Political Dyn-O-Mite! Jimmie ‘JJ’ Walker Pans President Obama’s Job Performance On O’Reilly


70s sitcom star Jimmie ‘JJ’ Walker sat down withBill O’Reilly in an interview today that mostly hit on Walker’s dissatisfaction with President Obama. Walker described Obama as someone who makes you feel good, but the economy is still in bad shape and it’s not enough for African-Americans to keep supporting him simply because they like him.


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Walker made it clear he also likes the president, but “he’s not a good guy for the job we have to do.” O’Reilly said to Walker that when he says things like that, he must get lots of pushback from the African-American community. Walker explained why Obama’s race simply isn’t enough for him to get black support.


“You just can’t blindly vote for somebody just because they are your – sometimes, even a brother, you have to let him go.”

He encouraged African-Americans to keep the focus on policy instead of any racial factors.


In the second half of the interview, Walker was equally harsh on none other than Jay Leno. He argued that unlike his late night predecessors, including Johnny Carson and Steve Allen, he hasn’t used The Tonight Show to give a national platform to aspiring performers, and since he’s the top dog on late night now, he has the power to do that. Walker said Leno should feature more young talent on his show to give them a great opportunity.


Watch the video below, courtesy of Fox News:

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"I'm just trying to make a way out of no way, for my people" -Modejeska Monteith Simpkins









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Apparently, this moron doesn't recognize a "bad economy" when he sees one ...


Like, for instance .... 700,000 people losing their jobs every month ... is what a sign of a "bad economy" looks like .... coupled with over 1.2 million people being evicted from their homes at the same time ... is what a "bad economy" looks like .... the stock market crashing to new lows daily for months on end is something that anybody over an idiot can see is a 'sign' that we're living in a "bad economy" .... and people instantly losing hundreds of thousands of dollars of their retirement money and being forced to watch their future evaporate before their eyes ... means we're living in a time of a "bad economy." 


This minstrel wasn't complaining about a "bad economy" during 2007-2008 when EVERYBODY in the country (except him and his 1% friends) were afraid we were going to be forced to stand in "soup lines" just to eat and that 80% of ALL Americans were going to lose any semblance of financial security they might have been able to save up!!!


If he wants to tout an example of what is a "bad economy" .... he should be over in Europe showing what the White Conservative/Republican leadership that is still in power over there is doing to their people with their forced austerity measures and 20% unemployment rate (and still counting!!).


It's probably the fact that only a mentally-deranged, racist, (possibly transgender) reject like Ann Coulter is the only woman(?) in America that would give him the time of day ... is the reason that he's got his nose so deeply buried up her azz in the first place!! 

It's obvious that Jimmy "JJ" Walker is not only mad at President Obama, but he mad at everyone and the entire world because some of his 70's peers (Jay Leno, Louie Anderson) that he hated on in that interview have flourishing careers in comedy that extends until today that has made them multi-millionaires while "JJ" is still living off the fame of "Good Times" earning still Hollywood minimum wage. 


Here is "JJ's" career at this present moment in time as a 65 year old man 33 years after "Good Times" ended:


Good Times


During Good Times' 1974–75 season, Walker was 26 years old, though his character was much younger. (John Amos, the actor who portrayed Walker's father on Good Times, was in real life just eight years older than Walker.) Walker was 32 years old when the show ended its run at the end of the 1978–79 season.


He also starred in two 70's movies Let's Do It Again with John Amos, and The Greatest Thing That Almost Happened with James Earl Jones.


Later career


Walker appeared on The Tonight Show and Match Game during the 1970s and early 1980s. He also appeared on the 1990 revival of Match Game and other various game shows during that era.


Walker has made guest appearances on Badge 373, The Love Boat, Fantasy Island, The Larry Sanders Show, Son of the Beach, The Drew Carey Show, The John Larroquette Show, In the House, Cagney & Lacey, The Fall Guy, Scrubs, Star Dates, Everybody Hates Chris, The George Lopez Show, Chelsea Lately and Lincoln Heights. He also appeared in films such as Airplane! and the parody Plump Fiction.


