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Justifiable Homicide: Black youth in peril, 'An Executive Decision' -Part 2 Continued


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[Editor’s note: On November 4, 2007, live via a national webcast from Mosque Maryam in Chicago, Illinois, the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan continued his series speaking to Black, Red and Brown youth about the plans and aims of the wise of the United States of America to destroy them, as well as the conspiracy that youth have become caught in to aid in their own destruction. The following is the last of several excerpts from that address. Visit to order this important lecture in its entirety.]


Do you believe that there is a God? You do? This magnificent thing called creation didn’t just pop up; there is a Creator behind it. Well, if there is a God, is there a Devil? And if, in the Book of Psalms it says, “Ye are all gods, children of the Most High God,” are there groups of devils that are children of the most high Satan? According to the Book of Revelations, if, when the seventh angel sounds his trumpet, the mystery of God will be finished, then the revelation of one is the revelation of the other, because if the mystery of God is finished, then the mystery of Satan and his devils is also finished. I want to introduce you to God, and also introduce you to Satan that has planned our destruction and how we can beat the plan.

The U.S. government’s desire for world depopulation



In a national security memo dated April 24, 1974 titled, “Implications of Worldwide Population Growth for the United States Security and Overseas Interest,” Henry Kissinger, the Secretary of State under Richard Nixon, indicated: “Depopulation should be the highest priority of foreign policy towards the Third World.” Depopulation—to depopulate something means: “To ravage, to ruin, to reduce the population of, especially by violence, disease, etc.” Mr. Kissinger continued, “The United States economy will require large and increasing amounts of minerals from abroad, especially from less developed countries”—this means they are going to destroy the population of mainly Third World countries.


The policy paper titled, “Rebuilding America’s Defenses,” is the “white paper” of the neoconservatives in their Project for a New American Century. On page 60 it states: “The art of warfare will be vastly different than it is today. Combat likely will take place in new dimensions. Advanced forms of biological warfare that can target specific genotypes, may transform biological warfare from the realm of terror to a politically useful tool.”

A genotype is, “A race or a kind; it is the fundamental constitution of an organism in terms of its hereditary factors.” This means that these wisescientists of death are making pathogens, which is something that can cause a disease. They are creating this as a means of depopulating our planet of undesirables, a process called culling the population. To cull means: “To pick out; to select in order to discard or destroy; to discard or destroy unwarranted parts; something rejected as not being up to standard.” So, if you are poor and ignorant; if you are Black or Brown, you are being selected for destruction.

Means and methods of depopulation

What is the method that they are going to use to depopulate?Through civil wars in which depleted uranium and Agent Orange are used. Currently, there are 39 states in America that have already been polluted by depleted uranium. Look at thetarget areas: El Salvadorwhat is there in El Salvador that America wants? It is oil. America already has a military base, embassy, and CIA operatives working to kill off the Indigenous population so that nobody can threaten their takeover of oil.

Another method is disease infection through bio-weapons such as Ebola and AIDS, which are race targeting weapons. There is a weapon that can be put in a room where there are Black and White people, and it will kill only the Black and spare the White, because it is a genotype weapon that is designed for your genes, for your race, for your kind.


Look at this, the crops contaminated with altered DNA that sterilizes the consumer. I know you all love McDonald’s and Wendy’s, and all of the fast food stores that are predominately in the Black and Latino community, but how do you kill a fool? You kill him through his natural desire to eat, and you kill him and her through their taste buds. It tastes good, but it is not good.

The forced sterilization programs that are going on right now among Native Americans are also going on among you with new birth control devices. It’s not an accident that when I was coming up there was no sex on television; when you saw a man and a woman enter a room, a nature scene would come up and then you were left to your imagination. Today, there isn’t anything left to the imagination.

The U.S. government is killing people by toxic food, water, air and medicine. Turn on your TV and just stop a moment and count the number of food and pill commercials. The pharmaceutical companies are marketing death by making medicines to make us sick, so as to make more money out of treating our illnesses before we die. Well, they’re going to kill you anyway, but they’re going to get rich in the process of killing you with your pains.

Then, the U.S. government creates mass hysteria: “Oh my God, the terrorists are coming! We’d better kill them over there before we have to fight them over here. The terrorists are coming!”—and you are sitting there in your house terrified because the TV is just herding you like sheep.


From 1932-1972, wicked White scientists inflicted Black men in Tuskegee, Alabama with syphilis. They knew that these Black men had syphilis, but did not let the men know that they were being used. The men copulated with many Black women, spreading syphilis through our community, and when they became terribly sick, those “doctors” would never treat the men for syphilis. Thirty years later; 40 years later, the truth comes out.

What kind of mind could take you in a room and give you an inoculation that you think is one thing, but it is something else? See, nobody could do this but a devil. I’m not talking about some spook devil—I’m talking about a real devil that can breathe and has hands and a brain to think evil!

I don’t want anyone to think I’m a racist; if any of you that are here that think of yourselves as White, don’t look at me like I’m a hater, because everything I say, I can prove it and will die on it! I’m not against any race; I am against the evil that men of that race are planning against my people.

