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Originally posted by ThaWatcher:
People love to bash Bush, but can you imagine being president of the US in a time like this? If you were president what would you be doing with regard to Iraq, the economy, North Korea, Terrorism, drugs, Isreal, education etc.....

Damn - why'd you ask that question?! You're going to get me fired from my own damn company spending too much time on here!! brosmile

I'll be back to this one later (he says licking his chops greedily!) brosmile

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Wathcer this might be your best post ever...

But here are my repsonses to each..

1.Iraq. Apoligize to the UN, bring them in as complet and full partners in the recontruction of Iraq. Kick Haliburton out of Iraq. And make the bidding for the reconstruction of the Iraqi oil lines free and fair and they would go to the highest bidder.. Send out a worldwide bulliten that if Saddam Hussien is still alive he can come out of hiding and have exile wherever he wants it. Grant him immunity from war crimes.

2. The economy. Legalize prostitution marijuana and certain other illicit drugs. Raise taxes on the wealthy where they are paying and EQUAL % rate of taxes as everbody else. Close tax loop holes

3. North Korea. Open talks w/ N. Korea. Their economy is in shambless, all they want is oppurtunity to develope their economy, help them do it.

4.Terrorism. Stop pissing people off around the world. Change the enite paradigm on how we fight terrorism. If people were not madd at the US they would not want to do the things they have been doing.

5.Drugs. Legalization/Derciminalization.

6.Isreal. Cut the cord, end the free ride. Palestine deserves stathood w/ out Isreali restictions. Isreal out of the W. Bank, Isreal gives up it nuclear aspirations.

7.Education. Fund education w/ the money now made w/ the legalization of marijuan.
How much of this was caused by bringing in an old administrations leadership (Rumsfeld, Cheney and Wolfolwitz) that was dominant during the 1980's another time of recession, Iran Contra, civil war in Honduras, and all kinds of nasty little secrets coming out in the recent years? Bush is the "talking head" for these other guys agenda. In this administration, they are definitely business friendly to the extreme. Starting with NAFTA being passed by the Republican majority houses during the Clinton Administration. I tell you they will be sorry if things don't turn up as far as jobs. If the jobless have any good sense come election day, they'll vote Bush and the Federalist cronies out of office come election day.
Bush is a fool for taking the heat for these people. So foolish, I almost feel sorry for him. We'll see what the payoff will be for him in the next few years. I hope it's worth all the trouble he's going through.
Oh this is an easy one!!

If I were president ....

Iraq - there would be no Iraq situation. We wouldn't have our azzes in Iraq, since we've got no business being there!! Hundreds of our soldiers would still have their lives and their families. (Unlike they do right now.)

The economy - I would have continued with the sucessful, surplus-creating policies that were in place, expanded on them when necessary and we would have no economy situation (as we have now!)

North Korea - See Iraq! And add, having diplomatic conversations would have and could have settled this issue a long time ago.

Terrorism, drugs - These issues are very real and would be dealt with agressively. I would bring together and utilize the coalition of the International community to combat these issues effectively. I would not have the rest of the world laughing in our faces and wanting to stab us in the back (as they are/do now!)

Isreal - I would squeeze the funds currently being sent to them, use them for education and other domestic issues, and once they took their heads out of their butts and started a sincere process towards peace with Palistine, we could then discuss reinstating the kabillions of dollars in aid they are currently receiving.

Education - See Isreal. And then add, make it a top priority to fix the inefficiencies in policies that currently govern them!

Simple! Big Grin

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Originally posted by ThaWatcher:
People love to bash Bush, but can you imagine being president of the US in a time like this? If you were president what would you be doing with regard to Iraq, the economy, North Korea, Terrorism, drugs, Isreal, education etc.....

Iraq - Continued working through the UN inspections. Would have only invaded with proof positive of WMD's like them actually using a WMD on us or a close ally.

Economy - Would have still push for tax cuts maybe not just as deep. Tax cuts would have been for strictly the middle class who actually carry the tax burden in this country.

North Korea - Technically we are still at war with them so now is a little late to try and get tough with them. Make the South Koreans take care of the problem especially since a majority of the population think that our present just adds fuel to the flame.

Terrorism - Stamp it out like a cockroach found in the kitchen. It is unrealistic to expect that a change in american foreign policy is suddenly going to make everybody like us, no matter what we do we will still have enemies both foreign and domestic.

Israel - Cut the strings, they only act the way they do because they know that we will stand behind them. I would cut some of those billions and get their attention. Besides I could use the money to help our own at home (education).

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