I'm calling out all of the single women who are telling the world that they are married.
Do you notice that many unmarried women where wedding rings nowadays? Why is the bar full of (supposedly) married women showing off their rock every chance they get? How common is this trend?

I wonder what is the motivation to do this? Why would unmarried women want to give the impression that they are married?
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I haven't seen this happening either, but, if I had to guess, I would think that it would either be to keep men at bay ... only choosing to seek out and deal with who they might want to meet or get to know better, or, perhaps they are unmarried but in a relationship that they are hoping to turn into marriage and wearing the ring either shows the "boyfriend" that they are not out there looking around or perhaps they are trying to give him a hint! Eek

As me and my single girlfriends are fond of saying, 'You have to kiss a lot of toads before you find your prince!' Perhaps some women are just suffering from overly chapped lips and are tired of visiting lilly pads and are just taking a break ... or have given up waiting for that miracle. Smile
Well... I can honestly say that I rock a ring on the wedding finger everyday. I'm tired of hearing the lame pickup lines that guys throw out at clubs and parties (and in class... it never ends) and other places that (even if i was single) I wouldn't be picking up someone for a relationship anyway. It's a great way to deal with people who you want to deal with and avoid those you don't. If someone was really aproaching me only to have a casual conversation they wouldn't be worried about the ring on my finger anyway.
That's pretty much what I initially figured. A man can only imagine what some women have to ordeal from some men who can't take no for an answer. So for single women who wear wedding rings, the ball is in their court and I assume that's how they want it. I also agree that casual conversation is great for testing the waters in a situation where a mans romantic interest in a woman stirs his curiosity; something in the conversation might reveal if she is really unavailable.

I personally make it a point to avoid digging women who are married (or appear to be married) out of respect and the simple logic that they wear a wedding ring because they are married, not single.

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