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This bastard can tell Black men which Black woman HE should marry?? Do these people ever mind their own business??

Ole Massa's picking out the Black slave he should marry. Enough of this already. So long to the slit lipped, owl eyed, made up into a myriad of colors. Keep your perspective to your damn self.

The CAVES are calling you; loud and clear.

Don't forget your doggie poos!!Take your women with you. Cause truth be told, on TV, it's sometimes harder than hell to tell your women from you!! Also, sometimes it's hard to tell from  what race you spawned.

Develop a vaccine for that god damn COVID-19. Do something constructive. Leave the fucking of black women to black men. They know what to do and how to do and have the equipment to do. How's that?????

Forgot to mention Black men know WHAT TO DO with your WOMEN and MEN too. Keep your PhD. in fornication. Nobody cares.

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