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I am partial to Matouk's myself. (Jamaican)

That's my favorite too!...or any other brand of Scotch Bonnet/Habanero Pepper(same pepper in Spanish) sauce.

This type makes the rest listed seem cool...

I like Frank's Hot Sauce on wings better though...but Scotch Bonnet for everything else! rasta
The only brand available here is Tabasco, which to me is hot, but without flavour.

I prefer to make my own sauces or chop and add fresh chilli into my cooking.

We have Peri Peri bottled sauces here which are nice if you buy the hot ones, or markets sell homemade ones. A favourite one for BBQ is to whizz up fresh mango pulp, a little vinegar and red chillis and yellow habaneros. Scotch bonnets have the best flavour... fruity flavour and scorching hot.

I made an orange marmalade once with chopped red chilli pieces in it... it was great! Not burning hot, but it had a kick. Smile

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