This is why I said earlier....if folks don't stand against this is no tellin WHO will be next!  And clip does remind you of what Hilter did to the Jews[who were living in Germany legally].  Same thang.  Folks better WAKE up.  Cuz Black Folks...I'm tellin ya now [just cuz we got a black president] we ain't special.  There is still talk about vetoing our LEGAL voting rights....right?  So whiteboy can DO any THANG he wants.  He did it with the powerless treaties to fool the Native Americans[snatching away ALL their  land] he has invented another device by way of the "bill" to remove those who THEY claim don't look like they belong here.  Who's next?  Targeting blackfolks with dredge locs/braids/twists citing they don't look American? Or [American] Asians [returning from vacation] who didn't get their "eyes" widened before they stepped [back] on American soil?  Who's next?  Don't yall know the "revolution" is already HERE?  And massa is madddddddddddd!

I’m not for indiscriminate arrests and deportations based on ethnicity or race, but I guess the governor had to do something drastic about the ever growing immersion of illegal immigrants. The Federal government refuses to effectively deal with this thorny issue and so it is now left up to the states. Bush 41 had eight years to address the border problem but stridently refused to do so. He could have secured the borders under Home Land Security but looked the other way. So, the states are left to deal with it (as they should) since the Federal government is paralyzed with race politics. Ronald Reagan, Bush I and II and Clinton all left for the bathroom when the subject came up. And don’t expect Obama to do anything about it. Good for the governor of Arizona. I think he and the citizens of the state have taken a harsh but noble stand. Unfortunately, it will be challenged in federal court and that may not play out in the states favor. Time will tell….

This is a someone ambiguous video and therefore can be easily misinterpreted. Let me explain why.
The things that are missing from the video:
1. the fact that NON-WHITES are being targeted with this law. Which I believe was the intention all along.
2. This is a STATE law and NOT a federal law. Meaning the federal government is not endorsing this crap, so the state senator should shut up about President Obama "violating" their rights. (regarding what the state senator stated in response to the Nazi Germany comment) Actually what I interpreted that to mean is that white people as a group feel threatened to lose their privilege in this country.

Arizona has long been a hotbed of Immigration debate, which has consequently brought white nationalists and militias to the area. I wish I had a link to that documentary about the opposition to President Obama. They've since removed the link to the film and to the Riz Khan interview. So much to discuss on this issue.

But this Arizona law is definitely race based. No doubt about it!

This law is in conflict with federal law in the first place.  However, don't hold your breath until it is struck down.  This is merely yet another effort by racist whites to have control over non-whites in this country and I hope that ALL other non-whites in this country don't think that this is going to stop at Latinos/Mexicans or at the Arizona border.  But, since a larger percentage of Latinos than makes any sense are/vote republican, maybe the Republican Latinos/Mexicans (and the Latinos/Mexicans who hate Black people) will come to the rescue by demanding that this law be recinded.

Really Xeon? Yes, illegal immigrants today (Mexican looking people and not the many illegal Europeans often found in the Northeast *recall the wal-mart scandal in the early 2000's where they were hiring ILLEGALS to clean up their stores who were mainly WHITE) and all black and brown skinned people next. Its a slippery slope. I cannot believe that you are supporting this. I'm also at a loss for why if this guy was able to get a copy of this law in advance why so-called liberal white organizations such as the SPLC couldn't get something together and have their case to go before the federal magistrate before the ink was dry on this paperwork? Baffles me!


I agree with your assessment that something has to be done with the abundance of illegial aliens that have over the decades and continue to flow freely in this country and the citizens of Arizona and it's Governor (a woman, not a man) who made a harsh & controversial decision but the problem I have with this not just the lack of federal response by previous Presidents that you mentioned and the continued lack of focus, urgency, completion and overall security of the borders but the timimg of this whole thing and the unlying justification: the ever increasing & continued hatred for President Obama which IMO, is the real reason that pompted this new law.

Two laws passed in less than one week: the "birther" law which requires all  potential presidential candidates to show their proof of American citizenship via birth certificate (that's all about Prez Obama and no one else) in order to campaign in the state of Arizona and this law. 

