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I saw where Melinda Gate "sees dead bodies lying in the streets" across Africa.

She didn't mention how "vaccines" given to African women in Kenya when they were children, made them sterile, though.

I would like to ask her what race the "dead bodies" she sees where, since 99% of the COVID-19 VICTIMS in Africa are not Africans, but are foreigners/non-Africans that have came into Africa.

But, if she's talking about "vaccines", [you know, like the "vaccines" the W.H.O. inoculated millions of Africans with AIDS/HIV with], then maybe she should tell Africans to stop allowing races of people that suffer from "childhood diseases" in Africa in the first place. 

That way Africans won't need "vaccines" to protect themselves from Western and non-Black/African diseases in the first place.

I was giving the Gates a benefit of doubt that just because their money is financing or paying for the cost of the vaccines, doesn't mean they are even privy to what is in the vaccines, at least until I found out about the Kenyan women that have been left sterile from "vaccines" given to them when they were children.

If I know about this, I'm sure that Bill and Melinda Gates know about it, too, and have chosen to continue financing "vaccines" in Africa without question or concern for exactly WHAT is REALLY in the "vaccines" African children are being inoculated with.  

So, .  .  .

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