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Anyone see the story of that 16 year old suicide bomber who 'changed his mind' and had the bomb diffused? The poor child was mentally challenged.

So, how do we feel about islamic terrorists forcing the mentally challenged to blow themselves up for some 'cause' they can't even comprehend? Absolutely EVIL is alive and well in the world, and it calls itself islam.
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Where did I dismiss, excuse or ignore this child who was sent to bomb a public place? Again, you are reading something that is just not there.
If we must have a conversation about terrorism, let's not limit it to Islamic radicals, let's open up the discussion to all religious radical terrorists. You might find that the 'civilized' black community has quite a bit to say about the terrorists right here of U.S. citizenry.

Just one question, why do you hate Arab Muslims so much?
Please, you had your chance to respond. Lets hear from other folks now.

Why Hate arab muslims? You are serious? Did you even READ this topic at all yssys?

Listen, if it helps you comprehend this, think of it in terms of the civil rights of palestinian handicapped youth, maybe that will make you see defending this practice is not only 'evil and immoral', but a violation of someone's "civil rights". That help you understand?

(its like conversing with a child right now)
Ok, are you going to respond? When?

So, you have no disdain for the practice of islamic leaders who strap bombs onto little retarded children and have them do 'allah's will' for them, since they don't want to do it themselves? OK, I suppose that suffices as a 'response' of sorts.

Whats really interesting, though not unexpected, is that I can't even get you to condemn this horrible practice, just amazing at how low YOU have now sunk apparently. One must conclude from your silence that Malcolm himself would have approved of, and USED such methods himself, since this is not untenable or incredulous to you at all.
I will condemn suicide bombers when there is condemnation of the rogue state of Israel continued occupation and killing of innocent Palestinians. No matter how hard they try to play up the bombing and killing of Israeli's on a bus, in a restaurant, in a night club; the number of Palestinians killed by the Israeli illegal occupation is far greater than the number of Israeli's killed. Trying to raise sympathy for this 16 year old would be bomber is another ploy to confuse the issue here, Israeli's kills 16 year old Palestinians all the time, hell they kill younger Palestinians as well, it is no wonder a 16 year old would volunteer to do something like this. Lucky for them he changed his mind unfortunately there is some 16 year olds who will not.
Yeah, I know. Suicidal handicapped children are totally RIGHTEOUSLY and CORRECTLY sent to their homicidal young deaths, at the behest of powerful others who only 'send' them, right up until the very moment that someone else will condemn Israel. THEN and only THEN is the practice immoral and wrong. Funny how that works. What a solid moral foundation you must have!

Praise be to Allah for that piece of typical morality and spiritual obscenity that we hear so often from muslimes every day. What a religion! What a people!

Q: Whats a beautiful day in the muslim philosophy look like?
A: A cemetary full of dead 'bombers'.

Next they'll be recruiting babies who strap on the bombs before they come out the womb, and they'll be all these moms taking taxis to Israeli hospitals. Its truly the Beautiful people.

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Exactly. Yet, lets keep on bombing those Israeli woman and children, cause that'll show em, won't it!

Can't think of a better enemy to have than the one who measures its success by how many of their own people are dying. They must be geniuses.

To be fair, the palestinian people are as much a victim of Hamas and Islam as anyone else is. Thats the truly sad part. I hope Israel will some day stop holding back and just get on with all-out war to exterminate these islamic vermin on a much wider basis.
I guess American terrorist cannot sink to a "new" low because all of their "lows" are not new.

Isreal is not innocent in all that is taking place in that country, in fact, they seem to be doing the exact same thing that Hitler did to the Jews in Germany and the rest of Europe.

It is tragic that there are people in this world that would strap a bomb on a child, especially a mentally challenged child, however, it does not excuse all of the wrong that is done by the oppoing side in Isreal or anywhere else in this world.
Exactly Toussaint. Here we see nitwits who defend mass murder of innocents, defend Saddam, defend Hitler, defend Stalin, defend ANYTHING which is evil, wrong, and wholly immoral.

Simply amazing at how twisted todays' children are becoming.

So, yssys, faheem, sunnibian, itain't, ALL do not have the courage, or moral foundation, to call this horrible practice wrong, much less condemn it, as is incumbant upon all civilizied human beings. The topic wasn't about Israel, wasn't about Hitler, wasn't about jews, it was clear and precisely about the evilness of palestinian muslims who would trick someone elses helpless child into killing himself in the name of bloodthirsty mass murder, for 22$ and the promise of 72 virgins.

It is QUITE evident that God has abandoned islamic life, and especially those individuals killing life senselessly like this. And now it makes me wonder if God has also abandoned these nitwits right here who do not know right from wrong either.

Pitiful morons. I hope you all have young children or family members who someone uses like this one day, and they die senselessly. THAT would be justice. You sicken me you merciless imbeciles.
Didn't I post:

"It is tragic that there are people in this world that would strap a bomb on a child, especially a mentally challenged child, however, it does not excuse all of the wrong that is done by the oppoing side in Isreal or anywhere else in this world."

Do you really believe that I will criticize only certain acts of inhumanity. The way I see it, as I indicated, Isreal is not innocent in the circumstances taking place there.
I am not going to criticize only the side of those who would stoop as low as to strap bombs on children, and look the other way at the wrongdoings of the opposing side.
So, what do you guys think about a mentally challenged 16 year old being recruited for a suicide bombing?

I think the recruiting of this young man is demonstrative of how desperate things are over there. I would imagine that Hamas and all the other so-called terrorist groups understand and know that as quickly as they would recruit a mentally challenge young man; The Israeli government would kill one. Thus they are not interested in the death of this young man, they are only interesting in knowing how many he can kill by strapping a bomb to his body and detonating it. It is a cruel world and nothing in that region is crueler than the illegal occupation by the rogue state of Israel and the oppression those who live under the foot of Israel suffer through everyday. This young man being recruited is a reaction to the occupation; we can talk all day about how wrong it is to recruit a young man, especially one that is mentally challenged to blow himself up. However, after that discussion is done we must discuss ending the illegal occupation and the building of illegal settlements.

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