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I love it when the under-dog kicks some major butt.

____________________________________________________ Got no love for politicians Or that crazy scene in D.C. It's just a power mad town But the time is ripe for changes There's a growing feeling That taking a chance on a new kind of vision is due I used to trust the media To tell me the truth, tell us the truth But now I've seen the payoffs Everywhere I look Who do you trust when everyone's a crook? Revolution calling Revolution calling Revolution calling you (There's a) Revolution calling Revolution calling Gotta make a change Gotta push, gotta push it on through catch
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Them's fighting words Catchings! upset

Seriously though - the game really exposed Duke's seemingly consistent/persistent Achilles heel: athleticism and post presence. Sheldon Williams is a beast - I think, but maybe he just has NO help. Whatever the situation - Duke always gets killed in the paint. Gtown crushed them in points in the paint and rebounds today.

Also - Duke has these white boys running around trying to hang with Gtown's athletes. It looked rather foolish. At one point in the late second half, Duke brought this young (supposedly "well muscled") freshman off the bench and even he wasn't athletic. He looked donwright goofy! sck

On the other hand, JJ Reddick did his thing once again, although where the heck was he in the last 2 minutes? Confused

Good game. Congratulations to John Thompson III!!
Speaking of upsets the Duke/Georgetown game wasn't as big as North Dakota surprising Wisconsin as some "experts" felt Duke would lose. Again the under-dog does it again

Also, If I may get your opinion on the athlete vs. others debate.........
Concerning Olympic b-ball, do we need athletes or team players? I personally feel he US will not medal in the next games due to the egos we have on the court.


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