Selective breeding: The rulers and the ruled

In the Bible, Paul said, “We war not against flesh and blood but against principalities and powers and the rulers of the darkness of this world and spiritual wickedness that’s up in high places.” What I want to do is bring the high places right down so you can look at these people.

Bertran Russell, a British philosopher and mathematician, said: “Gradually, by selective breeding, the congenital differences between rulers and the ruled will increase until they become almost two different species.”

Then there is Margaret Sanger, who in 1939, began to target Blacks by creating what is called the “Negro Project” to promote birth control and sterilization specifically within the Black community. She supposed it would help solve the problem of “Southern Negro poverty”—see how they put a nice face on murder?

Ms. Sanger said that in order to carry out the plan, she sought the support of prominent, Black ministers and political leaders: “The most successful educational approach to the Negro is through a religious appeal.” We don’t want to get the word out that we want to exterminate the Negro population and the minister is the man who can straighten out the idea if it occurs to any one of their more rebellious members.

It is dangerous to be a preacher today that’s going to be an apologist for a system that is destructive of your people; it is dangerous to be a political leader who is an apologist for the conspiracy and the conspirators after you know.

The Black community’s civil war

The world is at war, and some of us know and some of us don’t. The Bible teaches that the people in the days of Noah were boogying, partying and having a good time when the end came. And the homosexuals in Sodom and Gomorrah, they were also having a good time when the end came. The enemy today has got you, now, bumping and grinding, but the end is in sight and he keeps you away from seeing by partying and looking at yourself. In the 1960s, we knew who the enemy was.

In the 1960s, we could turn on the TV at night and see Martin Luther King Jr.; we would see the Civil Rights leaders; Bull Conner. We would see fire hoses and dogs and cattle prods. And we’d see the enemy beating our people down. We knew who the enemy was! But two generations later, you go in the Black community now and ask them, “Who is the enemy?” We have become the enemy to one another.

When you look at the murder rate in the Black community, this is civil war. In one year, out of the 20,000 homicides throughout America, 46 percent of them were “us killing us.” That means in one year, nearly 9,000 young Black men died from murder—not by a White police force, but by us. Look at all of the funerals that are happening inside the community right now. Mothers, you are taking your son, your daughter to their final resting place because of gang conflict; it was something going on in the community. How can a White policeman’s killing of a Black Brother warrant more response from Black community leaders than our shooting of one another?


The enemy is watching the disunity of Black leaders, who argue and fight each other in the public. The enemy says, “Oh well, what the hell, they’re not united, so let’s show them that we ain’t got no fear of what they are doing.”So they took Mychal Bell of The Jena Six, picked him right back up on an old charge and sentenced him to 18 months in jail. That is a horrible miscarriage of justice. So Father Michael Pfleger, Harry Belafonte, Reverend Al Sharpton and others decided to have a march on the Justice Department, because the Justice Department is really failing Black people. It’s true. I sent a message to them, stating that I will join them in a march on the Justice Department because it has failed, but I said, “Look at the statistics: It is not them killing us from the police side of this thing—it is us killing us. So, I don’t mind marching with you to the Justice Department, but let us mobilize our people and let us go in our community and get our young people and stop them from the senseless killing of one another, and then fight to give them jobs and opportunity.”

See, if we do that, then our marching is not a race thing; it’s a justice thing. But if you’re not willing to confront the murder and mayhem that’s going on in our own community, then you’re not serious. Perhaps you are looking to get some points by maybe going to the Justice Department, but after the march is over, the Justice Department will say, “Well, them Negroes ain’t together. Let’s murder some more,” because we’re not serious about White people’s murder of Blacks if we don’t stop murder among ourselves.


More Black men have died in one year than U.S. soldiers in Afghanistan and Iraq have died in five years. Every night on the news they are telling us the number of U.S. soldiers that have died on a daily and monthly basis. In one month, the highest death toll may have been around 100. But ask yourself: How many young Black men died in one week, in one month, in the ’hoods throughout America? See, there isn’t anyone focusing on that. This is a silent, civil war going on that is being ignored that has mothers and grandmothers taking their babies to the cemetery.

President’s right to declare Federal Martial Law

Brothers and Sisters, you are a beautiful people. We just have to work as hard as we can to make the devil’s plan unsuccessful. The scripture teaches, “If God had not shortened those days for His elect’s sake, no soul would be left alive.” That is how dark it is going to get. The next type of war is urban conflict, and what they are doing in Baghdad, Iraq right now is what they are going to do in the inner cities of America—kick in your doors, well armed, looking for weapons.

Let me tell you what is about to go down: All law enforcement inside the United States must be by police, sheriffs and the National Guard, but when federal troops come in, that violates the “Posse Comitatus Law.” In a stealth maneuver, President George W. Bush, on October 17, 2006, signed into law that which would make it easy for him to declare Federal Martial Law. He did this by revising the Insurrection Act, which is a set of laws that limits the President’s ability to deploy troops within the United States.

