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14 dead.  14 wounded,  Happened in San Bernandino, Cali around 11:a.m.  Suspects shooting fled.  No motive.  May be terrorist or domestic attack.  LAPD, Sheriff Department and the FBI are on in full force and on alert.  Folks are still on site and being interviewed.  More to follow...


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Oh yeah?  Wow!  Well here's an update from my end...watched the entire thing.   Suspects were already in the truck...near the freeway.  Police was looking for them for an entire hour.  Suspects were at a traffic got out and started shooting at the police who were a block away!  The police had no clue they were still in the area. until they  heard bullets coming their way.  [They lied and said they located the suspects.  Not true.]   Now.  Question.  What caused the suspects  to hang around?  They had plenty of time to no one KNEW what they looked like.  I think it was planned.  I think they wanted to have a shoot out with the police cuz otherwise why they would have left wayyyyyyy before the police saw.  

So.  It's two in custody and one dead.  They are saying that there is one more person on the loose and are now going house to house searching for that last man.  More to follow...

San Bernardino shooters used four guns, explosive device: ATF


The suspects in the San Bernardino holiday party shooting were armed with four guns, an explosive device and several magazines of ammunition in a "well-planned" attack, police and federal officials said.

Syed Rizwan Farook, 28, a U.S.-born health inspector for San Bernardino County, and Tashfeen Malik, 27, were carrying two .223-caliber assault rifles and two semi-automatic handguns.

Two of the four weapons were found to be legally purchased, sources familiar with the investigation told NBC News.

An "explosive device" was found at the scene of the Wednesday's shooting spree, while items made to look like pipe bombs were thrown during the pursuit, according to Bureau of Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives spokeswoman Meredith Davis.

"They were in tactical gear and had several mags full of ammunition fashioned to their body so they were ready for a gunfight should that occur," Davis said. "With my experiences with other mass shootings, there are indicators this was well-planned out and it was to be violent in nature."

San Bernardino Police Chief Jarrod Burguan said the two .223-caliber assault rifles were a DPMS model and a Smith & Wesson MMP 15 model, while the two semi-automatic hand guns were manufactured by llama and Smith & Wesson.

"The weapons we recovered — two long guns and two pistols — they will also have serial numbers on them that we can trace as long as they were produced by manufacturers either here in the U.S. or imported to the U.S.," Davis said.

Bomb technicians were sent to make safe the explosive device located at the Inland Regional Center, a state-run center for people with developmental disabilities in San Bernardino, Davis added. The device was found during a sweep of the scene.

She added that fears of pipe bombs were based on "an abundance of caution" after similar tactics were used by the Boston Marathon bombers.

"I do recall in the Boston bombing that they threw devices, explosive devices at the police as they were being pursued," Davis said. "They planned that out very thoroughly, I would make a connection to that."

However, ATF experts found that the items thrown were in fact "a very thick pipe with a piece of cloth that was made to look like a fuse [but] did not contain any explosives."

Burguan echoed her comments that the assault appeared to have been well-planned.

He reporters: "I think that, based upon what we have seen and based upon how they were equipped, there had to be some degree of planning that went into this. I don't think they just ran home, put on these types of tactical clothes, grabbed guns and came back on a spur of the moment."

Davis described the involvement of a woman in the attacks as "odd."

"Being a female that is experienced with firearms and explosives ... in my world it's odd to me ... when we look at cases like this across the U.S. and maybe across the world, it is unusual to have a female suspect," she said.

   And this couple left a six month baby girl.  Testimony that females do not mean anything to some muslim men.  No account on how this child will make it through childhood.  My opinion.  They were "cells" planted in US.  And a reminder that "cells" are inbedded in society sometimes at birth, brainwashed and constantly groomed for their mission call while living some what normal lives.   We can't take for granted that everyone wants to iive in a free-will environment....we can't take for granted that when someone "storms" out he did...and then came wasn't because he was "angry" but that it a "call" to take action.  It appears they BOTH were on a suicide mission...cared less about the child left behind.  Cuz she's merely a "girl."  No value there.   

Several years ago, I suggested that we shouldn't worry about massa as much as we should cautionly watch those who have no respect for women.  Those who have no empathy for freedom.  Those who want to continue the trail of slavery into the next century.   Those who believe their God is a vengeful master.  Those who feel women have no place...except underneath and behind a man.  Those are dangerous people.  And for the life of me...I don't understand WHY any woman...whether she is from that culture or not....would DIE for a cause that excludes her ability to be free and equal.  These are young people yall.  So something tells me that the older generation is not listening...and are assuming that everyone wants to LIVE free.  Currently....that seems NOT to be the case.  How many more will have to lose their lives before we realize what the REAL social war is about?  Just askin.  But! 

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99.9% of these terrorist have went on a "trip" to some middle-eastern country or their home country and come back hell-bent on murdering Westerners or Americans.  

It all sounds like straight brain-washing or hypnosis, to me.  

Evidently they go to some country in the middle-east or to their home country, and someone is waiting there to thoroughly brainwash or hyptnotise them, afterwhich, they are sent right back to America or Europe to set-off any number of terrorist attacks.  