And with all the previous presidents you mentioned, Arizona (and other states) and all their politicans complained and did nothing. The increasing influx of all these illegial aliens in Arizona and across the nation (in the millions) did not happen within the last 1.5 years that Prez Obama has been in office and with all the White radical ish: Republican DC politicans, Tea Party, Militia and White hate groups making constant noise about losing their "America" and all their rights being take away, it's just "business as usual" and as with America's history, Whites, when they feel threatened and sense major change that they feel are not in their favor, they nervously react by inacting and establishing federal & state laws against people of color. As far as Whites are concerned, Whites are the true Americans" and everybody else is suspect, especially when Hispanics will become the majority race by population in America within the next ten years and especially in the southwest and western states.

They did it to the Native Americans, forced and isolated them to reservations, passed laws that racially profiled all Asians (internment camps) after the attack on Pearl Harbor (eventhough the attack came from the nation of Japan that did not involve native Japanese/Asian Americans) and Black Ameicans since slavery ended (Black codes, Jim Crow laws).

When Whites fear change and feel backed into a corner, they paniced and do this via federal & state law for White citizen protection only and nobody other race.

And none of these laws really don't have much thought in it. It bunches all Hispanics together as "suspecious by description" (as noted by the video), does not indicate (in their minds) any White skinned illegial immigrants in this country illegially from around the world living in Arizona who probably arrived in Mexico and crossed the border into the U.S. and Whites with expired visas still living and working here.

And as far as jobs are concerned, when all the illegial Hispanics (hypothecially) are caught, jailed, processed, separated from the legal Hispanics and sent back to Mexico, are Whites who complain about not having jobs work the fields, the hotels, the construction jobs, lawn care, personally hired, in-home services, the minimum wage paying jobs from employers who don't want to pay a basic average wage with all benefits (the reason that they hire illegials in the first place) or are those jobs left to the rest of the docmented (legal) Hispanics living in Arizona?

Isn't that why they brought us over here? To do the work that they don't want to do?

As as far as President Obama is concerned, I feel that that Arizona just gave him the upper hand. Presidents in the past had to actually create the first real law that dealt with immigration and as you said "did not want to and they went to the bathroom" but now, Arizona made the template and first shot across the bow with this law and gave Prez Obama something to work with or work against.

Not one Hispanic (legal or illegial) is happy with this law (The WH does not agree with this) and all the Pres has to do is either (1) inact a federal law in complete opposition to the current Arizona law, (2) inact a federal similair law to Arizona's law with major changes. Either way, anything that President decides will be better than the current law in Arizona and the difference will be that the President will get Hispanics from all across the nation to get involved, provide their input, debate, work the specifics & gather support into what the laws will include and dictate unlike the people of Arizona, who really did not include actual Hispanic support but relied on poll numbers and White discontent.  And it will bloster national support for him from even more Hispanics and the Democrats in their upcoming elections. All the Prez has to do is present a law that is fair, balanced and inclusive that Hispanics will agree to versus the current one (as a national model) that Arizona passed.

The people of the state of Arizonian through their hate and discontent, have handed the Prez the solution to this immigration problem on a silver platter.

And in addition to inacting a federal law, what about the country of Mexico and it's President? he is never mentioned in this situation at all? What exactly is he doing for the people of Mexico in creating jobs?

Just added: Swastikas Made Of Refried Beans Smeared On Arizona Capitol

Not good in 'Zona!
Not sure which side I'm leaning on this fence. I understand the need to do something about the crime, but is this the right measure? As with anything, this law has the same issues as does anything that goes bad........people.
If the gov't had done somehing prior to this, none of this would be an issue. Az passes a law and every useless congressperson, all of a sudden wants to weigh in on the subject. If these boobs would do their job and be proactive once in awhile they could stop much of this. Now b/c they waited, if they do pass something counter to what Az has passed without addressing the issue at hand, border security, it will give rise to more of these nut cases to come out of the woodworks crying about revolution and the POTUS is a marxist/socialist etc.