President Bush seized this power under executive orders. The Federal Martial Law states that if there is any major public emergency, the President may employ the Armed Forces, including the National Guard, in federal service to restore public order and to enforce the laws of the United States when as a result of a natural disaster, epidemic or other serious public health emergency, terrorist attack or incident or any other condition. In any state or possession of the United States, if the President determines that domestic violence has occurred to such an extent that the constituted authorities of the state or possession are incapable in maintaining public order, then in order to suppress the disorder in any state, any insurrection, domestic violence, unlawful combination or conspiracy the President can declare Martial Law that suspends the Constitution.



The following are Executive Orders that Pres. Bush, as well as presidents before him—Carter and Bush, Sr.—have signed into law:



Executive Order 10999: Federal seizure of all means of transportation including cars, trucks or vehicles of any kind and total control over all highways, seaports and water ways—this means in an emergency, your car or truck doesn’t belong to you anymore; the government can seize your car and say they need it.


Executive Order 11000: Federal seizure of American people for work forces under federal supervision, including the splitting up of families if the government so desires—this means that if such a thing happens, they can pull us all in and put us to work on whatever project the government says, you have no authority to resist. To resist is death.


Executive Order 11001: Federal seizure of all health, education and welfare facilities, both public and private.


Executive Order 11002: Empowers the Post Master General to register every single person in the United States. “No more draft; we’re just taking you now.”


Executive Order 11003: Federal seizure of all airports and aircraft.


Executive Order 11004: Federal seizure of all housing and finances—that the government would take your house; take your money, this means your bank account is not yours. What you thought you had hidden in a safety deposit box is not yours.


The United States government has the authority to enforce relocation, meaning if they think you need to be relocated like they did the Native Americans on that long march, they’ll just do it. They can establish new locations for population; relocate communities and build new housing with public funds. Seize all railroads, inland waterways and storage facilities. And if you resist— forced vaccinations; they can force you to take a needle.



What you are seeing is the development of a police state. So the next coming months and years are going to be difficult, and that is why we have to work to save our youth.




I believe that we can take our young people off the street, bring them to the mosque or to the church, not to make you a Muslim or a Christian or whatever, but to just give you some hope. Some of you don’t realize, even if you don’t go to school, that there are skills that you could be taught that could be useful in rebuilding the inner cities. Take the craftsmen; those who know plumbing, roofing, brick masons, electricians, and let us take our skilled people and teach the young people a trade. It’s so simple, but it can be done! Teach all these young Brothers a trade that they can use now and watch how you’re going to use it. Look at all of the vacant lots our cities; we should go to our city council leaders and say, “We want to put our young people to work. Give us the lot and we’ll go to work building low cost housing units, selling it to our people, putting the money in a treasury that belongs to the youth.” Then when the young people develop enough money, they can start buying property in the community where they live. When this happens, this makes those social engineers say, “These Negroes are foiling our plans,” because we can offer our youth a GED that means something; we can offer our youth a college degree that means something. Our youth don’t have to lie around here thinking that there is no hope. There’s plenty of hope! But we’ve got to go back home now and begin to change the way we think and the way we act.

Thank you for reading these words. As-Salaam Alaikum.









"I'm just trying to make a way out of no way, for my people" -Modejeska Monteith Simpkins









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BLACK YOUTH ARE IN PERIL UNCONSTITUTIONAL EXECUTIVE ORDERS POLICE STATE DICTATORSHIP MARSHALL LAW IN THE UNITED STATES FORCED CONSCRIPTION Federal seizure of housing and finance Federal seizure of airports and aircraft Federal seizure of ALL transportation Federal seizure of people for workforce [FORCED LABOR] | SLAVERY Federal seizure of health-education-welf AUTO-REGISTERED FOR MILITARY Executive Order Justice Department authority to enforce relocation relocate communities Seize all railroads-inland waterways forced vaccinations take your house | take your money 

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When you have to live by someone else's rules, regulations and laws, you sure as hell aren't free. Who are these Rhesus cousins???? Does England rule this joint?? Some damn "King"? How'd we get here to become "slaves" in the first damn place? Why don't they pay us so we can get the fuck out???? What are we "protecting" when we fight THEIR wars??? If we're "American" why do they call us and treat us like Niggers?? Where's your papers that state you're a citizen???? Have you ever taken the oath??? I never have. Are you sovereign? What the hell is that??? Whatever it is, we're not!!!!! What is this violent place when it gets right down to the real nitty gritty?????? There really is no name.

Pale folks, set us free!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We've had ENOUGH of YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  ummmm   it's ALWAYS been an executive order to justify MURDERING black people since the end of slavery.  Nothing's change except our OWN people do it to us too.    By way of gangs...which transformed into music moguls like P. Diddy....Jay Z,  They were ALL gangs members killing each other across the country.  Tupac and Biggie did it.  So we SERIOUSLY need to talk about that Minister F.   Not just what massa is doing to us but what we are doing to ourselves.  Is why I removed ALL respect of those who refer to themselves as N$ggers.  Wasted focks.  Poison to our community.  As is why I NEVER stop to support the brothas selling those pies on the corner....cuz those pies?  Are full of lies.  Got  in an argument with a supposedly brotha who refer to himself as a nigga...bragging about what rap has done and how much money folks are making on it. Bah bah bah.   And I said to him.  Rap music murdered two and one half generations of young black folks and replaced dancing with dead bodies.  And I went on to say that his generation have absolutely no respect for my generation and won't listen.  And "this is why son yall are dying like flies...cuz can't nobody tell yall shit.  And look where not listening is getting the grave."   He couldn't debate cuz what I say is true and the proof is all the funerals around this nation black folks have been attending to caused by  "n$ggers."  So that's why I ain't gonna Black LOVE nobody that won't love him/herself or their community.  Too many folks died for their freedom and civil rights..and they are sooooooo ungrateful.  So fock em.  But!  This is just me.  Just sayin.  But!

