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did anyone catch the premiere of this show?

K STREET is a new weekly series that ventures inside the world of powerful political consultants--a world that few people ever experience first-hand. Produced on location in Washington, D.C., the largely improvised ten-episode series combines fictional characters with appearances by real-life political figures, all centered around the biggest political news of the week. Each episode will be shot within days of its premiere on HBO, guaranteeing a relevance and vitality beyond what any series has attempted before.

"We'll look at the newspapers and political shows on Sunday mornings; spend the next three days shooting in D.C., edit and be on the air on Sunday night," says executive producer George Clooney.

Steven Soderbergh adds, "If we've chosen a story that's breaking, we can literally turn the camera on, add this new element to the story--stick it in the show."

Henry Bean, George Clooney, Mark Sennet and Steven Soderbergh are K Street's executive producers. Soderbergh will also direct some of the series' episodes.

Mary McCormack ("K-PAX," "Full Frontal"), John Slattery ("Traffic," "Ed") and Roger G. Smith (HBO's "Oz," "Summer of Sam") portray political consultants in K STREET, with real-life political consultants James Carville, Michael Deaver and Mary Matalin appearing as themselves on the show, as well as serving as consulting producers on the series. "We're going to do everything we can not to be biased," Clooney says. "If we succeed, we'll have a hell of a show. If we don't, people will let us know about it."

The members of the fictional political consultancy firm will rub elbows with actual players inside the Beltway, giving viewers a fly-on-the-wall look at the process of government and a peek at the government's so-called "fourth wing."

"In Washington, D.C.," says Deaver, a long time aide to President Reagan, "There are more emotions, more ups and downs in a day than most people have in a lifetime."

cast member Roger Guenveur Smith reminds me of someone here on our boards...


K Street Crew Spotted at Democratic Presidential Debate
Posted September 10, 2003

The N.Y. Post reports ("Page Six", 9/10/03) that George Clooney was seen shooting footage for K Street at the Democratic Presidential Debate held in Baltimore, MD this Tuesday (9/9/03): "Asked if being a celebrity makes it harder to be behind the camera, Clooney agreed: 'It makes it hard to be a voyeur.'" His appearance at the debate ("wielding a Panasonic video mini-camera" and accompanied by James Carville and GOP political consultant Stuart Stevens) was also noted by the Washington Post (9/10/03) [article, photo]. Clooney remarked that "everyone is a little suspicious right now in Washington [about K Street]."

feedback on premiere show


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