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There is no information on the website as how the game is played, the goal of the intended strategy, etc.  


Also, most people are not going to pay more than the cost of a Monopoly game set for any board game, unless it comes with intricately designed pieces, especially any that possibly of some value or have the potential to possibly be of value in the future, like many chess pieces.


You need to explain the object of the game and slash the price and/or explain why this board game is worth $110.00, and twice that if both sets are purchased.   




No there is not no information on how the game is played because I don't want people just going out an copying what I have created. There are full instructions that come with a game set when purchased. To make it short and sweet the goal of the game is to capture as many pieces of your opponents pawns as possible or by immobilizing his King, the game really does take a lot of thought but I really don't want to give away the exact rules as this can easily be copied.


This is a good fun game that works the mind and I really believe that if it circulates in our community, the big manufactures will steal the Idea and I have no way to compete with them and I don't even really know how copyright and all that works so I would be at a real loss.


You are right people don't like to pay high prices for nothing, me included but I can't make these sets any cheaper, I am working on a fabric surface board also but its taking me some time. I am making really nothing off each set at the moment and I give to Black organizations from my end of the take. I did not make this game to make money I have a job I created this game for our people to learn strategic thinking and to give us a game of our own alongside the ones we already have from mother Africa. So as it stands now my raw materials bring this game up to this price and from my location there is really nothing I can do about that, if I was state side I could make the game somewhat cheaper, it like this so if I slash the price there is no game simple and I don't expect people to buy 2 sets, and if you think about it PS3 and XBOX games aren't much cheaper. Nonetheless I hope my people can see the benefit of such games and I try to explain why on the website. Thanks for your input. 

I understand your delima and I do wish you well in your endeavor.  Your reasoning behind the object of the game is definitely worth pursuing and strategic thinking is a badly needed concept where Black people are concerned.


Still, if there were some way that you could make the board game economically affordable, that alone would dictate just how many people would actually have access to the game to begin with.  


Most board games are made of coated paper with plastic pieces or even coated paper pieces; maybe version like that would at least get the game out there enough that word of mouth advertising would popularize it enough that you would attract people from all income levels; those who could afford it would purchase the high-end set and those who could not afford the high-end set would purchase the 'economy' set.  I have a Chess Set that has relatively expensive pieces and is kept in a velvet-lined case, and I have Chess Sets with paper boards and plastic pieces [for kids,etc.].  




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Thanks for your help and info, I am looking into other ways to make the board and pieces, but those usually take money to do and it takes the personal out of it. Right now all the boards and pieces are handmade according to how divination reveled I should do this project, but I am seeking alternative way to achieve the objective. Nonetheless please pass on the link because the more people who see it the better.

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