North Carolina v Louisville

Source: Joe Robbins / Getty

Hubert Davis, the new men’s basketball coach at the University of North Carolina, was officially introduced at a press conference on Tuesday afternoon that went all the way to the left after he randomly interjected he was “proud” to have a white wife.

Davis, 50, will succeed newly retired head coach Roy Williams and spoke to a pool of reporters on Tuesday.

And all was well…until it wasn’t. Instead of focusing on the fact that Davis made history as the school’s first Black head coach, Davis’ uplifting of his wife overshadowed the moment.

“It is significant…it’s significant that I’m African American and I’m the head coach here. It’s significant,” he said when asked about the historic moment.

But the train started going off the track with his next statement:

“I know that in terms of Division 1 head coaches all around the country, only 26 percent of the head coaches are compromised by minorities, specifically African-Americans. I know that it is significant that I’m fourth African-American head coach in any sport in the history of North Carolina. I’m very proud to be African American. But I’m also very proud that my wife is white, and I’m very proud that my three beautiful, unbelievable kids are a combination of both of us,” Davis said.