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Jackals Of The African Union Denounce Haiti’s Birthright – MUST READ

Jackals Of The African Union Denounce The Birthright Of HaitiHaiti will always a place in the hearts of true Africans worldwide.

AFRICANGLOBE – Maybe the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) should invite Haiti to join our community. But that is another story for another day. For now, Haiti, must never mind the African Union. It is now defunct. Abysmally defunct.

The Spirit of Haiti can never be broken. Her Africanness can never be wiped away. Her steadfast love for the mother continent, Africa, can never be shackled in chains. Africa’s love for Haiti cannot be captured in prose alone. It is unwavering. It is resolute because Haiti is the Shining City on the Hill for all African peoples and in fact, for all free peoples.

Haiti, and the souls of our ancestors that guide and guard her, is larger and more powerful than the collection of what has become of Kwame Nkrumah’s Dream – a collection of CIA troglodytes that run what is now a defunct organization, the African Union.

Before I relate the state of affairs in the African Union, I must do the honor to Haiti, a country, most loved in Africa and by Africans all around the globe.

In 1791, it was the free men and women of Africa, brought to Haiti through no fault of their own who would revolt, who would establish the first successful slave revolt in history. And in 1804 after defeating the so-called mighty armies of Napoleon, Haiti founded the world’s first true Republic. This was nearly a century before Dahomey and Asante – complicit in the slave trade – would finally fall under French Terrorist influence as well.

It was not Kwame Nkrumah who turned the tide against colonialism and slavery. It was certainly not the Abolitionists of the 1830s. It was not William Lloyd Garrison, or John Brown. Nor was it Frederick Bailey Douglass. It was not Sojourner Truth, not Harriet Tubman. No, it was not Garrett Smith and the many more who came after them. It was Haiti – the indomitable spirit of a nation of African people called to denounce, to defeat and to trample underfoot the barbarism of European terrorists in Africa and the Caribbean.

But the African Union, as it is constituted today, finds reason enough – stooped only in ignorance, stupidity, cowardice and utter primitivism – to denounce the birthright of Haiti as an African nation, especially after what seemed to be a rigmarole procedure.

Since Kwame Nkrumah envisioned it, the Union has never taken off. It has never been realized. The struggle inevitable continues – both for Africans and for Africans in the diaspora. The struggle for the total emancipation of the continent amazingly continues some fifty-three years hence.

So, Haiti, never mind this collection of thieves, bastards, sycophants, percksniffians, Tartuffes who cloak up in sheep skin and steal into the night as Africans. They are not. But, you Haiti, you are. Haiti is more an African nation than South Africa. Haiti is more an African nation than Ghana. Haiti is more an African nation than Nigeria. There is a legitimate argument there. Yet Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia are part of the African Union. And Haiti is not? And Jamaica is not? And Guyana is not?

These are the fatuous facts. So Haiti, don’t bother, these people at the African Union are agents of devils. They can’t even erect their own headquarters without the help of China. Ghana cannot build a feeder road without selling off her gold mines to multinationals. Nigeria cannot defeat Boko Haram without American advice. These are the oppressors we daily live under. They want nothing else but to see Africa recolonized.Jackals Of The African Union Denounce The Birthright Of Haiti

Hence, like you, like us, we have lost every iota of hope in that Union. You, like us, pour libation every day that Mawu-Sogboliza reign terror on these harebrained boulevardiers.

For how exactly does the symbolism of Haiti’s application to join the African Union escape the leaders and administrators of the continent? Perhaps, for the same reason that Africa’s resources continue to escape the awareness of the elite for four centuries and counting. How this collection of heads of state at the African Union failed to recognize the sheer imagery of reconciliation and of renaissance that Haiti’s wish to join the African Union clearly imbues beats anyone. Haiti didn’t have to ask the African Union.

So, here it is. For more than four hundred years, we have been beaten, raped, enslaved, arrested, killed, and dragged with impunity into the marshes to work for people far inferior and far inhumane. African peoples have suffered, endured and coped with the worst that a world stooped only in barbarism has thrown at them.

Yet, it was Haiti, a small nation of Africans, forced against their will to a distant land, who refused and stood up to their oppressors. They said, “We cannot be slaves or we die. We will not be slaves or we die.” Haiti showed the way to real freedom, Haiti taught all disenfranchised peoples that freedom comes at a price. That we must be willing to pay that price, oftentimes, in blood.