Ocatch, you can bet that tougher border security measures, more border patrol officers border upgrades and more technology will definitely be a large part of the new federal immigaration law and for the illegials that are already here who are established, have worked for years, raised families (with legal American born children in schools) have jobs and rent/mortgage notes who call America home, will be given the opportunity to come out of the shadows and after some harsh legal procedures (probably paying a huge fine), will go to the back of the line and apply for American citizenship. And also, many will be returned to Mexico but it does not matter what Prez Obama does, that marxist/socialist label is here to stay no matter what he does.

  @Ocatchings ... I like the way you said what you said! 

I kinda do know what side of the fence I'm on about this, though!  While this law certainly isn't perfect (and the door for potential abuse of power and authority is wide open!) ... I ain't mad at AZ for taking steps to curb the illegal immigration problem in their state.  I wish the rest of the country (either at the fed or state level) were taking a stand against it, too!

Unlike most, I do consider illegal immigration a "problem" ... especially to/for/against Black folks.  But I don't limit my opposition to it only to Hispanics.  It's not a "race" issue for me ... it's an Illegal residency issue as far as I'm concerned.  I really don't care whether the illegal immigrant in question is Hispanic, Asian, European, Middle Eastern, African, or Martian ... being here illegally is the main issue.

I really don't like either political party's proposed solution for immigration reform, either.  The Democrats "forget and forget amnesty plan" is waaay too lenient for my tastes ... and the Republicans "mass deportation - 'Great Wall of China'-style lockdown" is waayy over the top, IMO, as well.

I really wish/hope there could be a happy medium somewhere in there (although I'm not holding my breathe that one will actually be found! ).  However, this inactivity in dealing with the situation is something I find unacceptable.  This is something that, IMO, should have been addressed a long time ago!

Whether or not AZ's plan turns ugly is something that remains to be seen - (I find it interesting that the OP article of this thread is declaring something that's not even possible - that this man was arrested by a law that hasn't even been enacted yet!    A more honest assessment would have been to say the man was wrongfully arrested - which he was ... but to say the police used a law that isn't even a law yet destroys the credibility of the story!).

Arizona could have done it better (written a better law).  But at least the did something.  And I hope, in the end, it works out well for everyone concerned.
Quote by ER: " (I find it interesting that the OP article of this thread is declaring something that's not even possible - that this man was arrested by a law that hasn't even been enacted yet!    A more honest assessment would have been to say the man was wrongfully arrested - which he was ... but to say the police used a law that isn't even a law yet destroys the credibility of the story!)."


The story is credible. Listen to the exchange between Al Sharpton and Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio, the self professed "America's Toughest Sheriff" in which he admits that the police of Arizona was already doing this to Hispanic residents in Arizona. He states that the passing of the law "further strenghtens what he was already doing". 

And I'll bet he was one of the main people in Arizona lobbying hard for this law since it enhances & gives his current police policy more bite and state protection from federal authorites. This guy is power hungry to the extreme.

Open link to view & listen.
@ Cholly ...

Well, no, I'm not saying that the methods used to arrest this guy were not along the same lines as those outlined in this current legislation.  I'm just saying that the title of this story is misleading ... 'Cause the newly enacted law didn't have anything to do with this guy getting the wrong end of the stick! 

The "law" hasn't happened yet.  So, what that really means is that AZ apparently already has laws that permit police to have done what they did to this man.  This new law, no doubt, does even more ... or something altogether different, maybe!!  But linking what happened to him to this new law is just propaganda, at best! (The kind that get rumors like "death panels" started! )  And is obviously intended to incite, enrage, and inflame.

What happened to the man WAS jacked up!   Let's hope there was some measure of abuse of power or authority somewhere in there - that they crossed a line .. but I doubt it! Arizone has made no bones about their feelings about the illegal immigrant situation in their state.  That Sheriff Arpaio, who's been doing that and worse for years now, is living proof of that!

Personally, I think the language of the law that it is a requirement that police try to ascertain the citizenship of an individual who is suspected of being here illegally, is what is the problematic part of the bill for me!  I can see how that might be unconstitutional.  There's probably enough about whatever AZ has in place now to kick up a good fuss about.

