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President Rutherford B. Hayes pulled the rug right from under former slaves by removing the federal troops that were protecting Negroes in 1877.

DeWayne Wickham, Journalist
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"...Rutherford Hayes is at the bottom of my list. He's the Republican president who put his quest for high office over his party's' support of the multi-racial governments' that merged in the South after the Civil War.

As the outset impact of the 1876 presidential campaign, Mr. Hayes was championed by Republicans who wanted the federal government to protect the rights of African Americans in the former Confederate states. 'Not every Democrat was a rebel, but every rebel was a Democrat.' was the slogan they used to berate Mr. Hayes' opponent during the campaign.

But when Congress was forced to decide the outcome of the close election after neither candidate won enough electoral votes, Mr. Hayes cut a deal with Southern Democrats. In return for helping him win the contested electoral votes in South Carolina, Louisiana, and Florida, he agreed to withdraw federal troops from the South.

The deal sealed his victory and ended Reconstruction - the program of federal protection that had given African Americans significant influence in that region of the country. Mr. Hayes' treachery unleased a reign of terror that lasted nearly a century and doomed African Americans to a state of neo-slavery..."

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