The fact that the Africa Union refused to accept Haiti into the African community is itself testament to a wider belief across the continent of a Union usurped by European and American powers to continue in their duping and looting of the continent.

For this reason, and several others, this Union has no basis to deny Haiti her Africanness. This rag-thug collection of CIA agents at the African Union cannot deny the link between Haiti and Africa, her soul and our souls, her suffering and our suffering, her trials and our tribulations, her peace and war and our liberty and troubles. The African Union has never been and will never be a real collection of African peoples until it has embraced Haiti, and in that fashion, much of the African diaspora into a collective and diverse African community.

Or, to hell with the Union. We have no need for it.

To the ordinary African who walks the roads of Accra, the streets of Lomé, the highways of Timbuktu and the boulevards of Abomey, one thing remains true, that we have been denied our birthright too, to form a community with our own, to commune with those we choose to converse, to deliberate with whom we choose to consider, and to charter our won future with whom we choose. This is the blow to the conscience, spirit and beliefs of African peoples all over the world.

The fact that African leaders at the Union can unilaterally make such a decision without any respect for the wishes of Africans, without admiration for our history, Haiti’s history, Africa’s history, and without honor, without reverence for our ancestors and where we have come from speaks to one fact alone, that we, as a people, have every right to paint them for who they really are.

The African Union is a rag-thug collection of sorry, pathetic and obdurate sellouts. They deserve nothing but to be arrested, collected, hung, killed, paled, decapitated and paraded through the streets of Kumasi, through the streets of Lagos, through the streets of Nairobi as a reminder of what should happen to anyone who represents powers other than that which is African on this continent.

To hell with the African Union. It has no place in Africa.

Because, since its inception, it has only failed at every step. Since its inception it has only looked like an old dilapidated man without vision, without a heart and without a head. It belongs, and rightly so, to the grave. To hell with the African Union.

So, don’t bother Haiti, the right time will come. But, for now the fight for freedom continues.

By: Kofi Mawuli Klu











"I'm just trying to make a way out of no way, for my people" -Modejeska Monteith Simpkins









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The Centrality of Africa in the Class Struggle to Come

by Danny Haiphong

Africa – it’s natural resources and the labor of its people – built the economies of the West, which has no intention of leaving. The West drains Africa of hundreds of billions each year, while strangling its nations in debt. The U.S. military occupies much of the continent. “The movement against racism and class warfare in the US must defend Africa from imperialist attack and condemn US imperialism wherever it rears its head on the continent.”

The Centrality of Africa in the Class Struggle to Come

by Danny Haiphong

“The long history of solidarity between the Black liberation movement and Pan-Africanism should inform the struggle today.”

The continent of Africa has been kept a mystery to most people inside of the US. Since its inception, US imperialism has suppressed past and present developments on the African continent. The suppression of Africa’s history and development gave political cover for the West to reap enormous profit and infrastructural development from of the trade of Africans. Once Africans ceased existing as a commodity of slaves, the continent's large reserves of natural resources caught the attention of US imperialism. US imperialism replaced Europe after World War II as the primary arbiter of neo-colonialism on the continent, thus cementing Africa's centrality to the struggle for self-determination and social revolution inside of the US.

US imperial influence in Africa is multifaceted and starts first and foremost with economic strangulation. US-led "international" organizations such as the International Monetary Fund (IMF) have forced the majority of Africa's people into a relationship of dependence with Western capital. US and Western imperialism havs shoved debt disguised as aid down the throat of Sub Saharan Africa to the tune of 134 billion USD annually. Yet nearly 200 billion USD per year in assets are looted from the continent, leaving the majority of African people impoverished. Africa’s dependency on the West is fueled by aid agreements that include Structural Adjustment Plans (SAP). SAPs require African nations receiving aid to make drastic cuts to healthcare, education, and infrastructure in order to guarantee repayment of debt to lending institutions.

US imperialism replaced Europe after World War II as the primary arbiter of neo-colonialism on the continent.”

Africa has provided the imperialist system with 1.7 trillion dollars worth of capital outflow since 1970 as a result of these predatory lending policies. However, the majority of African people on the continent continue to live under conditions of poverty. These conditions could not exist without compliant, US-friendly regimes. All over the continent, the US imperialism has provided political cover for brutal strongmen of neo-colonialism. In Rwanda and Uganda, the US has sponsored regimes involved in a proxy war against the resource rich Democratic Republic of Congo. Since 1996, over 6 million Congolese have been killed at the hands of Rwandan and Ugandan-backed mercenaries.