The only "rap" I listened to is Eminem's "rap" against Orange Anus Mouth; the rest is noise to me. Thank God for this contraption, because I can watch the Tavares, Johnny Mathis, AAron Neville, Billy Ekstein, go back to the 20's and listen to the Ink Spots if I want, the BeeGees, the Doobie Brothers; whether alive or dead, people who can/could SING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I've never been a fan of "musical noise," whooping and hollering and words that make no damn sense whatsoever with profanity thrown in, for what I don't know.

Where I am, "brothas" don't sell pies on the streets. Farrakhan's folks are nowhere in sight here. Maybe up the road or down the road 50 miles each way is a different story. 200 miles down the road in New York, is definitely a different story. This state's not black correct. Maybe that's why I never attended "segregated" schools. Whites everywhere!!!!! We did have many Orange Anus Mouth's Pappy Renters and every now and then a Klan rally in a park here and there. Whitie acts the same everywhere he is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Rap didn't murder 2 generations, young black men murdered 2 generations. If they're crazy, they're crazy and that's what they are!!!!! They like being locked up in cages like the gorillas whites think they are and being put in caskets and graves. If they didn't, they wouldn't do the things they do. Nobody can make you do a damn thing YOU DON'T WANT TO DO. Nobody!!!!!! Everything starts WITH YOU!!!!!

Some of these women claiming rape by these nasty actors and "moguls" went back for seconds. What the hell is that about?? Rape my behind, Jesus Christ and his Mama's going to know about what happened and I'd never want to see the bastard ever again unless in court. Women had better learn how to Lorena Bobbitt those peckers and throw them in the green, green grass of some damn where.

Perhaps if these "actresses" didn't look like a bunch of Call Girls during Academy Award time, or whatever they're awarding themselves at some time or another, so many peckers wouldn't be standing at attention or trying. The men think they're attending a Stripper Show. All in the name of "beauty" until the phony witches take off those $60,000 dresses and million dollar jewels and remove all that Halloween Paint. Show the real "them" and scare the complete shit out of e.v.e.r.y.o.n.e.

I don't go to movies anymore. Don't know WHERE those actor/actress mouths have been while trying to look all lovey dovey during love scenes. Probably had their tongues up someone's ass the night or even a few minutes before. Pretty Woman was it for me. I'll settle for Fred Astaire's dancing on TCM.

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  I hear  ya my sista.   Rap literally means rape of African American music history...except that OUR music from gospel to soul music is sooooooooooooooo will wrap rap around its ankle and stoop on it at the same time.  Cuz it's like a SNAKE.  Sneaking pretending it's music.  Not music.  And I agree Minister F and his boys are just flapping gums.  Where were they when ALL these young black men were killed across the country?  Why didn't they demonstrate?  Since you know Minister F has ALL the answer.  But he is just like some black men and I say men loosely....talking all that shit and scatter like flies when the po po arrives.  So this is why I don't listen to him.  He ain't saying nothing.  And what bothers me to is seeing all those black women sitting behind him with head wraps on their heads being submissive.  I hate that.....cuz it is BLACK WOMEN who free black is BLACK WOMEN  who got black people their civil there is no way on god's green earth....a black woman should SIT ANYWHERE behind a black man who never lifted a finger to fight for his community.  We did the hard part.  Now these fools?  All they wanna do is talk.  Well..Minister F?  Talk to the hand.  But!

  Yep you're right.  And it's something sick about a male not man who rapes his own women and destroys his community-then wanna blame it on massa.    And it's something sick about a male who want to degrade  the very person who not only gave him life but potty trained his ass....I didn't see any of his so-called brothers volunteering to do it.  So.  Women raised men to disrespect them?  No these men turn on the women who give them live to prove to the enemy they have worth.  The enemy?  Don't give a fock.  But  these sick men....never realize it even while sitting prison for life.   And still?  They wanna throw the women who are the only one who will be writing them letters....under the bus. So  What kind of crazy is this?  But!

There is NO explanation for the "crazy" so-called "men" harbor these days. They're crazy world-wide. Nothing but a bunch of murderers. The fuckers rape during war. How they manage that, I'll never know. Sex would be the last thing on my mind if bullets and bombs were dropping all around my black ass. No one can take a bath; everyone must smell like unwashed Grizzlies just before they're raped and shredded into spaghetti.

