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 I just wanna share that I am so happy this morning cuz why?  It's raining. And rain make you sleep deep. long  and sound.  I had at least 7 full hours with no interruption of marvelous sleeeeeeeeep.  I feel so refreshed and youthful.  I haven't slept this good since before the birth of my first child.   It has been raining since last night around 2 a.m.  And we need it cuz of the fires going on currently.  Besides alladat?  It is sooooooo calming.


 In Cali, we haven't seen enough rain.  Plus in various places we have water restrictions because of the drought.  And now that we are moving toward September Solstice we really need rain  cuz there is no guarantee we will get it this winter.  Last winter it rained very little.   Right now?  It's raining hard.  Sounds like milk pouring over Rice Krispies.  Hal. Lay. Lu. Yer.  When it does that?  Sometimes the lights go out but until then I am delighted.  I wanna dance in the rain like Gene Kelly ...but don't wanna get wet cuz I'm a girl.  So I'm cool with it raining all morning...let it rain...let it rain...let it rain...just would like it to stop by the time I go to school.    Just sharin'  But! 

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I know what you mean about sleeping well during some good heavy rain.


But, Koco, if you have some older relatives from down south or know some older person from down south, you need to ask them about sleeping in a house with a tin roof during heavy rain; WOW! It has to be the best sleep you will ever have; deep rem sleep.  


I have various rain and water soundscape downloaded onto youtube that I play on my tv on nights that I can't sleep; soft rain, rainstorms, heavy rain, rain with thunder, ocean waves, waterfalls, etc.  


But, yeah, I've been watching a lot of news about the wildfires in California and I've been reading about the drought (I think I posted something her a while back about the drought in California).  


I always wonder why they keep letting people build homes and subdivisions, etc., in disaster planes, you know like in California, where there are always wildfires or mud-slides, in the Mid-West where there are always floods, and on the coasts where there are always hurricanes.  


Really, all the extensive building people do, creates the environmental erosion that causes many of these "natural" disasters, or makes the natural disasters that do occur much worse than they would if people had been more environmentally conscious before and during the building of homes and communities and roads, etc.; it disrupts the water cycle, causes mud slides, allow hurricanes to reach further inland, and increases the number of wildfires.





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  That's a good idea my sista.  I never thought about using youtube for rain sounds.  huh oh.    You done did it now.  I'ma gonna see what's on there cuz I need SLEEP.  Sometimes I'm up 4 a,m, That's crazy.  I know.  Everybody today was talking about that rain.  


See we in Cali have mediterrean[sp] climate.  So our seasons are not severe.  And we haven't had good rain in a few years.  And the reason why they kept building on sand...knowing full well it will flood....and on faults...knowing full well it will come tumbling down... is because of MONEY. The weather is the lure and the homes are expensive and beautiful built all of crape paper.  Hell...they would build on a cemetery if it was legal.  They don't care.  All these fires is because of white people thinking they can live ANYWHERE.  No respect of the environment.  


There are just some places that should remain people-less.  When they build on these lands they should let be,  the wild life come into the city looking for food-it's crazy.  Coyotes, bears, mountain lions come in town and eat their little doggies.  I'm glad cuz it will teach their asses that certain places should be left to the wild life.  And the drought doesn't help either.  That's why I was soooooooooo thankful for this morning.  It was absolutely wonderful hearing that sound.  So I'm gonna steal your one while I was thinking about putting a fish tank in my bedroom.  That relaxes me too.  Good looking out my sista.  But! 


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