This is but one instance of what has become a general trend on the African continent. US imperialism has expanded its footprint in Africa in recent years to compete with China's growing economic influence. The US, being in economic decline itself, has primarily done so through the prism of the military. Just prior to George W. Bush's departure from office, the US African Command was formed. AFRICOM, for short, was expanded under Obama's rule and now has presence in 51 of 53 African nations.

The consequences of US military expansion in Africa have been devastating. Compliant, neo-colonial regimes have aided the US military through the expansion of drone operations, especially in the nation of Djibouti. In 2011, US imperialism overthrew Muammar Gaddafi in Libya. His proposed idea for a unified African monetary bank that dealt in gold ultimately threatened the hegemony of Washington in Africa. Libya under Gaddafi was one of the last remaining nations to both oppose Western financial strangulation as well as US military occupation in Africa.Since the overthrow of Libya’s sovereign government, there has been a proliferation in terrorist attacks that have spread the tentacles of instability throughout the entire region.

“US imperialism has expanded its footprint in Africa in recent years to compete with China's growing economic influence.”

The plan for Africa, contrary to AFRICOM's mission statement, is not regional stability but statelessness. US imperialism has done everything possible to keep Africa in a constant state of hunger, poverty, and underdevelopment through military means. AFRICOM has infiltrated African military forces so they can be deployed to halt China-Africa relations and keep Africa's natural resources firmly in the grip of US and Western capital. Coups and proxy wars will thus continue with regularity under the supervision of the US military. AFRICOM's expansion directly threatens any hope for self-determination and continental integration.

US expansion into Africa has only deepened the connection between the class struggle in the US and the liberation of Africa. Without a stronger anti-imperialist movement in the US and West, the imperialist states will continue to possess a great degree of freedom to employ resources toward the domination of the African continent. Furthermore, African resistance and liberation movements will continue to inform and instruct not only the future of the African continent, but also the futures of all peoples fighting to break the chains of imperialism.

Historically, this has manifested itself in the deep ties between the Pan-African movement in Africa and the Black liberation movement in the US. African liberation fighter Kwame Nkrumah shared a close relationship with Black liberation fighters Shirley and WEB Du Bois as well as Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X. Each visited Ghana in solidarity with Nkrumah's leadership in organizing a united and independent Africa. WEB Du Bois spent his last days living in Ghana free of US anti-communist repression. Later in the century, the Black Panther Party went a step further by actualizing its internationalist political orientation with the formation of chapters throughout the world. Its largest international chapter resided in Algeria.

Libya under Gaddafi was one of the last remaining nations to both oppose Western financial strangulation as well as US military occupation in Africa.”

The long history of solidarity between the Black liberation movement and Pan-Africanism should inform the struggle today. As African nations become more entangled in the web of US imperialism, the class struggle in both the US and Africa will become more entangled as well. This requires a movement that can organize around the day to day issues of the exploited in the US mainland and at the same explain these problems from an internationalist perspective. Zimbabwe and Eritrea are critical in this regard. Both nations remain steadfast in their opposition to AFRICOM. Despite their achievements, both nations suffer mightily from US sponsored sanctions. The movement against racism and class warfare in the US must defend these sovereign African countries from imperialist attack and condemn US imperialism wherever it rears its head on the continent as a whole.

The development of such a movement will require a great deal of education. Africa's centrality to the imperialist world economy over the last several hundred years has made it a target of the most viscous campaign of misinformation known to human history. For many in the US and West, Africa is nothing but an uncivilized land that deserves the suffering its people have been forced to experience. Even worse, Western thought has attempted to erase Africa's existence from the consciousness of people in the West all together. Only class struggle armed with the imperative to eliminate the vulgarity of the imperialist mind can begin to reserve this trend.

Danny Haiphong is an Asian activist and political analyst in the Boston area. He can be reached at

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Norland posted:

A white man on YouTube said one day the blacks are going to wake up and all the Whites will be gone. The blacks will discover they all went to Africa and took it over, similar to what they've done to the U.S.

I wish they'd hop a Jack Rabbit back to the Caucasus yesterday.

And Africans are too busy selling out their own birthright, that they are either oblivious to that fact or are too indifferent to care or are living under the delusion that they will have somewhere to go when that happens or that Black people and non-Black people will live together happily ever after.


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