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... the current administration's strategy of de-funding the government?

We are allowing them to decreasing tax revenue through tax cuts, creating an environment where businesses feel free to exports jobs (potential tax revenue) and earned revenue off-shore; while spending unbelievable sums to fund this War on Terrorism.

Not only are they de-funding the Federal government, since most states tie State tax liability to the Federal Adjusted Income figure, our states are being de-funded.

I'm afraid that by the end of this administration, we will be back to pre-FDR programming, where there was no safety net, there was no (or very little) regulation of unpopular things like the environment or civil rights.

Are our legislators and the public, so myopic that they can't see what our future holds, if we stay this course?
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Kweli ....

You're absolutely right!! But, I think you're affording way to much credit by calling it a "strategy" ... that would infer that there was intelligent thought and intent behind it ... and I don't believe that's true. I don't believe this Administration has intelligently intended anything that's happened to it! But, that's another thread!! Big Grin

Anyway, yeah, I put that concern in the same box of concerns as my civil liberties being flushed down the toilet, the hijacking of a national election, and the almost complete isolation and ostracism of our foreign allies. You know, those thngs that are fairly important to my liefstyle and well-being!! Eek If ya know what I mean!!

Free your mind, and the rest will follow.
Originally posted by Kevin41:

I read where such de-funding cancels the debate on social spending by default because the money just isn't there to spend in the first place.

Choking off the money does change the focus of one's perception of what is important. Government knows what the consequences of their actions will be. They have triage sesssions, and "worst-case scenarios."

Pick the subject. If Government has an agency for it, government knows the plus and minus.

Disappointing, but true.

You ask about concern. Yes, but these things are what makes ulcers. Or the inability to do anything about it.

Don't burn a hole in your stomach.


Jim Chester

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