Every war these bastards fight, they leave their babies all over the foreign lands, to wonder who their fathers were for the rest of their lives. White/Black Japanese, Korean, wherever the hell wars are fought. Sperm left everywhere. A country's only as "great" as the people that live there. Are you positively sure America's the "greatest" country in the entire world? Says who, besides yourselves???? When folks are bat shit crazy, nothing's "great" about anything. Just thank God YOU managed to live another day no matter WHERE you are. NOTHING'S GUARANTEED FOR ANYONE!!!!!!!




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  I just heard it's new thing kid thugs are doing now?  Killing over music called "drill" music-which is in a gang group there is one member who can rap.  They are depended on him to make it big as a "rap" star and take them with him.  But in the meantime, they terrorize their own neighborhoods and if some other black gang is playing their drill music in their hood-that is a sign of disrespect so they shoot to kill.  Aint that a bitch?    Black folks are demonstrating about black lives matter and these fools are killing each other.  Which is why do not like N$GGERS  they are the poison of the black community.  They are ignorant, uneducated bullies...the lil Wayne types that talk BIG shyt in their hood...but scatter like roaches if they even see a black and white police car.  I call these mofos COWARDS.  Some crack head didn't raise her/his kids and this is the fallout.  Drill music.  You believe that shyte?  N$ggers never cease to amaze me.  They are in fact child soldiers.  Working for massa by killin their own.  So guys remember that.  The new thing is drill music.  It's used to be what color shoe string, do rag, of team shirt.  Now it's focking drill music.  Our ancestors are ROLLING double ROLLING over in their graves pissed off.  But!

It's not music, it's drill NOISE. All the singers are in their 70's, 80's heading toward their 90's or deader than door nails. These young, ignorant niggers are brain damaged from birth. They can't think for themselves, always following some damn fool like themselves, can't talk worth a damn, can't read, have no semblance of education, pants hanging off the heads of their peckers, fucking each other in the ass, heading to the white man's gorilla cages they love so much. They need to be rounded up and thrown off Mount Dinali/McKinley (whatever the name is). People need to stop fucking if these are the only kinds of children they can bring forth. There are more than enough killers and murderers in the world. When it gets right down to it, that's all the "Military" is, the "Police" force, the "Militia", the "Klan". White men lose their fucking minds every 20 seconds, black men are right up there with them. Stop fucking and let the animals take over. They have more sense than humans. They kill to eat and do a damn great job of that!!!

Man just kills to kill. Kim Jong Un has something in store for the whole fucking world. It's not going to be cool when the entire world looks like California Wildfires at the same damn time. Keep messing with the Orange Tangerine with the Mouth of Anus. Everyone's anus is going to be laying out on the earth detached from its owner shredded into Nuclear Spaghetti.

  I agree my sista.  The fabulous Fats Domino just died.  Now he was a musician and a singer.  Music is suppose to inspire.  But now?  Rap has murdered hip hop and replaced dancing with dead bodies.  I don't KNOW  how so called brothas can't see that.  They are so busy trying to make those dollars they don't EVEN know or even realize that SOON...real soon....they are gonna be SOLD for those SAME dollars.  Pitiful.  But!

They can't spend the dollars once those bullets hit them in the chest and ass.  Their money will be spent burying their black asses in caskets 6 feet under. Biggie's not here; Tupac's not here; a whole bunch others are not here. Black men are dumber than a box of rocks, especially the young ones. It wasn't always like that; but it's beyond horrendous now. Malcolm X wasn't old, Martin Luther King wasn't old, Muhammad Ali wasn't old. They didn't take any shit. Martin Luther King was the kindest of the 3. Muhammad Ali and Malcolm X would stop me in my tracks whenever they appeared on TV. Muhammad Ali was born in January 1942. How do I know that????? WWII had just started a few days before his birth. No TV, Cell Phones, Video games, just newspapers and hanging with the neighbors, greeting the ice man and milk man and numbers man. The green stamp books, the daffodil phones, the 4 digit telephone numbers, the party lines, playing outside, a little fella showing me his belly button that wasn't his belly button (it was a tad longer than a belly button, but I told my mother; (I was young and an only child, what did I know; had nothing to compare), Jackie Robinson taking all that shit for the Dodgers Baseball Team. Joe Lewis, Gigantic Philco Radios, Beulah; Amos & Andy (two white men that had the black vernacular down pat), radio shows; Call for Philip Morris (cigarettes)!!!!!!!  Sweetheart soap, Halo Shampoo, Ipana Toothpaste. Good fucking days, fucked up in the head white folks and all. Better than today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

When we were young, they told us to duck under our desks if bombs should ever drop; that was dumb, of course, but they won't be telling kids that shit these days. Couple of breaths of that Nuclear shit and it'll be all over; quick, fast and in a damn hurry. Hail to the Orange Tangerine Anus Mouth and Kim Jong Un. There's always an asshole around to follow assholes.

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Koco, you know I remember Fats Domino. I damn near remember the Ink Spots. I'll play them on YouTube every now and then. Every now and then, I'll watch BoJangles or black people from the 40's dance on YouTube.

