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A Michigan nurse claims she was banned from caring for a newborn child because of her skin color.


Tonya Battle is suing her employers at Hurley Medical Center, in Flint, after they ordered her not to look after the baby in the neonatal intensive care unit following a request from its father, WNEM reports.


The lawsuit states: "The father told the [nurse in charge] that he did not want and African Americans taking care of his baby."



It adds that, during the conversation with Battle's supervisor, the father rolled up his sleeve to reveal a tattoo of a Swastika.

And when Battle, an employee since 1988, returned to work she saw a note in the patient's file that read: "No African American nurse to take care of baby."

The court documents add: "African American nurses [LIKE BATTLE] were not assigned to the baby for approximately the next month because of their race."


Instead of standing up for what’s right, nurse’s supervisor chose to assign the baby to another nurse. That was after the father allegedly pulled up his sleeve and revealed a tattoo believed to be a Swastika.

Wow. That’s horrible.

Are we back in the early and mid-1900s?


The court documents say: "She [BATTLE] was shocked, offended and in disbelief that she was so egregiously discriminated against based on her race and re-assigned."


WNEM TV5 reports the lawsuit also claims a staff meeting was held to inform the nurses of the father’s demands and that a new policy regarding the child had been instituted.


Tonya Battle has worked at the hospital since 1988. To read the full complaint, click here.


This is a disgrace.




WATCH: Nurse sues over allegedly racist note


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I read that yesterday.  I hope this nurse also sues the "nurse in charge" for even entertaining this racist idiots psychosis.  Dumb ass, Flint Michigan is over 53% Black; I guess he should have taken his baby to the Ku klux Klan or the Natsi Hospital there.  


America's racist sadists do crap like this just to insult the intelligence of Black people and as an attempt to wear down Black people self-esteem.  These are the same racist psychos that want Black people to still be enslaved or living under a system of discrimination so restrictive to Black people, that the only jobs Black women can get would be those of maids and nannies [to white babies] in this country, where Black women be taking care of their baby(ies) anyway.  The contradiction in their racist 'beliefs' and dogma alone lets anyone with a brain know that it's not really that they believe they are supposed superior to Black people, but more so resentment and jealousy of what Black people have achieved in this country [like a college education with a nursing degree] and what Black people are truly capable of if unimpeded by all of the racist impediments, stumbling blocks, and propaganda they continuously throw in Black people path. 

Hospital Settles Nurse’s Race-Discrimination Suit

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Hurley Hospital Black Nurse photo

Hurley Hospital

AFRICANGLOBE – Even while it settled one lawsuit, the Flint, Michigan hospital faced another suit alleging it honored a man’s request that no African-American nurses take care of his newborn. And a civil rights group connected with Rev. Al Sharpton vowed to proceed with a protest in front of the hospital Monday.

Late Friday, Hurley Medical Center announced it settled the suit with neonatal nurse Tonya Battle, a long-time employee, after widespread publicity (including publication of the purported note in the patient’s chart, saying, “No African-American nurses to care for baby, per Dad’s request.&rdquo

The second lawsuit was filed Thursday by Carlotta Armstrong, who also is a veteran nurse at the hospital. “I am asking for justice,” her attorney Tom Pabst told reporters. “I want to present this to a jury. I want to see what the community thinks about it. I don’t want to settle this.”

Initially, the hospital had denied that it had honored the father’s request. But on Friday evening, the hospital CEO, Melany Gavullic (above at podium) announced a settlement to Battle’s lawsuit (the hospital didn’t disclose what that settlement involved). Gavullic instead read a prepared apology, saying, “We regret that our policies were not well enough understood and followed, causing the perception that Hurley condoned this conduct.”

She said that Hurley is “fundamentally opposed to any form of racial discrimination.” She didn’t address the second suit, which was filed Thursday.

Battle had alleged that the man complained to her supervisor after he found her caring for his baby. He pulled up his sleeve and showed the supervisor “some type of tattoo which was believed to be a swastika.” After that, a note was attached to the baby’s clipboard, advising staff that no African-American nurses could care for the child.

The Michigan chapter of Rev. Al Sharpton’s National Action Network says that it still plans to protest outside the Hurley Medical Center on Monday, MichiganLive reported. Sam Riddle, the political director of NAN, claimed that it was “challenging the institutional behavioral practices of Hurley….We won’t go away like a plaintiff in a lawsuit. We’re here until the institutional practices of Hurley stop.”

MichiganLive also reported that Riddle, a former Flint mayoral candidate, was released from federal prison last year after “serving time” in a Detroit bribery case.

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