Yeah, that's what some of you say, but I know the majority of you don't want to know the truth. As a matter of a fact, most of you love a lie so much, you will despise & hate he or she he reveals the truth! Haven't you ever wondered why Easter doesn't have a set date? It's because it coincides with the Spring Equinox and not the resurrection the world has been taught to believe in but never even happened! Also, during this pagan ritual and practice of paying homage to Ishtar, the believers would paint their females bright pastel colors. The females would then go hide, and after a brief wait, the males would go out and find as many of the females as possible, and then engage in sex with them with the hopes of impregnating each and every female participating in the ritual. The colored eggs of present day practice represent the females painted in pastel colors of the past ritual! Don't believe what I tell you. Do your own research.


Easter Ishstar

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  This is NOT new news.  We all least I do that commercial holidays have a monetary purpose...but!  There has to be a STORY to it for the consumers...[you know to get them all happy about spending that almighty dollar].  The bunny for example...well the hare do in fact have a sexual persona/component to it.  Ask the Greeks and Romans what it i.e. hare means to them?


In terms of the egg?  Well..again...cultures all over the world have their OWN version of what it may mean to them.  But by no stretch of the imagination did I think that Easter has the good image Christians try to infuse.  Nope.  I'm STILL trying to wrap my head around why Jesus felt the NEED to have 12 men hanging out with him all the time-even though during those periods women were kept in the home.  But!  Still that right there is an insult to my intelligence and sensibilities.  But so is all of the religious stuff society attempts to JAM down one's throat.  So trust and believe I'm picking up what you're putting down and have for too  many years to recall.  But! 

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