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The Black Commentator: "In what appears on the surface like a kind of political schizophrenia, Republicans use every legal and illegal means available to keep Blacks from voting en masse, yet spend vast sums to gain the overt or covert support of Black ministers."

The GOP strategy is "not to convert legions of Blacks to the GOP",

which would seriously dilute the party's white appeal and is, at any rate, impossibility.

The Right's real goal is to create the impression of fundamental splits in Black ranks, and thus subvert the credibility of mainstream leaders who hold to the historical Black Political Consensus. Everywhere, there exist Black preachers and hustlers who are willing to advance the GOP project. Money does the trick. Marginal increases in Black votes for Republicans are welcome, especially in close races, but this is not a battle for the hearts and minds of Black America. Rather, it is an assault on the historical unity of African Americans."
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Man shut up with that self-importantce bullschit this morning one gives a fuck about what you think or your weird azz writing style you picked up from the're the joke grew up to be someone so alienated from your own that you seek out white racists for talking about you really think those hateful azz inbreds at stormfront take you seriously? hell're like ward coonerly and the rest....racists find you useful to help spread their dumbazz message about blacks...after that they get together and laugh about how slavery left a bunch of self-loathing niggas around who have sordid views of everything ranging from their mamas on down.....but you want to say the jopke is on black people....negro you are the joke your damn ought to quit being such a chump is you are a black man, stand up and correct from within what ails you....because degrading black people while staying stuck in your same mindset will never help you feel better about yourself......racist inbreds have just convinced you that it will..but no lil people are going to move forward and up......and bring the willing alone...and fade all of the fools and self-haters.....who will benefit from our efforts regardless of what they are thinking.......and that includes affirmative action protected class within the city of la workforce...and that is not a bad thing....but you must realize that you were down and out....and as much as you WANT to view that city job as retribution for your people getting fucked is totally unrelated to that incident(s)...and was meant to represent black people who have been historically disenfranchised from city employment...particularly at the management levels.....I used to work in Personnel back in the early 90's.....i have read the documents and even included some of them in projects when i was getting a doctorate in public admin/organizational to try and tell me otherwise is true....will just make you appear as a damn fool.....and clearly demonstrate what education you lack..........

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