When America/the West finds out just who is doing the brainwashing and/or hyptnotizing and/or just where it is being done, all these acts of terrorims could be twarted, and turning young Arabs or Muslims, or middle-eastern or Asian people into brainwashed and/or hyptnotized pawns, could be averted.  

But, wasn't warnings about "sleeper cells" being discussed as far back as the Reagan Administration?  I mean, if our own government knew this that far back, why have they just waited until after each attack to do anything?  

But then again, the only way it would make sense for a government to know that far ahead of time that terrorist attacks are coming down the pike, and stand idly by and do nothing to avoid it, would be if that government wanted to allow enough of such attacks to happen long enough, to use such attacks to frighten the masses into giving up their [or their remaining] Constitutional and Civil Rights.

Umm . . . 

[One onion has many layers ]



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  I agree my sista.  And to leave an innocent baby to hold this thing own its shoulder for the rest of her life....  I mean how cruel is that?  To not even care about the child you bring into the world.  So I can only assume that the female was a sex slave and was groomed for this mission.  Terrorists groups absolutely use female suicide bombers to go into large those in Nigeria.  They are always at malls and areas where a lotta people travel.  

And the issue about a female leaving her young to reek havoc on others is a testimony that slavery still exist.  It is beyond conditioning, brainwashing and controlling one's behavior.  Cuz when you evolve in any area of the world as a human being, you will begin to think for yourself and have your instincts/insights about life.  And these folks have been doing this for thousands of the point where one of them can be born here and still performs act of terrorism without empathy or the ability to distinguish between right and wrong.  And for females in those environments to do this?  I have to believe it is because they are sex slaves, housed concubines in make shift harems that STILL exist in many places in the middle east.  Reminds me of Ghaffi's female soldiers.  And we are fighting for these same females to have their freedom and yet it is many times they who are participating in the most heinous to me women's rights will become an issue or be compromised because of this [already they are bombing abortion clinics].  And since more young women are leaving their homes and joining terrorist groups, it will be hard to figure out the trust  of them especially when they are talking about allowing 10 thousand middle eastern immigrants in this country.  

It is gon be just like it was in Vietnam.  No one knew who Charlie was.  Charlie being the enemy.   Because Charlie looked like the allies America was assisting. Charlie was the little Asian girl with the bomb in her hands.  The Asian mother running toward an American helicopter carrying a  grenade.  The enemy or terrorist could be anyone....  And who gon get thrown under bus on this one?  Women.  First.  Then children.   

The young female shooter in Cali's attack was seen in the back seat of the black SUV shooting off rounds of ammunition at the police while her husband drove.  And then her husband abruptly stopped, got out the SUV and began blasting at the 5 thousands police force coming his way as their 6 month baby girl awaits the return of her parents.  Especially the return of her mother.  Yet apparently this young woman felt nothing.   No mother daughter bond.  Her goal was to  destroy the lives of others as well as her own.  And I would say that it is the conditioning, brainwashing and controlling training associated with slavery that have caused a young female to have no insight to the consequences of her behavior that will effect American society as well as her young daughter.  

Now they are saying that no one wants to admit it's a terrorist attack.  Well...everybody was thinking it!  Paris just happened a few weeks ago.  News was flying around about it's really isn't a surprise.  The shock to me is there was a female accomplice.  That's the dynamic of a family.  Mother, Father and Child.  Now that image is on it's way to being shattered and smeared.  And life has a chance to reverting back to the wild wild west.  And chivalry toward women[and children]  will be dismantled and it will be 1940 again.  Where blacks are being killed on the inside for being black while  there is war going on the outside.  

We have to see this for what it really is.  And use everything in our power to eradicate it....cuz too many people have died to ensure that America,,,,compared to the rest of the world...even in its the best place to be....considering.  And it is worth fighting for.  Cuz they see a weakness...and don't think they're not gonna pounce it....they have.  So now.  We have to be realistic on how we gon live our lives moving forward.  We are a thinking people and have the capacity to see around corners of our choices.  So.  Are we gonna lay down and let it happen?  Or are we gon do something about it?  Whatever we chose?  Are we [gonna be ] prepared  for the ramification of that decision?   Just askin.  But!

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"It is gon be just like it was in Vietnam.  No one knew who Charlie was.  Charlie being the enemy.   Because Charlie looked like the allies America was assisting."



But Americans[racist Americans] are going to be too busy hating African Americans, and trying to setup African Americans, and trying to rail-road African Americans, and trying to harass African Americans, and trying to stalk African Americans, and trying to brutalize African Americans, and trying to torture African Americans, and trying to imprison African Americans, and trying to discriminate against African Americans, and trying to impede the progress of African Americans, and trying to demonize African Americans, and trying to socially condition African Americans, and trying to brainwash African Americans, and trying to destroy the livelihoods of African Americans, and trying to destroy the communities of African Americans, and trying to food African American communities with drugs and guns, and trying to us the media, Hollywood and the "music" Industry to create Self-Fulfilling Prophecy Syndrome in African American youth, and trying to funnel African American children through the pipeline from school to prison, and trying to make up for American industry sold-out to overseas by using African Americans to fill up the privatize prisons build to take its place, that they are not going to see it coming after all their hate leaves them wide open to be blind-sided.  

We are not America's enemies, and never have been; We are not their enemies, and never were.


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