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vaughn lowery:

The star of Kmart's popular JOE BOXER television commercials, Vaughn Lowery is a Cornell grad, model and actor originally from Kmart's hometown of Detroit. The commercial was intended to be a multi-actor, scripted spot, but Vaughn changed all that with one audition in Los Angeles.

At his final call back, Vaughn began dancing the "Kmart BOXER Boogie," as it's now called, and the response was such that Kmart decided to dedicate an entire ad campaign to him and his dance.

There has been outstanding public response for these spots, and both JOE BOXER and Kmart now feature a "Kmart BOXER Boogie Breakdown Video Game" on the WWW.KMARTBOXERS.COM website for viewing and downloading.

Since the launch of the "Kmart BOXER Boogie" commercials, Vaughn has appeared on "Tonight Show with JAY LENO," "EXTRA!," "CNN HEADLINE NEWS" and "TODAY SHOW," and has been interviewed for numerous local news and radio segments. Since its launch in August 2002, the "Kmart BOXER Boogie" commercials have been voted for "Best Advertisements of 2002" by

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