But, it's all the other non-factual, emotionally-charged accusations, innuendos and speculation that, IMO, cloud the real issues surrounding illegal immigration and a big part of why there hasn't been any reform for it thus far.  It's a hotbed of controversy as it is .. and stories like this don't help it any when misinformation is used.
ER, I understand what you're saying and the title is a little misleading with the ending of the title "over Arizona's immigration law" but IMO, in situations like this, the intent behind these "unwritten rules" of laws that are being conducted by law enforcement in Arizona with the complete "uwritten boardroom approval and just look away" backing and support by the Governor's office has been, unknowing to any one else in the nation, a total disservice and racially injust situation that has been going on for a long time against Hispanics and it surpises me how no one in Arizona (or anyone across the nation who knew of this) spoke up nationally about this going on.

The "law" hasn't happened yet but the "law" has been happening in Arizona to all Hispanics for a lone time.

Hispanics in Arizona (like the victim in the video) both legal and illegial, have been living in constant fear everyday going through this injustice in Arizona and no state or federal politicians or any citizens from Arizona came forward & blew the whistle about this illegial police action and made this public. And even if any politicans in DC knew about it (including the WH) they did not say anything about it. For the politicans, it's all about saving your own political ass and not doing what's right.

So it seems to me that if any state (and they probably do) wants to make up their own brand of wild west justice; underlying illegial "unwritten & unspoken laws", keep it on the hush hush and when something happens (like the rich White Arizona rancher getting killed by an illegial alien that tipped the scale on this) and it then allows complete legal justification after all the uproar, legally pass it into law that now legally permits more overall power and control to the same racists and unlawful acts & tactics by law eforcement against a race of people just like this one.

In that video interview, Sheriff Arpaio said that one of the reasons that the law was passed so that he and law  enforcement would not be interfered with by the federal authorities. This guy thinks that he is Matt Dillon from Gunsmoke. He has mass influence all across the state, is a state/nationally known figure with a massive ego who probably has the Governor of Arizona kneeling at his feet everytime he wants something from her office and she obliges him without question. And it is all done in secret with a select few in the know and they do a great job of keeping it from the public and telling others (probably by threats of force against them) to keep it quiet. And if someone from the outside gets a hint and has questions, then they go into deflect & deny mode.

And for all the White criminals in Arizona? They love this. They will do their dirt, committ crimes/illegial activities and just blame it on those Hispanics since the police will be focused mainly on "the suspecious people" and not so much on them. And in the case of the innocent Hispanic citizen, "anyone will do" since they now have the utmost distinction of "they all look alike". Sounds familiar, doesn't it?

The same way the southern states did with the Jim Crow laws until the cameras started rolling and uneartherd the real truth.
In that video interview, Sheriff Arpaio said that one of the reasons that the law was passed so that he and law enforcement would not be interfered with by the federal authorities. This guy thinks that he is Matt Dillon from Gunsmoke. He has mass influence all across the state, is a state/nationally known figure with a massive ego who probably has the Governor of Arizona kneeling at his feet everytime he wants something from her office and she obliges him without question. And it is all done in secret with a select few in the know and they do a great job of keeping it from the public and telling others (probably by threats of force against them) to keep it quiet. And if someone from the outside gets a hint and has questions, then they go into deflect & deny mode.

Yes, exactly, Cholly!  Now we're getting on the same page! 

I first remember seeing an interview about the Good Sheriff more than a year ago.  He was out of control then ... but the next time he came up in the news he was conducting chain-gangs, unlawful detentions, holding immigrants in deplorable (and I'm sure unlawful) conditions ... and I can only imagine ... outside of the cameras views ... the kinds of infractions he's committing today! 

And that was the point of my previous post ... that due to the emotionally-charged nature of this debate ... people are missing the point of what's already going on in AZ today with the laws they currently have on the books ... just to spread bad misinformation about this new law that they are up in arms about!

The guy in this video wasn't the first Hispanic-American citizen to get detained in this manner.  The last one I read about actually got deported before the mix-up was resolved!  And it's highly unlikely that these are the only two ... they're just the ones whose stories have managed to get told. 

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