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You know, every since this Aiyanna Jones case has been in the press I've been a little bothered. If everything that has been said is true regarding the case, I'm truly disturbed. First thing I'm disturbed about is the senseless and large amount of violence in the City of Detroit. Most of which hardly makes the national news. .  . we know why that is. Then when I found out why the police were there at the residence in the first place, I was disgusted. Turns out that a few days before 17 yr old Jerean Blake was shot to death in a senseless act of violence by the cousin of the father of Aiyana Jones. Aiyanna's father was supposedly riding with these older men 28 - 30 yrs old when they shot the teenage boy to death because they didn't like the way he looked at them. The police were there looking to arrest all of the suspects. Family or not, there ain't no way that child should've been put in harms way because of some dumb shit that her family members did to another black child! I blame the police for their irresponsible actions, but those actions were predicated by the actions of those men who her own father had been associating with on the day of the crime! 

Outside of Detroit, there hasn't been one peep about Jerean Blake's murder. From what I've been reading on Jerean's Facebook tribute page, Detroit is mad about that senseless killing. Jerean's mother is actively seeking justice for her son in the Michigan state court system.

When I read about all this and the subsequent details I was so disappointed and disturbed. Check out a blog on this contributed to by BlackAchievementUSA and Antoinette. Videos and references included. SAD!
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Yes, Blake's death is truly disturbing and I hope that the guilty party(ies) are convicted for the senseless murder.  I still say that it is still apples and oranges.  Like you said, this little girl should not have had to die because of what others have done.  It is still just the double standard of policing that is done in this country when it comes to race.  Even though what happened to the 17 year old was just as criminal, if the police had a warrant arrest a white serial killing child molesting rapist, they would have take all the precautions necessary to not make the mistake of killing an innocent white child, hell, even a white adult.  

The Detroit situation as far as crime is concerned is indicative of what is going on all over the country in predominately Black (and poor) communities.  It would seem that Black politicians, ministers and community leaders could have gotten a handle on this scenario long before now.  Hopefully, African Americans all over the country from all walks of life will rise up and have a march on crime in the Black communities.  It is still so hard for me to believe that so many of our communities have come to this.  I still hold out hope for some drastic measures being implemented the change all this.  I should be a sin for a child to not be able to grow up in a safe, clean and thriving environment.
It should be a sin for a child to not be able to grow up in a safe, clean and thriving environment.

But to Yemaya's point ... I think the real sin is that more children are not able to grow up in that type of environment within the home.  Aiyana Jones was obviously not provided with that type of environment with the type of father and other relatives surrounding her that would senselessly shoot a 17-year-old boy because they didn't like the way he looked at them. 

Too many of our children are being raised by and around their parents and other adult family members who engage in violence, crime, and illicit and irresponsible sex.  The environment outside the home is a product of the environment inside the many homes that form the "community."  Many of the kids just grow up to be the deviants their parents are, which simply perpetuates the crime and violence ... and gives the police an opportunity to come into the community and commit even more violence.

Aiyana's father should have loved and cared about her enough to be a better father than one who would ride around in a car with a cousin who was packing a gun and unstable enough to be provoked into killing another human being - a teenager, at that -  over a perceived "look."  He may not have been the shooter of Jerean Blake, but if the stories are true, he was an accomplice to murder.  For a father .. that's simply unacceptable.

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