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How many times would/do you try to hook up with a women before you give up?

Women, feel free to chime in on this. How many time should he/we ask?
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I once was interested in a very attractive woman but she was into the muscle heads. We had one date and she was not interested.
A few couple years later when I had started to do some significant newsworthy things I ran across her again and she said "remember me?" I said no and she then reminded me to which I said "shame you missed out" and walked away.

Respect K4R,
For me it was always about the woman and the chase, but the woman first. Like I tried to say, I had to be motivated. I mean by something special that she posessed. No..... not always that either. (LOL)

It just seems to me that in my day Brothers had more game and more of a warrior/priests attitude about these things. Rejection of the opening salvo was just the beginning of the game, hell I got more game than my opening and her response to my opening gives me info for my next move. But old school brothers always think they had more. Oh who am I kidding we did have more!! LMAO

And quiet as it's kept the sisters had more too. Maybe it's that confusion I'm reading in your post that's the problem with some of you guys. The thinking that if you are on your game that somehow it's making less of the woman. Not in my crews case. We love and respect women, how many cats do you know who can say the been married 26 years and never cheated?
Originally posted by Blacksanction:
Hence the thrill of the chase was killed by anti-staulking laws.

I just did not have the time to be playing a game either you were interested or you weren't. Games are for kids, if you wanted to have fun no probs, but I just do not like my time being wasted.

That is one way of looking at it, but that way is foreign to me. My "game" was not for children and it's polishing was not a waste of time because it has served me in every aspect of my life. There is no stalking in real game and I think you know that game is just a figure of speech. It's called game because like chess it's strategic and intelligent, at least in my day. One respects the human being sitting on the other side of the board.

In an attempt to be clear the responses that say "if I holla once and she doesnt respond right away I'm out" comes from a different mindset than the one I learned when I was in Brooklyn NY while I was in high school, college and Grad school. But to each his own.
One time and one time only. That goes for all aspects of the dance. I ask for the phone number once. Later, when I call to ask her out, if she says anything other than "yes" without making a genuine counter-offer, I throw the number away. If she breaks the date, I throw the number away. The reasons are simple. A women that is genuinely interested won't do these things. There are few greater wastes of time and energy than chasing after a lady who does not want to be caught.

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