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Originally posted by donna12:

In my case I have dealt with people who if you don't act a fool or do something stooopid they believe thier lie or excuse has you fooled. They get extremely bold and start to believe you are so in "love" that they can do anything and you'll be ok. They et to the point where they start to believe they are untouchable and the ultimate player.
I believe in they saying "never let them see you sweat", so I'll play their game b/c the easiest people to get revenge on are those who spend so much time and effort trying to cover their tracks.
You holla at Joey Greco and roll tape...

On the real, if you're seriously invested in the relationship you probably are going to feel or "sense" a difference, becuase you're normally attuned to the rhythm of a healthy relationship.

Don't disregard what you feel. Act on it, ask what you need to ask. Do what you need to do. Just be sure you're ready to handle whatever the answer is to the question you've asked/discovered.

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