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Well, what the freak ever . . . there would have been no need for my half-white sister-in-law/etc., to "step in" and use any privilege, white or otherwise, because had it been me, the moment she asked me for i.d. after not asking the "white" person ahead of me (or any person), I would have told her "No", you didn't ask anyone else for i.d.  when they wrote a check, so don't ask me, and if you don't stop holding me up to look in your book of 'bad checks', another thing you did not do with the customer before me, I'll have at least three lawyers perched on this building and your ass, and even more circling it, before the day is over".  And I would have made good on my promise. 


The clerk deliberately did this out of racism and to embarrass a Black person.  Often, it is not even the establishment people like this work for, rather, it is the person working a given establishment themselves, that personally takes it upon themselves to use such racist tactics as a way of passively-aggressively harassing, inconveniencing and embarrassing Black people. 


P.S.:  I'm from the deep south, and I go out my door already knowing what I will say or do if this, that and the other happens to me out of racism.

Quote by sunnubian: "P.S.:  "I'm from the deep south, and I go out my door already knowing what I will say or do if this, that and the other happens to me out of racism."

Why wasn't and isn't she prepared for this?

Her 10 year old daughter is observing this and shedding tears because she realizes what's happening and mom does nothing but follow the racist program and feels some how 'saved and rescued" when her "Black but White looking" sister in law bails her out and in her glee, makes a video about how the superior privledge of White people saved me and also praising those 2 older White people in line who only spoke up because her sister in law led the "White charge" against social and racist injustice BUT if her sister in law wasn't in the store at all, they would not have said a thing and readily sided with the racist clerk.


And when those 2 ladies returned to the store later on or another day to shop, they each praised the racist White clerk for her "store policy" actions against non trusting and insufficient Black people.

I agree with you sunnubian, I am ready to battle each and every day at any moment and time regardless of where ever and what ever.


The more we as a people make so called "progress", the more we tend to give up.

I looked her up:

"Dr." Joy DeGruy holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Communication, a master’s degree in Social Work (MSW), a master’s degree in Clinical Psychology, and a Ph.D. in Social Work Research.

Dr. Joy DeGruy is a nationally and internationally renowned researcher, educator, author and presenter. She is an Assistant Professor at Portland State University and the President of JDP Inc. Dr. DeGruy has over twenty-five years of practical experience as a professional in the field of social work. She conducts workshops and trainings in the areas of mental health, social justice and culture specific social service model development.

Dr. Joy DeGruy authored the book entitled Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome: America’s Legacy of Enduring Injury and Healing,which addresses the residual impacts of trauma on African Descendants in the Americas. Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome lays the groundwork for understanding how the past has influenced the present, and opens up the discussion of how we can eliminate non-productive attitudes, beliefs and adaptive behaviors and, build upon the strengths we have gained from the past to heal injuries of today.

I take a guess and say that since she's an 'expert in the field" she knew exactly what was happening right in front of her daughter and did nothing.

And if (I'm assuming) she was prepared for this type of racist activity at some point in her past, what happened?

What's happening to us?


Too many of us are falling for the psych game that is being played where terms like "angry Black woman/person" and "they are so loud" and "they are so violent" or "Black people are always winning", etc., and to keep from being "labeled" any of "those" types of Black people or to prove to White people that they are not like "those" Black people, they 'do nothing' . . . KISS MY ASS!----LABEL ME! ---THINK I'M JUST LIKE "THOSE" TYPES OF BLACK PEOPLE!----[THE SAME KIND OF BLACK PEOPLE THAT MOVED US OUT OF OUR DARKEST HOURS IN THIS COUNTRY, by being angry, talking loud and being violent when confronted with violence]



That was pretty lame of the 'so-called' intelligent black woman to do nothing while other folks utilized their "white privilege" ... what a sad example to set for her child.  


I dont know how any mother could stand idly by while their own child is in tears over this situation.


