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All these white people need to take their shit and git back to those caves and every white country there is in Europe. Lots of them came over here to Ellis Island all funky and dirty, didn't know their asses from their elbows. Got wealthy stealing from the Natives and Africans and lost their damn Hitleresque minds.

Turn this country back to the Natives and Scat!! Take the flag and place it on Amerigo Vespuccci's grave and forget about making America Great Again; It never was yours from the get-go!! Take the Orange Blimp with you too please. If you all leave tomorrow, it won't be soon enough!!

Always remember these "people" are immigrants from Europe and stole this so-called "country" from the NATIVES of TURTLE ISLAND.

There's something wrong in the heads of these Europeans. They're probably the reason the words "MENTALLY RETARDED" came into existence. Trump's getting uglier with every passing day. He's going to look like one of those wrinkled dogs we see in the Dog Show, enveloped in orange makeup. He's turning into a one man horror show.

He hates black people. I'm not too fond of him either!!!!!!

Mr. Brook turned those two policemen into birds for awhile before he was shot in the back. The one on leave was limping toward the body in the video. I'll bet he won't forget the fight that muscular 27 year old put him through before his partner went on the killing spree.

How many more of our sons are going to get killed by white men before we thoroughly get fed the fuck up???????????????????????????????

400 years plus and counting........................

Young brothers, you'd better RECOGNIZE!!!!!!!

Get your asses locked up in those Human Zoos and face those WHITE JAIL WARDENS and those peckers waiting for your butt. Was it worth it, whatever you did???????

If you want to shoot someone so badly, turn your guns around. There are "people" who'd like to see you and your family in their graves. Those "people" are NOT the ones you're sending to their graves. You're killing YOUR FAMILY. They're KILLING YOUR FAMILY. Do the Black women of this joint need to turn into "BLACK GANGS?" If this shit keeps up, that might just have to be the answer. If we all have to die, let's not do it in vain. Let's have a purpose behind the situation. If my family gets in Caucasian jeopardy, I can put a bullet in someone's ass without thinking too much beforehand. I love my family too!!

No guarantee where the bullet will land, but it'll land some damn where and serve the purpose.

Caucasoid Bullshit is becoming unbearable, big time!!!!!!!

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