Also, the handsomeness of Billy Ekstein, Harry Belafonte, The Tavares, Johnny Mathis, Marvin Gaye, The Temptations, Earth, Wind & Fire, The Dells, Elvis was handsome when he first appeared on the scene, The BeeGees, Smoky Robinson, etc.  Black and White makes no difference to me. Handsome was handsome; singing was singing. I like Barry Manilow, Tony Bennett, Willie Nelson, Liberace, Pavrotti. Have CD's by them all. I doubt there's a tattoo among them, dead or alive. If there was, I didn't see them. I'm not into music where I can't understand a damn word that's sung without "MF" or some other profanity thrown in for good measure. I'm not into that at all!!!!

I can listen to Johnny Mathis sing "Laura" 50 times a day non-stop, no interruptions. I've been listening to him ever since he appeared on the scene in 1956 or so. I have two CD's by Blake Shelton on The Voice, also. Another handsome dude that can sing!!! Let me not forget Chris Stapleton/Justin Timberlake singing "Tennessee Whiskey". I'm a little bit country along with my Soul and I don't apologize. I'm in a country state in the North East. Raised with Doris Day!!!!! I like Liberace right along with Ahmad Jamal.

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  I'm not into that murder music either.  However, there are academic professors trying to insist to look beyond the words and see the message.  I told one of them that words are powerful so no I'm not looking for no message cuz there isn't one.  These fools wanna call women out their names and use profanity cuz for the most part?  THEY CANNOT READ!!!!  Or write.  There's this guy  in Cali called Nipsey Hussle from the Los Angeles area who bought a Fatburger franchise...a popular burger joint in the hood.  But on  the custom t-shirt?  He spelled Crenshaw wrong.  You think that fool noticed?  Hell no.  And the employees probably were too afraid of losing their jobs to say anything.  But that's where the poison in our black culture is going.  Taking ownership to something that doesn't belong to African American music and then squat and shyte on it as if it is nothing.  I am insulted to say the least.  I am so embarrassed by this new generation of young black fools.  Hopefully the real black folks in this youth generation will find a way to eliminate these monsters and black people can begin to progress again.  Cuz we are being sabotaged by our OWN  young people.  They don't get it and that's the REAL shame.  

And yes I like some of those artists you mentioned.  And as a child, Elvis Presley was someone we all looked up to in our household.  He was the shyte back then.  We didn't have anyone else to slobber over.  And yep he was handsome as hell to be a white guy but I heard he has Native American and some black in him-which his family denied but you can see it.  Not too many white man with dark hair look that good.  I don't know many.....YOU.  Elvis was before his time as why he was sooooooooooo popular.  See music if it's real?  Will inspire you not incite you to kill.  That's not music.  And I really do feel sorry for this generation in terms of the music they are forced to hear. 

I got in a debate about sampling.  Which I call the stealing of other people's music.  Chick said rappers were paying for those samples.  I said NO THEY WERE NOT!!!  In the beginning hoodrat DJs and Black record moguals BULLIED black artists so much....that these artists were too scared to protest.  But not James Brown.  He said mofo yall gonna give me my money.  And not gonna use my shyte unless I say so.  And guess what?  They paid him.  He set the stage for others to get their money too.  And the reason why he was so successful?  He wasn't AFRAID of those ignorant fools.  Plus he was the catalyst to the Black Power they had to give it to him.  As why I always say especially in this time and have to be BOLD with your shyte and not allow ANYONE to dim your LIGHT.  James Brown didn't.  And neither should any one else.  This is the time to scream OUR VOICE, stand in our truth and be seen as PROUD Black folks.  Cuz those ignorant ass rappers who STOLE black beats are the REASON why black culture is failing today.  Those mofos right there are the CANCER in the black community.  They set the stage for cultural disrespect and I hate their mofo asses soooooooooooooooo much I can even look at  them when I see them on the street cuz they have brought soooooooooooooo much harm to our neighborhoods that was once kinda safe.  They are the ones who need to be lynched, tarred and feathered like massa used to do us during Jim Crow but of course the opposite is happening....they are honored by the monsters who held us in slavery....cuz now they ie, these rapping fools  are holding us hostage by their dysfunctional murder incite music called rap.   But!  

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Koco, I'm too damn old to listen to these young, uneducated Black, Negroes, Niggers, Jigaboos, whatever they're called; whoop and holler on a CD that I've spent ten dollars or more on.

Cary Grant was the handsomest white man that ever lived, I think. Rock Hudson was no slouch either. Both of them had dark hair. Cary was from England, no telling what was flowing through his genes. In "The Bishop's Wife", when he looked up into the church towards the end of the movie, he looked like a GOD!!! He was absolutely beautiful!!!!!

Oprah said she knew some Presley's. So yeah, Elvis was probably touched by the tar brush as so many of them are!!!!!! It's funny, Africans in America are fucked up with white blood, but Whitie's pure as snow. Just another of their lies. If they're not touched, they damn sure have 43 million black relatives. We're all "cousins" and shit!!!!!!! Daughters, sisters, brothers, aunts, uncles, the whole nine yards. Whites are excellent lying like rugs when it comes to "race." They fuck everything, leave sperm everywhere, walk away and become SAINTLY (in their minds). We know the deal.

