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I gotta question...

I was just wonderin'. I was just wonderin' if Nataniel T. Heatwole, "The Box Cutter Kid"... if he was ARAB...

If he was ARAB would he be a HERO... OR... CRIMINAL?

Oops! Sorry, let me rephrase that!
Would he be a HERO or a TERRORIST?
(Does anybody else see the weird (not!), sanitized slant on this story?)

I was just wonderin'... Confused
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Originally posted by maverick:
Why not tell us what you think first?

lol, Maverick...

Did you even read my post? In this case, for me to ask the question was to answer it.
"Does anybody else see the weird (not!), sanitized slant on this story?"

If that doesn't give my thoughts away I don't know what would...

I can't help but to think that there would be a completely different treatment of this story if the guy was an ARAB (or an Arab looking person... we know us Americans can't tell the difference.)

So that's my answer...

I think there would be more condemnation, more indignation, hysteria, etc.

Not saying that ALL HELL would break loose but I think there would be few people talking about this being a "lesson". And really that's my point. There would be much more emotions besides the benign HERO or CRIMINAL idea that's promoted.

I think the response would be more vitriolic...
I also think it interesting that the immediate response is to "hang" this kid. I think he should get some punishment to confirm that there are consequences that go with decisions.

But doesn't strike anyone that no a soul screamed foul when ABC shipped a "dirty bomb" across the Adriatic, Mediterranean, Atlantic, and into the United States. Then ABC broadcasted their deed with documentation. Still not a single cry of FOUL!!

We are still well within the statute of limitatioss for this felony. I am confident there will still be nothing done to ABC. Even as they prosecute this guy.

Don't 'cha jus' love it?


Jim Chester

You are who you say you are. Your children are who you say you are.
Originally posted by Nmaginate:

I think there would be more condemnation, more indignation, hysteria, etc.

Absolutely!! To that point, let some black kids pull a Columbine and the nation would immediately be saying FuZuck the 2nd Ammendment - we need GUN CONTROL!! brosmile

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that is less than the one you are capable of living. - Mandela

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