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I had heard grumblings in blogosphere about the media not giving attention to Ron Paul. This morning I actually seen evidence of it on MSNBC's Morning Joe. The host's were going over poll results from Republican candidates in national and various states polling. In nearly all of the Polls Paul was either second or third........but they did not even mention his name ONCE. Instead, they only mentioned Romney, Perry, Cain...and they even mentioned those way down in the polling like Huntsman and Bachman. Thus, I have to say that I agree with the sentiment that there is a conspiracy against Ron Paul.....and that is not to say that I am a supporter of Paul overall, but I do think he and Dennis Kucinnich are the only politicians that I know of who actually believes in SYSTEMIC changes, like doing away with the Federal Reserve and changing the way our military is deployed around the world.


The truth be told its the MSM that makes or breaks candidates. The media can make you or break you by omission or commission, by digging up dirt or not digging up dirt, by exposing dirt or not exposing dirt, by attention or no attention, by biased support or biased opposition, etc. Ron Paul polls high....much higher than the attention he receives from the media and one has to ask why?


As I mentioned before, the main problems of this nation are not born from the issues that the two parties disagree with, such as abortion, gay marriage, social programs, etc. Rather, its the issues that both parties agree with, like the role of the military, the role of the federal reserve, the support for corporation and the Banking System as is. It is in these areas that much of our success and rise as a nation exists and its these same areas that are rooted in the current fall of our nation.


People like Ron Paul are a threat to the system. He potentially represents REAL change to the system and the corporate media has a gag order against his promotion.


A system is a living entity that seeks survival. It will not promote its destruction by elevating someone to a position of power that will harm it. The system will only allow the promotion to power those who will promote the system. 


Vita vya panzi (ni) furaha ya kunguru. War among grasshoppers delights the crow. Msema kweli hana wajoli. The speaker of truth has few friends. ("`-''-/").___..--''"`-._ `6_ 6 ) `-. ( ).`-.__.`) (_Y_.)' ._ ) `._ `. ``-..-' _..`--'_..-_/ /--'_.' ,' (((' (((-((('' (((( Noah The African in America
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Well, I do not agree with that line of thinking and here is why. We live in a big Ship called the United States of America. White corporate interest runs the ship, the politics and the buoyancy of the ship. Black folks are on the lower deck of the ship, but not independent from the ship. Thus, if this white folk’s ship sinks……my black azz is going to sink right with it. Hence, whether or not the captain does a damn thing for the lower deck, I am still interested in who the captain is and what he is doing because if the ship sinks we will sink with it.

Whether some of yaw want to admit it or not…….we are NOT an independent sovereign people.  We are not floating in some independent vessel where we don’t have to worry about what white folks are doing. The issue of Ron Paul is very important because it’s related to the buoyance of the vessel that we share with white folks. Now that might not be import to   some of yaw, but I recognize that if this country falls, regardless of who is doing anything or not for blacks, black folks will fall first and hardest..

Ron Paul? Dennis Kucinnich? One in the same and their parties only tolerates; don't like or want either one of them.


They don't possess or conform to "it" whatever that political "it" is.


Ron Paul. Every year the same exact thing. Wins or place high in all the straw polls. Loved by young Americans because he's different yet that difference is the reason why he remains stagnant and slowly dismissed politically in the Presdential race every year. The Republican establishment does not want him (he's not "on board & a team player" and politically, he's a maverick.. too hard to control) and they systematically yields the power to prevent him from progressing.


Their man for 2012? Former Mass. gov and businesman Mitt Romney.


RomneyCare and being Mormon.


And despite all that and anything else that comes up, he will still become the Republican Presidenti­al candidate because since day one, Mitt has been the chosen one to be their candidate. Everyone else running is just window dressing..White noise and they too understand that Mitt is their man.

They are only there to compete against Romney as a process of eliminatio­n. Romney's a political suit, they're not....He's clean cut, They're not....They slip up, Romney doesn't. 

Forget about all the straw polls and who wins them (Romney never does), the national polls and who gets the news headlines everyday. Mitt was chosen by the establishm­ent a very long time ago.

Michelle Bachmann..­started fast and fell way back.

Rick­aced slightly out front and once he opened his "Texas" mouth.."To Bush" like...tag­ged with the racist label and immediatel­y relegated to the middle of the pack.

Gov. Doug Christie.. To afraid, inexperien­ced and too physically unhealthy (tells a lot about his lack of self-discipline: it may work for him in Italian heavy "New Jersey" but not nationwide) in today's mostly adult health conscious, political and social tech savvy society to run.

Herman Cain....On­ly showed up to the tail gate for the free beer, brats, free tickets & money. To the Republican establishment...Not electable (and we all know why). Not enough resources and deep pockets, fund raising money to maintain a solid campaign on a monthly basis. Michael Steele's Black Republican replacemen­t...Behind the pulpit, preacher "loud" sermon speaker... great for rallying the religious consevative troops (Sarah Palin "lite") but has absoluty no substance or enough politcal experience outside of the corporate business world­. No foreign policy experience at all.

The rest of the Republican field? Just warm bodies....­No chance.

2012? It's Mitt Romney vs President Barack Obama.

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Originally Posted by sunnubian:

"The issue of Ron Paul is very important because"


Because he and his son are racists with political philosophies that are so far right that they often clash with dictates of our Constitution, that need to be kept as far away from the Oval Office as possible. seems to me that if one believes that this is a racist nation.....then they would not be trying to suppress his elevation.

Originally Posted by sunnubian:

"The issue of Ron Paul is very important because"


Because he and his son are racists with political philosophies that are so far right that they often clash with dictates of our Constitution, that need to be kept as far away from the Oval Office as possible.



Thank you!!! 

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