I just came from Dialysis. Going to go to YouTube, check out Nikki and Jaimie, Ava and Louis, my favorite singers and see what folks are talking about for awhile. One black dude was talking about a white dude he'd seen on the news last week or so and said homeboy "looked like a sex toy in a suit!" I damn near died on that one. Damn near needed oxygen from laughing so hard.

Talk to you later Koco. Take care!!!

  I forgot about those two.  They weren't not in my generation although I did see their films but they didn't touch me in the way Presley did.  I think the music and the way  he danced were so much like black culture that was the real connection for me.   Today?  There is a war against black people.  And they are using MUSIC which was our salvation during slavery against us.  For me?  That's the justifiable homicide child soldiers are playing into.  Every conspiracy against us?  Have a coon involved.  So I am not surprised about anything that is done to sabotage us.   The thing is?  I know massa and his boys don't like us, want us in the country now that we have built America's foundation...but I will not EVER accept child coon soldiers being a part of the genocide.  That I will blast them on...everytime I get a chance.  Maybe one day before its over......they'll have a woke up moment.  Cuz those n$ggers are deep in a coma sleep.  But!  

When I was 14, I received 7 of Elvis' records for my birthday and thought I'd hit the damn lotto. My young buddy and myself were flapping all over the floor with glee. I have his records now. CD's of course; the 33 and 1/3 or whatever they were called are long gone; as is my 14th birthday.

Cary Grant was born in 1904 and Rock Hudson was born in 1925. Not my generation either, but TMC is my favorite movie channel when I want to look at a movie; which isn't very often. I like the old musicals, with Fred Astaire, Ginger Rogers, etc. I'm not into folks slaughtering each other like they have nowadays. Slobbering all over each other with homosexuality a KNOWN past time and present time too. I can't watch them kiss without puking. They might have "grabbed a pussy" or kissed one, or something else, the night before the shooting of the movie scenes. Didn't think like that years ago, because people kept their business to themselves. Today, that no longer applies.

Every time I go to YouTube and someone answers my post here, I receive a message at the bottom of my screen from That's cool as can be!!!!

Koco, where did all the other posters go??????

Sista Norland wrote:  Koco, where did all the other posters go??????

I have no idea.  Although there is always a lot of guests here reading but never posts.  Brotha RR comes in now and then.  And Brotha DK?  I think it may be work related because I heard talk about having to go out of town for work.   And from time to time Brotha Raptor makes an appearance.  It truly think it's because there are not any new folks to debate with.  Most know where we stand.  But I don't come here to debate.  I come to share and get thing off my chest in terms of discrimination and betrayal and mostly to keep folks aware about what is going on in areas near me.   

I have found in the past that a lot of folks wanna be nasty and disrespectful so they come on sites to satisfy their thirst for confrontation.  But the true ones will be back or are here but just being flies on the wall..  Sista Negrospiritual drops in from time to time too.   So I'm sure with what is going with the current Prez?  Folks will come back.  They always do.  But!

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  Yes.  Like a school reunion....but!  A site reunion instead.  I think folks have gone their ways and are focused on getting this Adminstration with as little skid marks as possible.  Folks could possibly be holding their breaths to see what gonna happen next.  See it wasn't that way with my president.  Folks were on here all the time debating.  And not afraid of debating.  It's a different climate now.  And it is really hard connecting with real black folks.  People are keeping to themselves and that's NOT GOOD.  Humans need socialization.  That's how we have survived all these ions.  As why it is sooooooooooo important to stay connected.  To keep communication open.  Cuz regardless of what's going worldwide...America is still the best place to be thus far cuz I really believe this too shall pass.  And we will be on the other side of it but it will be tough.  It's already tough but as long as there is communication and people keep talking? We will maintain POWER, freedom and all the things that our ancestors fell on the blade for.  I truly believe that the universe has our backs.    All we have to do is keep doing what we're doing cuz life is moving forward not backwards.   But!

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America's all we know. Don't know if it's the best place or not. It's not Syria or Iraq. It hasn't been a piece of cake for people originally from Africa. Lots of hatred for no damn reason.

I don't like Donald Trump and would tell him to his face if I could. I think there's something wrong with his wrinkled ass. I came to the planet before him and he doesn't intimidate me. I was potty trained before he, G.W. Bush, Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton slid out their mothers' wombs.

Just another crazy, wrinkled white man with no lips and lots of company in a country he calls his own, which isn't!!!!!! There's not one iota difference between him and Kim Jong Un. It's all about who is following the bastards and all the rest of the so-called "leaders" of the world. All they care about is money and getting the rest of the world's sons and daughters to die for them in their nasty-ass wars. I watched "The Day Hitler Died" yesterday on the Smithsonian Channel. He was a damn piece of work. Bat shit crazy and had heaps of followers just like Tangerine Man. Hiel Hitler/Tangerine Man!!!!!

Who is going to get that 10 year old girl with cerebral palsy who just had surgery hooked up with her mother and father?? She's been here since age 3 months and she's an immigrant. That's some shit!! 

