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Eji Ogbe

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Ejinrin fa gburu-gburu wo lu a da fun Orunmila ti o
nlo fe eye Toro omo Olokun Nwon ni ki Orunmila
ru bo ki o ba le fe, akiko meji, ayebo kan, eku, eja,
oke meji, ati egbafa; o ru bo.
N'igba-ti Orunmila nlo si ile Olokun, o ko oke meji dani,
ni gba-ti Orunmila fi ma de ile Olokun, Esu se ju
mo l'ara, ni gba-ti Toro ri Orunmila, o ni on ni on o fe.

Olokun ni gbogbo Irunmole ti o ti nfe
Toroti ko gba. nibo ni Orunmila mu Toro gba?
Orunmila ni on yio mu lo bayi ni Olokun bere si ke
Orunmila o ni lati ojo ti gbogbo Irunmole ti nfe Toro o
jaja ri eni-ti yio fe

Ni igba ti awon Irunmole ri pe Toro fe Orunmila inu bi
won, nwon mu-ra n'won fi otun se aye n'won fi osi
se iran, n'won fi okorokoro se ajinjin d'orun

Ni gba ti Esu ri eyi o mu okan n'inu akiko meji ti Orunmila
fi ru bo o so si nu aye otun o di
o so okan si nu iran osi, o di o so ayebo si nu ajinjin d'orun
okorokoro o di awon Irunmole si ti so
fun olodo to yio tu n'won pe bi n'won ba ri Babalawo
kan ti o ba mu obinrin kan l'ehin ko gbodo tu won;
ni gba Orunmila fi ma de odo olodo o di obinrin re Toro
si nu oke kan o da okan de l'ori, o di o gbe ru, ni gba ti
o de odo olodo, olodo ko mo pe Babalawo na ti awon Irunmole
wi ni, o si tu won gun oke ni gba ti Orunmila de oja Ife o so ka le,
o tu oke l'ori obinrin, obinrin na si yo jade ara ta gbogbo awon Irunmole
inu si bi won Orunmila njo, o nyo, o ni:

O soko Bani
O shoko Bani
Ejinrin fa gburu gburu wo-lu o
a da fun emi Orunmila
Ti nlo fe Toro omo Olokun
Awon Irunmole f otun se aye o
Awon Irunmole f osi se ran
N'won fi okorokoro se a jinjin d'orun
N'won le f otun se aye o
Ki n'won f okorokoro se a jinjin d'orun
ko ni onile ma re le gbain
Orunmila bge mi si oke gbe mi si ororo re
Ki a jo ma lo gbere gbere
ni bi o da li o da ki a jo ma lo
Ifa ni a o fe obinrin kan, gbogbo enia ni yio ma doyi
yi ni ka, ti n'won yio si ma di rikisi si ni ki
a ma foya, a o fe obinrin na.

" Ejinrin spreads and spreads until it enters the town" was the one who cast Ifa for orumila when her was going to marry narrow, child of the Sea Goddess. They said Orunmila should sacrifice two cocks, one hen, a rat, a fish, two bags,and three shillings so that he might be able to marry her.He made the sacrifice. When Orunmila went to the Sea Goddess' house, he took two bags with him. When he arrived, Eshu blinked his eyes at him, making him very handsom. WhenNarrow saw Orunmila, she said he was the one she should marry. The sea Goddess said all the Four Hundred Deities had wanted Narrow, but she had refused them; where then could Orunmila take Narrow to escape their anger? Orunmila said he would take her away. Then the Sea Goddess began to be hospitable to Orunmila. She said that all the Four Hundred Deities had wanted to marry Narrow; but finally she had found someone she was willing to marry. When the Four Hundred Deities saw the Narrow loved Orunmila, they were angry; they got ready to dig a pit on the right side; they dug an abyss on the left side; and in front theydug a hole as deep as heaven is high. When Eshu saw this, he took the two cocks that Orunmila had sacrificed. He threw one into the pit one the right, and it closed; he threw the other into the abyss on the left, and it closed; he threw the hen into the whole in front, which was as deep as heaven is high, and it closed. The Four Hundred Deities had already told the ferrymen at the river Orunmila had to cross that if a diviner traveling with a woman should come to them, they must not ferry them across.
When Orunmila was approaching the ferrymen, he put his wife, Narrow, inside of one bag and he put the other bag over her head. He tied her up, and carried her. When he came to the river, the ferrymen did not know that this was the diviner of whom the Four Hundred Divinities had spoken, and paddled them across the river. When Orunmila arrived at the market in Ife, he put the bags down and untied them; and his wife stepped out. All of the Four Hundred Divinities were disappointed and they were angry; but Orunmila was dancing and rejoicing He said:
" Oooooh shoko'."Bani"
"Ejinrin spreads and spreads until it enters the town; o,
"Was the one who cast Ifa for me, Orunmila,
"When I was going to marry Narrow, the child of the Sea Goddess.
"The Four Hundred Dieties dug a pit on the right side;
"The Four Hundred Dieties dug an abyss on the left side;
"In front they dug a hole as deep as heaven is high.
"They can dig a pit on the right side oh;
"They can dig an abyss on the left side;
"They can dig a hole in the front, as deep as heaven is hugh;
"They didn't say one can't go to his own house, 'gbain'
"Orunmila, carry me in your bag; carry me in your purse,
"So that we may go together slowly;
"So that whereever we may be going, we may go together."

Ifa says we will marry a woman. Everyone will try to twist us and turn us,
and they will conspire against us; but we should not be afraid. We will marry
the woman

Ase ase ase o

*Ifaleye note*

Whatever, whoever conspires against us they will not succeed as long
as we have Ifa, as long as we follow his footsteps, his injunctions, his
ase o
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Se Alafia Ni
Oshun, again call me slow. Symbolisms? you mean like the Sea Goddess? Help me out here (forgive me for being slow) There are some Odu which as you say have symbolisms, Or are you speaking of the holes (traps) that were lain. For the most part. This in my Opinion is quite literal but I am a religionists, And believe what I read in Odu as real events occurrences, for the most part

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