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I would have responded earlier but I had to figure out how to exempt this site from Firefox's nuclear-powered pop-up blocker! brosmile

I'm also having difficulty with the pop-up itself. In my browser (posting box), it seems that once the cursor is removed from the screen, it won't go back. For example, when I cut and paste, after doing so, when I try to reposition my cursor to the spot where I want to continue, it won't let me.

Looks interesting though . . .

It's a pain to have to reload all my little add-ins though - flash, my spell check, etc. brofrown
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So far I like the new browser. The only thing is that I'm not sure how it is "better" from a consumer/usability standpoint than IE. Since I'm not technologically gifted, I don't see many of the aspects that others do who can "look under the hood" with appreciation. I have integrated a pop-up blocker, Google bar, and spell check into my IE - so many of the functions that FF has I was already using.

In any event, I'll spend some time with it, will go to the site and get more familiar with it, integrate some additional add-ins etc. and see how it goes.

Thanks for the recommendation! upfro

P.S. Now I just have to figure out how to point my spell check to this browser. Perhaps I can just copy the file to an "add ins" file somewhere within FF. Or should I just download a separate instance of it?
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Allow me to answer this question. If you are absolutely sick and tired of popups on the internet, and you don't really want to change the way you understand how to use IE, then head to

Download MYIE2 install it and popups are gone.

None, nada, zip.

Don't believe me? After you install it, head to popup central. That would be ANY website hosted by

Now as far as running Java apps, if you are running Windows XP, DO NOT INSTALL the crap developed by Sun. It is the slowest piece of crappy software ever written. If you have it installed, remove it. It's useless.

Do a Google search for the version developed by Microsoft. It's called msjavx86_3805.exe. It's pretty easy to find. Now officially MS doesn't support this anymore as a result of a rift between Microsoft and Sun but most of us in the industry know whats up.

The file is exactly 5.21 mb. If it is any larger, it's bundled with something you don't want. At any rate be smart and always scan your downloads. has it on their website but you can find it almost anywhere.

I have MYIE2 on all of my computers and have used this for almost a year now. I still love it and highly recommend it.


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