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Hey y'all. This is ole DogBreath. Glad to be here. Since leaving BET.COM a ways back, I've been having a hard time finding a place where I can converse with intelligent black folk.(That joint was being flooded with white posters who really had difficulty dealing with us intelligently and positively.) So.....I frequented other boards whose majority also didn't see eye to eye with black folk and our issues/concerns. That is to be expected, right?? Anywhoooooooooo.....

As I browsed through the different threads, I ran across a familiar name......Nmaginate. I was I KNOW I've found the right place. This poster is very insightful and has a wealth of knowledge. Well, he provided a link called "If white America had a Bill Cosby". So, to get reactions from the white posters I have "riled" on other boards, I created a thread with the same name. Notice the responses from the white posters...........


Why do you continue to print, reprint, regurgitate such patently false information?

Do any of you idiots do any research BEFORE you reprint emotional diatribes from MoveOn.Org?

If you want all the federal numbers use this site and go to the bottom of the page, select "state tables by state".

The Dumb-o-Crats will look at numbers which ever way they look the worst.
Did actual spending go up...Yes
Did the percentage of spending increase each year...Yes
Gee they can't criticize those numbers so they look at the Percentage of increase from the year before....Typical LIBERAL DUMBA$$ approach to accounting.

Whites have lots of Bill Cosby's,,There called PARENTS
You ought to try it some time Dog for Brains.

DogDung, I don't have either the time or the inclination
to "potty train" you factual illiterates on how to do proper research. Just about every article you reprint is repleat with factually INCORRECT STATEMENTS MEANT SOLELY TO BE SWALLOWED BY UNEDUCATED, UNINFORMED, LOGICALLY-CHALLENGED MORONS. They write to their audience's level of intellect, that is why their statements are weak factually, but strong emotionally. They know their flock will not challenge them but swallow hook, line and sinker just as you have, do and will continue to. YOU DON'T CHALLENGE THEIR CRAP AT ALL.

I stopped reading the article as soon as I came upon that piece of diatribe because I KNEW IT WAS WRONG ON THE SURFACE.

You on the other hand BOUGHT IT because you are DUMBER THAN THE AUTHOR!!!

By your statements I take it you mean that whites
commit more crime and use more drugs in ABSOLUTE NUMBERS, or are you saying that the rate of crime commission, and the rate of drug use is higher for whites than blacks?

Considering there are 6 to 7 times as many whites as blacks, I don't think absolute numbers are fairly applicable, so do you want to go for RATES, DogDung? or do you want to cover up your weak statement by comparing apples and oranges?

Notice that not one of these responses has anything to do with a white person playing the role of Bill Cosby and publicly criticizing white people. Truly hilarious. That's the type of nonsense I have been dealing with. There are sooooo many ignorant white people in this nation. Instead of dealing with the truth, they would rather attack those who dare to challenge them. I will continue to "battle" them because ignorance is DANGEROUS!!

Well, again, I'm glad to be here and thanks to the creators of this site. Wink

Oh well..........
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DogBreath... Whaddup! Man.
"WELCOME", as they say... Good to hear from you and I hope you'll enjoy the community here - taking from and adding to.

We don't tend to have near the amount of "WHITE NOISE" here as did. But we butt heads anyway. (Don't let your "praise" of my "insightfulness" get you on peoples bad side here). We even get some pretty good threads going from time to time. There's a lot of intelligent brothers and sisters here from all over with great perspectives from their varied experiences.

Anyway... Enjoy!
You know I tried to let you know about when I was still at Glad you made it.

Yep......I remember when you told me about a while back. My fault!!! HAHAHA!!! You are correct.......there are a lot of intelligent brothers and sisters on here and we need more. I really have never had problems with white folk coming on black boards. It's just that far too many of them bring negative vibes and the like. As you know from the past on BET.COM, I tend to get real "nasty" with them when they attack my folks(hence the name "DogBreath").....and I'm still the same way. Mellowed a bit, but backing down ain't part of my makeup.

Looking forward to being a part of this wonderful family!!


Oh well.........

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