The message is. . .

it means more when white folk [or half white & looking white] stand up for you than it would if you stood up for yourself... cuz ... cuz ... you might be [OMG!] stereotyped


[& you'd reach more people



  @Brotha Cholly:


It was a BAD thing for her NOT to incite her rights as a black person.  She should have made ALL kind of noise...but!  She didn't cuz she has been brainwashed not to.  Why think about what you should do in the middle of injustice?  It's too late during the after math.  And why worry about how it will impact other white folks?  They KNOW already that they are wrong.  Been wrong!  For hundreds of years.  So, don't have to be concern over whether or not they focking get it.  Fock them.  Something tells me also the "yella" girl just LOVED being the vice toward justice.  Being the savior of her sister.  It gave her inner power.  And unfortunately, her sister didn't see it.  But her daughter did.  And that's very dangerous.  Cuz it tells little black girls that they are not as special as almost white tells them that they will have to continue walking in the shadow of white monsters whose power is determined by stepping on the heads with spike shoes of unsuspecting human beings.  This incident JUST changed who this black child would become-in that instance.  And for her mother not to be able to recognize this-but recognized everything else-is testimony of how DEEP her brainwashing and low esteem are inside of her.  And maybe that's one of the things that doesn't sit well with you Brotha Cholly as with me.  We know we have to be the VOICE of justice every where we go.  We cannot afford to wait for others to be our savior.,,,and that's what homegirl did.  She waited in confusion.  And at the detriment of her young daughter who now knows there is a such thing as racist gravity.  But!

  P.S.  Her having ALL these degrees didn't give what she needed to show her child what to do in cases of racism.  And to me, all this white man's education she endured to become a professional and doctor.....was merely a waste of time.  Cuz why?  She had the acquired skills and tools to mitigate the situation but CHOSE not to use them when it MATTERED.  She is what I call a edujamacated fool.    But! 

Originally Posted by Kocolicious:

  P.S.  Her having ALL these degrees didn't give what she needed to show her child what to do in cases of racism.  And to me, all this white man's education she endured to become a professional and doctor.....was merely a waste of time.  Cuz why?  She had the acquired skills and tools to mitigate the situation but CHOSE not to use them when it MATTERED.  She is what I call a edujamacated fool.    But! 

+ I'll have to disagree with you (SURPRISE SURPRISE!!!)  I think she was careful how she presented this situation to her child.  This is a teachable moment, but I would have done so afterwards at home.  I also would have written a letter or three to the management, regional management, and national headquarters to complain with details about the cashier and name, if i have it.  I think that is the best way to handle it under those conditions.  

  You can disagree my brotha!  I loved that.    But!  I have to say no no no.  You don't wait to mitigate this situation cuz this is not the CIVIL RIGHTS era where if you did such a thing it would caused death by  hanging or harassement by angry white town folk but!  Today?  She is just a valued customer as those old white women standing in line with the blood stains on their memory that collapsed outwardly balant racism in their day.  Guess what?   It's against the LAW to use separatist methods to delibertately isolate citizen to their rights in this country based on the color of their skin,


And another thing to the many states across this nation, it is NOT necessary to ask for double identification for a check.  Nowadays they wanna that for credit cards.  So the cashier was absolutely WRONG.  I go to the grocery store all the time and sometimes when I show them my i.d. they waive it off.  Know why?  High technology...sometimes a bad check don't go through and if it does often the customer has to be triple for that one check.  So what this checker did was something she was taught to do where whitefolks write "bad" checks alllll the time.


 But back to the issue.  You teach children in the moment what is right or wrong.  She is not a slave, nor is her daughter.  She had the VERY right to be pissed off and ask for the manager and to stand up for what she KNOWS is true.  She also had the right to VOICE her disappoitment of being singled out cuz what that white girl did was clearly racial profiling.  No?  There is no tax selection in this country in that one race of people pay taxes separate from other races.  We ALL pay taxes at the SAME way.  This is not exclusive either.  We are ALL citizens.  Not subcitizens.  We all have the RIGHT to vote and place our opinions on policies we feel are unfair.  Anything short of that?  Is being a slave.  Me?  I'm known to take it all the way to the city council.  Yep!  That's right.  Sometimes I don't just stand there and argue....I use my PEN where it hurts.  And And I sometimes do a mass mailing and let folks in other council districts KNOW what's going on in the community they claim they serve.  I have even went all the way to the Attorney General in several instances where I felt I was being disctriminated against. 


So....pleasssssssssse.  Young brotha.  This is what the whole fuss was about during the civil rights movements.  I know you DON'T remember cuz you were probably  just born or too young to recall the significance of what that meant.  And when you don't teach children in that lose the integrity of why many black people were willing to risk their lives.  That one little setback could cause major delays in justice where people don't feel they have a CONSTITUTIONAL right to be treat fairly as the next American-white or not! And solvable things slide when they should be rectified as soon as it happened.   And children are quick learners.  And they NEED to know they matter very early in life.   So to say it could have waited until she got home is saying to me.....that we still have to wait until MASSA recognize that we ARE worthy.  I don't think so my brotha. It's a new day and a new time.  We cannot under any circumstances, we regress.   But!  

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