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It was never really there to begin with. Just the illusion that it was.

IMHO the American Dream is something that can only be brought about by the American people. Not by the government or by capitalists. The government and capitalists have always had their own agenda apart from that of the American worker/consumer/citizen. And their agenda sometimes comes at our detriment. But it doesn't matter to them because they are about money, wealth, territory and control. Or if it does matter to some of them their own interests still are a higher priority to them than our pain.

American capitalism has gone through several stages and it had to change during the New Deal Era or else face the wrath of popular revolution. Now that the threat of popular revolution subsided almost completely in the 1970s as the last rebellion (the rebellions of the 1960s) died out, capitalism can go back to the pre-New Deal days. That's what Ronald Reagan was about, reconstructing 1920's corporate "laissez-faire" for a late industrial society. That's what every politician after him has been about as well. They've just had differing methods of achieving this goal.
Originally posted by MBM:
Based upon where we are now, is the American Dream dead?

I thought I would use this as a standard.

I say, 'No.'

There is, however, a chasing demographic as to who, and how many, it can be applied to.

the inventors of that 'dream' did not intend that it be available to African Americans like to themselves.

That is why 'they' created that 'place' for us.


Jim Chester
The American Dream was a neurotic delusion of consumerism created in the early 1920s for a small group and again in the 50s for a larger group.

But it was only a treadmill for people to run on. Consumerism is fundamentally STUPID. The laws of physics DO NOT CHANGE STYLE. Bill Gates can buy a new car every week but the physics won't change. Truly excellent products don't need to be redesigned very much. The fact that so many of them are changed so much is proof that they are absurdly designed. People buy too much for psychological reasons.

You can't run a planet of 7,000,000,000 people on bad algebra. There were fewer than 3,000,000,000 in the 1950s so the delusion was easier to sustain.

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