had been tipped off. Worse, his army slaughtered hundreds of nearby villagers in revenge, leaving behind scorched huts and crushed skulls.


Story: Ugandan troops play jungle cat and mouse with Kony

The American government continued running a semicovert logistics and intelligence operation to extend the Ugandan army’s reach so it could chase Mr. Kony across the region. The United States has also pumped in more than $500 million in development aid to northern Uganda, turning a former battlefield into a vibrant piece of the Ugandan economy with new banks and hotels.


But many Americans, including the advocacy group Invisible Children, which produced the Kony2012 video, wanted more. They pressured Congress to pass the Lord’s Resistance Army Disarmament and Northern Uganda Recovery Act in 2010, which paved the way for President Obama to send in the special forces late last year.


One Army Green Beret officer based in Obo — Captain Greg, who under ground rules with visiting reporters did not give his last name — said Sunday that he had spent the bulk of his time reviewing intelligence reports with Ugandan and Central African counterparts in an old brick house called the fusion center.


“Different things pop up all the time,” he said. “Everything from people asking us to fix their broken refrigerator to someone telling us about an attack that ends up not being the L.R.A. or even an attack.”


American officials believe Mr. Kony is hiding in an especially remote corner of the Central African Republic, though some Ugandan officials said he had moved into Sudan, with the blessing of the Sudanese government.


The Central African Republic would be an excellent place to disappear. Its national army is one of the region’s smallest and weakest. Its terrain is primordially thick. And its infrastructure is shambolic.


Because there are so few roads and telephones, it often takes weeks for news of an attack to reach the fusion center. By the time the Green Berets sift the information and help dispatch the Ugandan hunting squads, Mr. Kony is gone. The Americans say they never go on patrols themselves.


United Nations officials say Mr. Kony’s forces have stepped up their attacks since the Americans arrived, with more than 130 this year, though the attacks tend to be small, often with no one killed.


About a week ago, Mr. Kony’s fighters struck a village in Central African Republic and made off with the very material he needs to sustain his movement — several abducted children.


Kony has often said that all he needs to regenerate is 10 men.


This past week, Betty Bigombe, a Ugandan minister, revealed that she had nearly worked out a deal in 2006 for Mr. Kony, who is wanted by the International Criminal Court for crimes against humanity, to be exiled to Libya — Col. Muammar el-Qaddafi had agreed to take him. But in the end, Ms. Bigombe said, Mr. Kony backed away, saying he did not trust Arabs.


As one American official put it: “There’s only one way this is going to end, and that’s with Kony shot in the back, running for his life, deep in the forest.”

This article, "In vast jungle, US troops aid in search for Kony," first appeared in The New York Times.

Or ..... perhaps finding Kony isn't a "guise"!!! 


Perhaps they actually plan to do BOTH:  find/kill/eliminate Kony AND infiltrate Uganda for nefarious purposes???? 


I mean .... one the one hand .... everything's a trade off, isn't it??  So .... you have to ask yourself ..... is it worse for an entire country to be 'raped' by another country of it's natural resources .... or for hundreds of 8-9-10 year old girls to be gang-raped by several adult men at the bidding of this psycho??? 


Me?  I'll take "KILL KONY" for $500, Alex!! 

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