I recently heard about YOU through powerful and intelligent Brothers so, I thought I'D stop by and engage w/Cha a little!

I'M ROARIN....(a little upset as to the hisstory of OUR People,) But maybe together, WE can find a way out!

No Nation is any Greater than it's Leaders


“Africa must build relationships with the rest of the world independently. It should never receive friends or foes from Europe and America"....President Robert Mugabe

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Originally posted by roarin1:
Thanx SIS. YOUR warm welcome is much appreciated.
Couldn't help but notice YOUR scrolling sig...

and I couldn't agree more. A blind faith can but serve as destruction to any Nation.

You're welcome, roarin! But, actually, it's there to remind me to keep myself out of trouble. Big Grin

'Cause sometimes I forget! Wink

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