Aside from guest appearances, he starred in the short-lived television series At Ease in 1983 and Bustin' Loose in 1987.


In the 1990s, Walker returned to his radio roots hosting shows on WHIO, WOAI, WLS, and KKAR.


In 2010, Walker made a cameo appearance in the movie Big Money Rustlas. In 2011, Walker did a Syfy channel movie Super Shark.


Walker continues to tour the country with his stand-up comedy routine.


According to an appearance on The Wendy Williams Show on June 27, 2012, Walker stated he has never been married and has never had any children.




It's obvious that his career never took off after "Good Times" and he was and will be forever typcast until the day he dies as "JJ" no matter what he did/does and probably because of that he's always angry and disgruntled with everybody and everything (especially Black people) and has been that way for decades and these are the types of Blacks that the Republican Party, Ann Coutler, Bill O'Reilley and Fox News looks for and target to support their conservative agendas because while he drowns in anger blaming everybody for his failures (and I bet that includes a lot of Black Hollywood celebrities and White Hollywood "green light" liberals who may have constantly shunned him), they are there to feel his pain, shed some tears, rub his head, prop him up, hold his hand and support him while he continues to blame the world for his underachieving career blaming liberal Hollywood......and to seal the deal to ensure that universal support, Ann Coulter probably gives "JJ" some ill na na probably on the regular when no one else will because she needs that Black man bowing at her feet and in her corner defending her White honor and her degrading racist rhetoric.


Jimmy "JJ" Walker.......a very good Republican kneegroe who would probably be a Democrat if his career and body of work was really successful.



If I was "JJ" and had to wake-up EVERY DAY and look at myself in the mirror for 65 years, I'd be mad as hell at everyone too.  It's OK "JJ", you'd be the LAST person I'd listen to.  DY-NO-MITE!!!!!

Interesting to see how black people hate themselves and their own kind. This is why black on black crime is at such catastrophic levels.


This is why over 50% of black men are with white women.


I knew this is the reason why blacks have such slavish loyalty to obama who is not even of their own ethnicity. Its typical liberal eugenics and caste system. They are still doing what they've been doing for at least a hundred years. Assigning value and potential based on whether or not a black person looks biracial.



This thread is proof that you have blacks that are dumb enough to follow their white liberal owners with this sick mindset.



PS. Can any white liberal explain this eugenics mentality that you have with blacks?

Probably not in simple enough terms for someone with your low IQ to be able to understand.  


Hey ... but maybe "JJ" could explain it to you.  You're about as much of a moron as he is. 

Originally Posted by EbonyRose:

Probably not in simple enough terms for someone with your low IQ to be able to understand.  


Hey ... but maybe "JJ" could explain it to you.  You're about as much of a moron as he is. 

Looking back, my dad was a very wise man.  He was the only person in my family, who hated watching "Good Times" because he thought "JJ" was the Stephin Fetchit of the '70s..."Why our people always gotta act like a damn clown," he said.  He hated "JJ" so bad, that when James Sr. got killed off the show, he stopped watching the show altogether, thinking that the Evans family would be doomed having JJ as the man of the house.


Maybe it's full circle.  And of all white conservative women, he had to hook up with Ann "the Man" Coulter?  I don't know if she's actually a biological woman, because her Adam's apple is bigger than his.  It's kinda too late for Jimmie Walker to be conservative now when he's been "coonin'" on TV since the Bicentennial.



I guess you never re-read anything you write, do you?? 





That was pretty hilarious.  Thanks for the chuckle!! 

GTFOH, this site serves purely as amusement.  The few of you who still post here are so fucking predictable it has gotten boring. 

Originally Posted by EbonyRose:



I guess you never re-read anything you write, do you?? 





That was pretty hilarious.  Thanks for the chuckle!! 

Are you talking about me or nuggyt?

Oh I was DEFINITELY talking about nuggyt, Huey!!


He was the last person who had posted, so I just didn't quote him!!  But that "pot calling the kettle black" statement he made was just toooooo ridiculous not to comment on!!


He is BY FAR and without EQUAL ... the saddest, loneliest, angriest person who posts here.  And I think EVERYBODY knows that.


Except him, of course. 

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