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Together 9 months...friends for a few years first...we have been done for about a year now but I just recently found out. The funny thing is that I had no idea that she wanted women, she is currently with a woman now because in her words I could not satisfy her. Has anyone experienced this before? Should I take it personally? Thoughts..opinions.
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Ronin, i wouldnt take it personally.

She couldnt fully explain her reasonings for this choice, and therefore told you that you couldnt satisfy her.

You two have been through a lot........and the best thing you can do, is wish her well....and move on.

I know its easier said then done....but right now you dont have much of a choice. Frown
Ronin: Please don't think that her "declaration" was anything more than a mind game. Oftentimes when relationsips end, there is a great deal of bitterness felt by one or both partners. Perhaps she felt that the only way she could feel better was to make you "accountable" for the choices that she made - as if in some way you were inadequate. I personally don't think that people turn gay because of a failed relationship. Perhaps she always had these tendencies. Perhaps she misses what you had together and misses the relationship. Perhaps she is lying to you about her newfound sexual orientation. Perhaps she is simply full of bs.

We are all responsible for the choices that we make in life and blaming others is a sure sign of immaturity. Don't let it bring you down, my dear Brother. You have more going for you than many Brothers (my personal assessment from reading some of your posts). Sometimes people actually believe that they can make themselves feel better by attempting to hurt someone else.

Don't give it another thought. She's not worth your time or energy. If I could give you a great big hug, I would do so. I suppose this will have to suffice. kiss

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