White America, this joint is NOT your country. You rule the sucker with an iron fist but it must be the shit you learned from the Caucasus Mountains. You're some mean mothers to the bone. Give that pretty little girl back to her parents and stop treating her like a criminal. All you Caucasoids are suffering from Trumpism Disease. 

That wall he's going to build to keep Mexicans away is ugly as hell. It's going to cost billions of dollars. I know the Natives wish they'd had the knowledge of building any damn thing to keep your monkey asses out of here. I'll bet Mexico would like to have California and Texas and the rest of the shit you've taken from them for a buck 50 back also.

I could have been at home with my titties swinging in the heat with no one giving two shits, with no shirt on , dancing with the elephants, minding my damn business, running from humongous spiders, eating grub worms, drinking cows' blood. Now look at us.

Being called "minorities, niggers, jigaboos." You assholes painting your faces black with your pale faces making lips 50 times their sizes ridiculing Africans, singing "Mammy." Your faces all wrinkled to hell with your necks swinging off your little genitalia, thinking you're the handsomest assholes on the planet, while scaring us ALL to death!!!! Our fellas lollygagging in cages, fucking each other in the butt, making gorillas say: "Would you believe that?" You shooting each other 600 at a time, killing 70 at once, killing Africans like they're bowling pins, every 20 seconds.

Attention All Black Lives Matter Folks:  No one gives a shit about Black Lives including Black people. Rename yourselves or take two seats. Take two seats anyway. Eat some ice cream, drink a milk shake.

If you're white; why don't you GO WHERE WHITES ARE?? How about New Zealand? Iceland, Alaska, Wherever the Polar Bears and Penguins exist; E.U.R.O.P.E??? We don't need anymore Caucasoid Jews; stay away from Israel!!

The world needs a serious Caucasoid BREAK!!!!! Once you're gone, we'll work on our raggedy sons' heads. We'll be finer than fine!!!

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  I only say that cuz at least with women....we aint getting our coochies cut.  We don't have to cover our faces and at best we are not being treated as subhuman slaves by our forced husbands.  Children do not have to marry grown ass men and at least...except for Flint, Michigan we can have access to water and can take a bath-which I appreciate every day. 

Cuz if you look every one with black skin world wide is targeted in some way.  The Rhoniyas[sp] in South East Asia came there the same way we came to America and now the government is burning their villages and out and out killing them.  So over a couple of million are fleeing sitting on boats waiting for someone to rescue them-and it's going on deaf ears cuz they are darkskinned and Muslim.  Not even Muslims are rescuing much for unity.  And the ones to suffer?  Women and children.  That why I said America is the best thus far.  Yes the cra cras are coming out but NOW we know who they are.  And can deal with it openly.  The klan hoods are off and we know again who the racists and the 53 percenters are.    No we can't dance bare chest with swinging melons without a care in the world-that unfortunately is over. Many of our men have been brainwashed....several of em are merely "females" with penises...they do not protect us, their children or community..  They talk tough but hide behind our skirts for protection at the mere mention of the po po-much like the characters of Amos and Andy.

But nevertheless America is still a whole lot better.....and I can only speak for myself.  And could be EVEN better if ALL black folks LOVED themselves first.  And accept their blackness.  But they don't.  They are hypnotized by white skin-lying to us they're not but they are....and don't want to take a blow for the cause of their culture.  But that's everywhere in Africa.  The difference?  America is a tad more civilized in terms of how women are treated.  Just a tad.  Plus it's all coming out in terms of massa being a gay pedophile.  So if I had a choice?  It would STILL be here.  But!

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Lord knows, I deal with those so-called "females with penises." They're my grands and one great with initially a vagina. It's beyond hard for me to deal with, but I do, graciously. I love my girls' babies. They both had 3 and out of those 3 came an entire army. The majority of them are smart and funny; the sexual confusion is not MY business and HARD for ME to face, but I do. They can't discuss with me, but I accept their "friends" and have a great time when we're all together. I keep my non-understanding shit to myself. It's their lives. I've damn near lived mine and they have theirs to live. They work hard and everyone's here for each other. Can't ask more than that. No one's in the Gorilla Cages with the Pedophile Wardens and Inmates waiting for their butt cheeks. They have choices with that.

If I had a heap of money, I'm not sure whether or not I'd stay in America. I don't know. America's ALL I KNOW along with the crazy people within her. People are mentally ill in America. People are mentally ill throughout the entire world. Folks following the good, bad and ugly everywhere. Everyone just being some mother's kid, worldwide. That's all we are. Some mother's kid in varying stages of age; baby to damn near dead, old MF's. 

Religion's something people follow because of belief. We follow some God to keep from burning in Hell when we die. No one has ever come back to tell us what the fuck happens to us after we die, but we all believe in the unknown Whoever. Our beliefs cause heaps of us TO DIE, that's for sure!!!!!

I'm stuck in America, my babies are here; America's all I know; but I damn sure get tired of the wrinkly crinklies talking about their superiority and supremeness. There's nothing superior nor supreme about them. The men are starting to all look identical, frowning, stern faces, wrinkles, baldness, chins dragging everywhere, ill-fitting suits, controlling killers all. Ain't nothin' superior nor supreme about that; just flat out Insane!!!!!

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